1. Leyland30

    Electromagnetic effect in 4C Swa cable with high kA

    Hi All, hope someone can provide some clarity; We have a number of 400mm^2 4C Swa sub-mains subject to potential 43kA fault currents. Since the cables have TP&N contained within a shared SWA sheathing we were of the understanding that the electromagnetic response resulting in a violent and...
  2. ED17

    Electromagnectic Effects

    We do lots of testing on social housing and came across this yesterday. Someone has recently replaced the consumer unit with an AMD3 wylex unit. They have taken the main tails and earth through three separate 20mm stuffing glands. What code should we be giving it, C2?
  3. JD6400

    Electromagnetic effects , star / delta motor wiring ?

    I occasionally come across reasonably sized ( not for some of you , I know ! ) star delta motors that have been run in 2 x 3core swa . Now after looking in to this in the past , it has been suggested that as they tend to be only on motors up to 30kw or so , and as the loading per phase will be...
  4. R

    electromagnetic effects

    Electromagnetic effects upon cables both single and three phase cables upon entering a metal distribution board. this was picked up on a periodic test and inspection on a small block of flats. This has caught me out and i cant think of what causes this or the implications, any ideas ????
  5. Q

    Explain to me Electromagnetic Induction, EMF to be exact...

    Hello, I am struggling to understand how electricity is generated in an AC generator... I know that there is a coil of wire and a magnet, and both of them have their own magnetic fields and as the magnet moves into the coil's magnetic field, it causes electrons to move in that coil. Well if that...
  6. I

    Electromagnetic induction

    In what ways can the effects of Electromagnetic induction be harnessed? :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
  7. J

    Electromagnetic door..

    Hey guys Just been given a set of plans to price from and the electromagnet smoke alarm operated door has cropped up.... Not had any experience with these before. Any ideas on how they link into the smokes? Relay? Guess i should wire in a push switch to release the door as well. James
  8. L

    Inductive Phone Charging

    heres something which is interesting and what we can talk about, read it on a website today. "Singapore smartphone company, MWg, has reportedly announced that later this year it will be launching handsets which do not require cables to charge up. Using inductive charging, the devices need...
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