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  1. M

    delta transfomer current

    Hi All, anybody know the formula to find current on delta transformer?
  2. gazdkw82

    RFC cross connect formula

    I may have asked this question before but I forgot what was said and the problem has reered it's ugly head again. I was doing some RFC testing the other day. Did my cross connecting but when I was doing the calcs I kept getting the wrong figure. It seemed I was not pressing = before dividing by...
  3. P

    Trainee Any tips ?? Remembering formula

    Hey I’m studying 2365 at college and I’m at the science part now .. any tips on remembering formula or is it just a case of going over and over it till it’s in your head .. any help much appreciated
  4. M

    excel formula Help

    hi all small formula issue can anyone help got the basics can add, multiply, ect copy columns, but need a multiple column (sum) entry. Row a item £ sorted b total £ sum of h-P (sorted) H-P x a = B all good Column 1-200 some headings but overall so I need H1 - H200 column H x A But for the...
  5. Dan

    Formula One Halo - Good or Bad?

    Formula 1 votes against Halo in 2017 - Not as cool as the auroscreen or whatever the other option was. But that failed FIA tests apparently.
  6. V

    Generator formula

    Hi everyone, I am looking to know the formula for KW to Kva and any other related formula that you would know thanks v
  7. M

    Parallel cables

    Hi I was give this calculation to do! First have I done it right? And is this the same as calculating parallel circuits? In a 230V DB 7 different circuit give out an installation resistance test of 200, 200, 150,100,50, 25 and 2. I came up with RT= r1+r2+r3+r4+r5+r6+r7 RT = 1/200 + 1/200 +...
  8. Y

    Voltage drop question

    Hi everybody. I have a question (still learning, passed 17th edition and part P, but I'm not yet registered). If you use formula from On-Site Guide p.140 what the design current you put in the formula, to calculate max length of cable for 11.5V. If 32amp then the maximum length of ring final...
  9. T

    high Zs on 110v

    hi all, In a bit of a pickle ,got niceic audit imminent ,and i have some exccesive readings from a 110v transformer backed up by 60898 type c 16amps mcb acording to BS7671 pg 61 41.6 max is 0.34 .can change to a type B to get max 0.69. these reading s are from another tester ,who...
  10. M

    Industrial How can i select my Generator size and as well as its kVA.............?

    HI, all let say.... i have connected load 20,000W = 20kW... I calculate ampere from this formula p=vi(1.732)(0.8) by the help of this formula i got my breaker size...... but i confuse that how would i get my generator size.......? plz help me about that.... thanks advance.......:tounge_smile:
  11. D

    String fuses

    Hi all, Just running through the "Photovoltaics in buildings guide - 2nd edition", as you do, and can't get my head around the string cable requirements. p 16, 2.1.5 says: "For a system of N parallel connected strings, with each formed of M series of connected modules, string cables are to...
  12. T

    Voltage drop help please!

    Hi, i am confused about how voltage drop is worked out and need an answer for the following please; Work out cable size and cpc size you need when you have: Cable length = 50 metres Ib = 32Amps to get a voltage drop that complies with regs i.e. below 5%(11.5 Volts). It's wired in singles and...
  13. F

    volt drop?

    hi im struggling with volt drop , the circuit is 6mm 2core swa , run under ground , 220M long ,supplying a transformer charging batterys for a gate system rated at 5A. Can anyone help me and give me the formula for the calculation? Thanks:confused:
  14. L

    Can you work this out

    what is the maximum permitted voltage drop of a cable supplied from 400v three phase. a.11.5v b.6.9v c.20v d.12v I know the answers c but I dont know what the formula is to get there. does anyone know
  15. E

    formula for working out ring main cable sizes

    Hi Can anybody remember the formula for working out ring main cable sizes (Cable Capacities). I know we use 32amp MCB with 2 x 2.5mm² but its been so long I cant remember the formula that proves 2.5mm² is capable of carrying a ring main load. Thank you in advance Sorry if this has been...
  16. B

    Volts drop

    How do, can any one help me with how to work out volts drop, what is the formula? thanks
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