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  1. Automation ATO

    Guess what I'm doing

    I'm going to make a video about how to use AC contactor with a relay at safe voltage. Cheer up! We are all worthy of respect and my posts do not welcome evil people.
  2. Starjack

    So I guess I intimidate a lot of you

    As per the title. I see I got banned from the thread last night, why was this I wonder, could it be that nobody could hold an intelligent argument without getting mardy. As freedom of speech also been banned in the world, or is it just on here. Let's take that thread as an example, I said I...
  3. S

    Girlfriends at work and working on a garment,

    guess how much it's worth?
  4. E

    Niche Lights -flashing like a strobe when switched on - guess needs replacing?

    Hi We have two alcoves with a downward niche light in each. About 4 years old. Pic attached. Both operate from one switch. One light is flashing like a strobe when switched on - guess needs replacing? Appears to be a solid unit rather than containing a bulb that can be replaced. No obvious way...
  5. camerabloke

    100 internet points if you guess who this is

    I’ll give you a clue later
  6. C

    schedule calculator apollo 500

    I'm using the inbuilt schedule calculator and get posed with the following options.# Enclosed or protected mains cabling exposed or unprotected mains cabling I guess enclosed means in conduit of some sort but I'm not sure about protected and unprotected mains cable seems a bit vague any ideas
  7. S

    Fluke 1664 FC IR questions

    Hello Looking to buy a new MFT, anyone had any problems with the unique feature on the 1664 with the IR test? It says it won't test if sensitive equipment is detected but no where seems to list how or what tolerances this is. Can it be disabled? I've seen a few being sold on auction sites and...
  8. N

    Buying House - No electrical certificates or Part P

    Hi Everyone, I am completely cluesslees on this so seeing if anyone can advise from their expertise or past experiences. Myself and my wife are looking to buy a house, it has been listed as being rewired since 2005 we think around 2008-2012. Now the seller can't supply any BS7671, Build Reg or...
  9. GMES

    Competition no 2

    Ok Guy's , following on from Sintra's spot the ball, this is competition number 2. So this is nothing Technical and there is no right or wrong answer, it's simply a little bit of fun with a prize. 1st prize - £ 20.00 Amazon gift card 2nd prize - £ 10.00 halfords voucher Below is an image...
  10. happysteve

    Tests before alterations

    I had a case today where, if I'd not done things properly, I would have ended up with exactly the same outcome, just saved myself half an hour or so of my time. Swapping a couple of horrible fancy ceiling lights for standard ceiling rose (landing) and integral LED light (bathroom). Upstairs...
  11. UKMeterman

    Electrical landscapes

    Hi, A twist on the standard landscapes, an idea on some pics and try to guess the location.
  12. M

    oven tripping electrics

    Hello, I have a Neff oven that today started tripping my electricity. I ran some tests to try identify where the issue might be without much success. the fan turns on fine, at 150C everything works fine, the thermostat kicks in and out without problems. If I put the temp higher to 175/200C...
  13. A


    Hi I need some help, I qualified back in 2012 (303) level 3 + AM2 ect.. But plan on doing my 2394/2395 course 8 days straight. Some have said its worth doing the 3 day 17 edition course prior, just to refresh things as we were only working to 17th edition when doing the level 3 (303). But...
  14. A

    Wiring a pull cord switch

    Hi, My friend broke my bathroom pull cord switch and whilst fixing it, some of the wiring came out. I can't remember which way they go in. I have a yellow wire, 2 reds and a pinkish red wire. I have a black box into which the wires fit labelled L1, L2 and comm. I'd be very grateful for any...
  15. S

    New way of earthing sockets!!!

    Found this when asked to change all the sockets. New way of doing it i guess!!!! Cut the earth too short then just wrap and twist cable around the T&E
  16. G

    Any VSAT Engineers?

    HI all, Wondering if there are any VSAT engineers here, looking at a job but only pays 30K a year with travelling for 8 to 10 months of the year working in Africa , oil rigs, papa new guinea, asia. ect the money isn't good but they are after a experienced sparky which i am but not in this...
  17. G

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Niceic question

    When was the change in the NICEIC ref the line up of personnel? IE Currently a Duty holder and one or more QS. Previously a QM (must have/had 2391) who was responsible for sign off/review by, signature. Boydy
  18. P

    Domestic Shower Question

    Hi guys, I'm new here so go easy! :-/ Need some advice on a shower that keeps tripping the breaker! I have a 9.5kw shower running on 230v supply with a type B 32amp breaker. I've taken a measurement using a clamp (Fluke i410) from the wire at the consumer unit and it's measuring about...
  19. saucyjack

    service fuse rating

    Quick question for some advice if possible? Obviously the main service fuse type and rating needs to be written up on an EIC, but what to do when there's absolutely no info on the service head?! Almost no doubt it'll be a 1361, but obviously can't just guess the rating, so cut-and-pull, or what...
  20. M

    EICR question, TT.

    Hi guys I'm doing my first PI and it happens to be on a TT system. I've a question regarding the "Detail of Installation Electrode" box... 1, Type... Is that a simple as it sound? Rod, mat etc? 2, Resistance to earth... Is this another space for the Ze measurement or the resistance of the...
  21. S


    looking into the above course for the replacement of the 2391. i have come across the course 2394 for initial verification and the 2395 testing and inspection course, which is the one thats needed? thanks
  22. S

    RCBO Question

    A simple one I guess but one I have not come across: 3 bed house - 1 CU - 16th edition I guess with 1 RCD covering 5 circuits. The kitchen was on the downstairs ring. I have added a brand new kitchen ring and a 6mm cooker feed. Can I use RCBOs to protect the circuits on the spare side that...
  23. M

    pir sensors " help!! "

    any good pir sensors? I'm new to the site and new to tweeting, - is this tweeting? - I don't normally get time to use the computer, it has taken me about 10 mins to write this. Anyway, does anyone know of a good make of pir sensor that won't let me down. I'm getting fed up of going back to...
  24. D

    Insulation test solar array

    Chaps, day after tomorrow I need to do my first insulation test on a PV array. It's roof mounted & class II, so the frame is not bonded. I use a Megger Tester. Am I right in thinking I plug the whole string togethor then put one of the tester's probes into the DC positive plug and the other on...
  25. tuckermot

    whats this sort of work ?

    Going to interview tommorow had quick chat on phone to employer and was told the work is void work any one know what is it ? Rich
  26. A

    Concealed junction

    Hi guys thought you may like this one we found the other day, got called in the client had just had the bathroom fitted out, she had wanted downlighters so the bathroom installer droped the ceiling as it was a flat and instaledl the down lighters in it, i just had to see how he had done the...
  27. S

    Quick question about trunking capacity..

    Hi folks, just a quick question if you don't mind. What would be the smallest size of mini trunking which could comfortably accomodate: one 2.5mm T+E cable: 16X10 or 16x16? two 2.5mm T+E cables: 16X16 or 16X25? I guess I need to take the bend radius into account as the run will involve 4...
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