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  1. R

    New Hammer

    I’m looking to purchase a new hammer due to my old one breaking. I’ve seen Wiha do an electricians hammer but I don’t know what they are like. Any recommendations? I do like the Dewalt one.
  2. B

    Intermittent starting on SDS hammer drill

    Hi Sparkies, newbie here needing some advice please My 1100W SDS hammer drill sometimes starts, sometimes dead. So far fault diagnosis (loose connections, voltage and continuity checks) has ruled out switch, commutator and rotor armature windings. My suspicion has fallen on either the brushes...
  3. T

    Bosch GBH 24volt hammer drill

    I have a Boch GBH 24v 3Ah hammer drill that I considered a good bit of kit sadly the batteries have died but I still want to use it the batteries were the old NiMH new batteries are now Lithium ones. Bosch doesn't supply the batteries now however there are unbranded ones on eBay but am dubious...
  4. K

    Hilti hammer drill bits?

    Hi, I was browsing a flea market and noticed that TE-CX Hilti SDS plus drill bits are available in multiple versions. For example 18/48cm and 18/47cm. On Hilti's site I only see the 48cm version. So where does the other come from? Is it older? Are they, both as good, quality-wise, or the newer...
  5. mhar

    GE RCD query

    Went to a property yesterday to do some odds and sods, replace the cu and do some remedials following a condition report customer obtained prior to purchasing the property. The cu is made by GE and was installed in 1997, half the board rcd protected and half not. One of the observations on the...
  6. G

    Whiska Quixx

    Just seeing peoples opinions on the whiska Quixx glands for tails? Bad practice to use them without tails clamps within CU?
  7. M

    Getting into a resin filled joint

    Hi all, Couldn't find existing thread on this. Need to get into a large resin filled joint on a 120mm 4 core SWA and wanted to know if there was a solution to dissolve it or is it a case of hammer and chisel like the old days. It is a cold cured, two part resin Kit from CTC. Any help...
  8. Leesparkykent

    Hitachi 24V SDS drill.

    Been thinking of buying my apprentice this drill Hitachi DH24DVC 24v SDS Hammer Drill 2 x 2.0ah NiMH Any one used one or know of any half decent that they would recommend for a similar price?
  9. D

    Looping in at switches.

    :6::6:I've not finished yet!......:wink:
  10. D

    Crabtree Shaver Socket Removal

    Hi I have to remove a screw less chrome ( NOT THE FLAT ONES) cover plate of a crabtree shave socket and no luck to date I notice that there are two little gaps that you can put a flat blade into but nothing seems to happen and I don't want to put loads of force on it in case it bends Any...
  11. Pete999

    Builders eh

    Wr were going to start a rewire this weekend, empty house nice, you would think, we could get all the wiring done before they start, you would think, well no not really just had a phone call, oh we've boarded the walls can you come and put your wires in? easy, you would think, well I think I'm...
  12. J

    2kg SDS hammer drills - what to buy?

    Hi all, im about to buy a sds hammer drill as i have been using my 5kg for most things but its a bit awkward using such a large drill for small jobs. so, options. im currently looking at two drills, makita or milwaukee. im after any personal experiences you may have had with either drill, i...
  13. G

    first job tools

    Just wondering what will i need for my first day work?
  14. T

    Last job of the day...

    Has anyone EVER had a 5 minute job? I have heard a lot about them but i am yet to see or do one. Last job of the day, 8pm, change a light fitting. Got there, whole house had been freshly plastered and decorated, along with the frigging ceiling rose. Managed to score around it until it was loose...
  15. L

    chasing bits for a sdh hammer drill

    I need to get some chasing bits for my SDS hammer drill as im sure the right tools will save me making such a mess of things when im chasing. what bits do you all use for chaseing please, if you dont mind sharing
  16. zap

    Competition! How many separate parts in the illustrated BS1363 13A double socket?

    As there's a discrete number of parts only one guess each (your first). Winner gets a Like :waving:
  17. A

    Makita AVT or not on hammer drills

    Hi has anyone noticed if there is much of a difference in the vibes to the user between a Rotary hammer and an AVT Rotary Hammer drill? For example Makita HR2611F v HR2610. I am wondering if it is worth the extra few quid for AVT (Anti Vibration Technology)
  18. G

    dewalt xr range

    just upgraded all my cordless tools to the dewalt 18v xr range , got to say they are great tools i was using bosch professional 18v li but find the dewalt xr better , anyone else had these tools for a while or had any problems
  19. richy3333

    Drill/Hammer for installing earth rods.

    I'm fed up with whacking these things in by hand and so have decided to by a drill/hammer for putting these blighters into the ground. Around here the earth is not obliging so I'm looking for something with some power. Just wondered what other people use and what sort of power (joules?) other...
  20. P

    Plasterer - stealing work from honest sparky

    Well, was asked to add 10 sockets to a ring and convert a double to a single to make way for the partition wall. Did all the pre-work, only thing left to do was break into ring and convert the existing socket. Was waiting for client to give me date and time to take the power off (its a 10way SP...
  21. D

    decent drill

    Hi im a new spark starting out and looking to get a drill... any advice on which one... any advice will be appreciated
  22. sjhall

    Core drilling

    Question for any of you guys that do a fair bit of core drilling- Do you drill with hammer action on or off ? I've got a decent enough drill ( makita 8406c 1400w) Ive found I get better results on hammer but dont want to damage the drill ... Thoughts? Cheers
  23. i=p/u

    36v drill

    im after new drill , thinking 36v one for when on site as all my own tools are 230v. any suggestions???? hopefully the boss will buy for me and let me pay it up, so a good one. maybe pannasonic???
  24. sparkdog

    nicad drills better on hammer?

    Does anyone else think nicad drills are better for hammer drilling?I have an old Jewson 18 volt which I was thinking of changing until I tried a Hitachi and Makita lithium and found the old drill was much better.I found the new drills too light and you have to push them and they were actually...
  25. D

    core drill idea

    I have a makita HR2470 an sds drill and want to know if i can use it for core drilling applications 4" core holes for extractor fans etc whats the difference between a standard hammer drill and a diamond core hole drill? at the moment i rent one for the day £25.00 cheers luke
  26. S

    Anyone here gets regular jobs using

    I just heard about this website where customers put a post of what they need doing and tradesmen can register and give quotes online. Customer chooses best quote to do the job. Its all official. Mobile number verification. Address verification. Monthly fee is about £10 monthly for up to £250...
  27. W

    Cables in attic, whats the best way to board / insulate over them?

    I'm looking to board out the middle of my attic and was wondering what to do about the cables. The majority of cables are placed around the edge of the attic in the eaves so are on top of the insulation and are not a problem, but there are still some down the middle for landing lights and...
  28. M

    SDS Drill (again)

    I've posted a similar question before but lack of funds prevented me buying. After searching round I think I've narrowed it down to one of the following two drills. I have no experience with either make, I've always stuck with dewalt. Can anybody recommend one over the other? Option 1 Option 2
  29. M

    SDS Drill Recommendations

    I'm a recently qualified domestic sparky (currently seeking work as an electrician's mate in Leeds / West Yorks in hope of building up my experience - please send me a private message if this is of interest) and I need to purchase my first SDS hammer drill as soon as possible. I was not thinking...
  30. G

    RIP DeWalt SDS

    Right my DeWalt sds packed up yesterday, the hammer stopped working.:mad: Got 3 years out of it though so not bad for a ton. Anyone bought a new corded sds recently, any recomendations ? Just out of interset anyone know how much the Hilti equivalent would cost ? can't get a price off the...
  31. D

    Floorboard removal

    Hi all, Just wondered what method you find best for getting floorboards up ?? I tend to use a hammer and bolster, starting towards the end of the board i hammer the bolster down the side of it and lever it up, working my way along until it comes up completely, this does the job but i do tend...
  32. L

    drilling 4" holes for fans

    recently i have been been coring holes for bathroom fans through outside walls and been taking ages to do it upto an hour when it should only take 25mins at most do you recon i should start drilling it on hammer with the diamond core bit allthough it can screw the bit up i am using a makita 8406
  33. P

    New Hilti Drill

    Bosch compact watch out :D TE 4-A22 Cordless rotary hammer
  34. D

    Drayton timeswitches

    Does anyone know if it is possible to knock the light off on these timeclock`s, as some people do not want them illuminated? Looked in the manual but unable to find anything. Thank`s
  35. M

    Cheap sds drills anyone

    Jst wondering if anybody knows of any cheap sds drills foe sale anywhere or have one they want to sell
  36. E

    Powerful SDS for drilling joists

    Hi guys I have been using a Bosch 710w corded SDS drill for about 3 months now for drilling joists but am finding on older joists it just keeps getting stuck and the clutch keeps coming in. I am now looking at buying a better quality SDS Plus to use with a 25mm auger bit. Does anyone use a...
  37. Bromd123

    Toolbox Guide

    Right! I've just been given a shed load (litterally) of hand tools from my uncle, i have about 12 toolboxes full of hand tools. i have sepperated out all the pyro gear and swa stuff what i want to do is put a general toolbox together, ive got a 36" stanley toolbox for the job but need to know...
  38. W

    Makita drill

    I bought an 18v makita with 3-batteries for 99 quid, the latest wonder product at screwfix..I can tell you it is spot on, I love it. I've used it now for 3 days it is robust, i've drilled 10mm in tough hardwood, used big 10 x 70mm screws, battery power is good. 25mm holes in trunking, no probs...
  39. J

    SDS Drill

    Hi as I've been building up my tool kit over the last year I'm now looking into getting a drill for chasing. From what I've read on other posts that cordless isn't the way to go for this sort of work and have spotted the following offer and was looking for advice/other suggestions. Bosch GBH...
  40. D

    Earth Rod Drills

    What brand is best? How much?
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