1. T

    Auto hammer.

    Any experiences? Any use for nailing in cable clips in tight awkward spaces or overkill? Had a run on below entry/ceiling-less site work atm meaning much clipping. I'm talking of these kind of gizmos: HiKOKI NH18DSL/W4Z 18V Automatic Nailer Bare Unit -...
  2. A

    Best Corded or Cordless hammer drill for concrete?

    I have some projects on my hand and it involves driving into concrete. Therefore, I thought it would be sensible to invest in a hammer drill I am kind of confused whether to go with cordless or corded hammer drills. I know cordless ones gives you mobility but corded drills give you more power...
  3. A

    Looking for a hammer drill for tile removing task

    We are planning to do some home renovation, basically want to upgrade kitchen. So, removing the tile is the first task. Therefore, we need a hammer drill. Yes, I love Dewalt as brand. But I want to be certain about couple of things before buying one as I don’t want to drop big bucks and later...
  4. R

    New Hammer

    I’m looking to purchase a new hammer due to my old one breaking. I’ve seen Wiha do an electricians hammer but I don’t know what they are like. Any recommendations? I do like the Dewalt one.
  5. B

    Intermittent starting on SDS hammer drill

    Hi Sparkies, newbie here needing some advice please My 1100W SDS hammer drill sometimes starts, sometimes dead. So far fault diagnosis (loose connections, voltage and continuity checks) has ruled out switch, commutator and rotor armature windings. My suspicion has fallen on either the brushes...
  6. T

    Bosch GBH 24volt hammer drill

    I have a Boch GBH 24v 3Ah hammer drill that I considered a good bit of kit sadly the batteries have died but I still want to use it the batteries were the old NiMH new batteries are now Lithium ones. Bosch doesn't supply the batteries now however there are unbranded ones on eBay but am dubious...
  7. K

    Hilti hammer drill bits?

    Hi, I was browsing a flea market and noticed that TE-CX Hilti SDS plus drill bits are available in multiple versions. For example 18/48cm and 18/47cm. On Hilti's site I only see the 48cm version. So where does the other come from? Is it older? Are they, both as good, quality-wise, or the newer...
  8. mhar

    GE RCD query

    Went to a property yesterday to do some odds and sods, replace the cu and do some remedials following a condition report customer obtained prior to purchasing the property. The cu is made by GE and was installed in 1997, half the board rcd protected and half not. One of the observations on the...
  9. G

    Whiska Quixx

    Just seeing peoples opinions on the whiska Quixx glands for tails? Bad practice to use them without tails clamps within CU?
  10. M

    Getting into a resin filled joint

    Hi all, Couldn't find existing thread on this. Need to get into a large resin filled joint on a 120mm 4 core SWA and wanted to know if there was a solution to dissolve it or is it a case of hammer and chisel like the old days. It is a cold cured, two part resin Kit from CTC. Any help...
  11. codger

    Thor's hammer

    Engineer builds 'working' Thor's hammer that only he can lift - CNET
  12. Leesparkykent

    Hitachi 24V SDS drill.

    Been thinking of buying my apprentice this drill Hitachi DH24DVC 24v SDS Hammer Drill 2 x 2.0ah NiMH Any one used one or know of any half decent that they would recommend for a similar price?
  13. T

    The ban hammer hath been a waveth?

    What's with all the bans? Not been on the forum for a few months and just popped back on to check on an old thread and i see that many of the regulars have got strike throughs and it even looks like happy Tony is no more?! Did election banter get taken too far?
  14. D

    Looping in at switches.

    :6::6:I've not finished yet!......:wink:
  15. D

    Crabtree Shaver Socket Removal

    Hi I have to remove a screw less chrome ( NOT THE FLAT ONES) cover plate of a crabtree shave socket and no luck to date I notice that there are two little gaps that you can put a flat blade into but nothing seems to happen and I don't want to put loads of force on it in case it bends Any...
  16. ses

    Dewalt 18v xrp lithium combi hammer drill bare unit

    Dewalt 18v xrp lithium combi hammer drill bare unit For sale just been serviced a few weeks ago by dewalt I bought a new one while it was in for servicing as i couldnt wait for it to come back £60 us postage Or collection from hammersmith london
  17. Pete999

    Builders eh

    Wr were going to start a rewire this weekend, empty house nice, you would think, we could get all the wiring done before they start, you would think, well no not really just had a phone call, oh we've boarded the walls can you come and put your wires in? easy, you would think, well I think I'm...
  18. J

    2kg SDS hammer drills - what to buy?

    Hi all, im about to buy a sds hammer drill as i have been using my 5kg for most things but its a bit awkward using such a large drill for small jobs. so, options. im currently looking at two drills, makita or milwaukee. im after any personal experiences you may have had with either drill, i...
  19. H

    I need a cordless SDS hammer, any tips?

    I have several Dewalt 18v Li-ion battery tools so it would be cost effective to get an 18v Dewalt SDS drill. However, are they any good? I need to be able to drill into brick and stone and am a bit concerned that they won't be up to the task. I bought the most powerful combi I could get last...
  20. G

    first job tools

    Just wondering what will i need for my first day work?