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    Handyman and Electrical Work

    I recently started up my own handyman business and wondered what I am allowed to do in terms of electrical work in customers houses. The sort of thing I am talking about is changing mains sockets, light fittings, light switches, extending existing ring mains... I know that for work in bathrooms...
  2. D

    Newbie Handyman looking for advice about electric roller garage door switch!

    Hi, Please excuse the 'jump straight in' thread! I've tried looking all over the internet for a solution to my problem, but can only find links to Landlord and Tennant issues!! I have an electric roller shutter door on my garage that has been installed for a number of years. I used to be able...
  3. H

    Handyman legal to fix light and switch

    Hi I'm a handyman and just wondering if I'm legally allowed to change light switches and sockets like for like under P rating ? Thankyou
  4. 247 handyman


    Hi guys. Thanks for the add. I'm a handyman and general foyer so please be gentle with me.
  5. R

    Decent Multimeter with backlight and auto-off.

    Hi, I'm looking for a cheapish but good multimeter with a backlight on the display and turns off automatically. The cheapest Fluke 101 has auto-off but the website doesn't say if it has a backlight. Thanks.
  6. F

    Will I be covered for insurance ?

    Hi all I've had a handyman fit some lights for me in a hotel. He's given me a minor works for them but I've just had an electrician tell me that I won't be covered if I showed them to my insurance company if something happened as he isn't registered but the certs are legit is this right or are...
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    Insult at work

    Hi all, Now for those of you who follow my posts, you will know that I'm currently working as a Maintenance Electrician for a medium-sized shopping centre. Now the job has been swell to date, and I've enjoyed working there. Now the problem - and maybe, just maybe its me being paranoid. Anyway, I...
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