1. GBDamo

    Pricing for fitting sub board and running two circuis

    Having problems convincing company owner that us doing this is not cost effective/best use of our expertise. We are typically travelling 2-300 miles and working away so I cannot see how it can be cost effective for us to be doing this. 1, If insufficient room/capacity in existing CU then fit...
  2. T

    Doing Self assessment - Where is the section for power tools?

    Hi all, I am completing my self assessment and need to know where I should claim for cost of power and hand tools, are they classed as a capital allowance? If so these are my options, and my guess would be that it goes under 'other' Thanks James Annual Investment Allowance:£ Allowance...
  3. ebow72

    Am2 2015

    Hello folks, not posted in a while, been busy. However this week I have been slightly busier than usual. I completed my AM2, results due tomorrow morning 8 AM... I did the PRE AM2, I did find it a big help. Glad I did it. AM2 consisted of the following - Risk Assessment, Safe Isolation. There...
  4. A

    Re connecting up customers immersion heater

    Hi. Just been to a customers house which has just had a new water tank fitted by a plumber. The customer would like me to re connect up his immersion heater as the plumber wouldn't do it. (clever plumber)! During the quotation i noticed that the old immersion heater was on a 13 amp plug to a...
  5. G

    New Business website

    Hi fellas Just decided to go on my own and have just launched my new website, take a look and let me know what you reckon Cheers Gram
  6. A

    solar pv instalation course 2399

    anyone recommend this course........and anyone in the solar pv industry. just booked onto course and cant find much on tinternet on current and future demand for work, juslookng for some feedbk thanx ant
  7. A

    solar pv instalation course 2399

    anyone recommend this course........and anyone in the solar pv industry. just booked onto course and cant find much on tinternet on current and future demand for work, juslookng for some feedbk thanx ant
  8. S

    BS7671 Ammd 1 Inspection & Test forms in WORD format.

    could i ask if anyone has the new forms on a word doc format please???? sorry for this but i am in the middle of the Afghan desert & just want to keep things simple out here, by printing off & hand writing them for the instalations. thanks.
  9. A

    workwear for women

    Hi I am new to the forum and training to be a spark. I was just wondering whether there is workwear made to fit women and if so how does it fit? Is there a supplier who specialises in this sort of thing or are us ladies walking around in mens clothes that don't fit? A/C
  10. L

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Niceic

    Hello, I am currently in the process of doing a NICEIC domestic installer scheme.Do I need to provide a building notice to the assessor for each visit? I would really appreciate your feedback Thankyou.
  11. L

    Porcelain Fuse BS???

    Hi Guys Can anyone help? I have installed a supply fed from a new MEM3 DB 3P however this is fed via an old 3P switch fuse containing large porcelain rewirable fuses 60A. Does anyone know the BS number for this fuse as i dont think its a 3036 as its not semi-enclosed. Any help appreciated Thanks.
  12. D

    Fault diagnostis of single phase induction motors

    Hey everyone i'm working on my final on fault diagnostics of SINGLE PHASE induction motors.... i've searched through the internet for fault diagnostic techniques and all i got from there are the ways to diagnose faults in "THREE PHASE INDUCTION MOTORS"... SO wanted to ask if anyone of u knows...
  13. T

    Looking for work in leciestershire area

    hi i am looking for work as an electricians mate or a mature trainee around leicestershire area. I having been volentering with an electrical company in leicester doing 1-2 days a week for a year now, so i have a little experience. I am reliable and trustworthy and very willing to study and...
  14. D

    Commercial Went to Price A PIR today!! look at my sample pics

    couple of pics from small DB room but OMG any way its a medium sized print shop that needs some serious TLC!!! i think 2 days should get me through this mess!! :) nice!
  15. H

    LED lighting

    hi everyone , has anyone else installed LED tubes in the uk that were made in china. We have just put a few in and after removing the choke and ballast and rewiring the light so we had 230 volts at each end of the tube as per the manufacters instructions. I kept getting tingles from the...
  16. S

    Evil c50 board, kA rating

    Can any one help? Iv been sent to do some test and inspections and have come across our arch enemy the c50 board!!! It's due to be replaced but it's got to be condemned first. Dose any one know the kA rating of the c50 breakers bs no: 3871, I ask because the customer is requesting all breakers...
  17. G

    Re-locating Main fuse

    Hi all, New to the site and to the trade. My main fuse and consumer unit are located on my dining room wall covered by a unit. I know that if I would like to move the consumer unit to the kitchen (which is over 3m away) I will require a switch fuse. Can I, and if so how do I get the the main...
  18. A

    flash and iphone - how big an issue

    How much has the lack of flash support affect the iphone users out there? What sites have you tried to get to that you find you cant?
  19. D

    "Protection settings have been set to comply with Engineering Recommendation G83/1"

    Hi all, In our DNO notification form it asks for confirmation that, for the inverter: "Protection settings have been set to comply with Engineering Recommendation G83/1." & "The protection settings are protected from alteration.(except by prior written agreement between the DNO and the...
  20. R


    Hi There im looking for sub contractor work in essex anything consideredall work nicc registered Gratefull for any help
  21. P

    Just wanted to say hi

    Hello everyone, What a great forum this is! Just wanted to say hi and welcome any industry news you may have. Best wishes Theresa
  22. M

    Supplier's Main Fuse ID

    I have tried on a number of occasions to obtain the BS(EN), Type, Rated Current and Short-circuit capacity for the supplier's main fuse from the electricity supplier. This is when there is no external identification of the fuse contained in the tamper proof sealed unit. The answer I receive...
  23. C

    AM2- D2 Resit

    Hi, I have my D2 Resit today, was just wondering do I have to rectify the faults or just explain on the sheet how i would rectify them?
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