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  1. M

    smoke alarm test certificates

    Hi everyone, can someone tell me where i can get blank smoke alarm certificates, NICEIC are asking me to fill these certs in. only place i can find them is the niceic shop. could someone post a copy or a blank form i can fill in on the pc please, thanks in advance
  2. sythai

    32mm PVC conduit...?

    Think I may have used this years ago but not sure....? Anyone know if there is such a thing please? Probably be needing 4 lengths, few couplers and an angle box Got to run in a 10mm supply across an external wall but customer wont go for SWA ! Cant go inside either, ummmm. Next thing is...
  3. J

    Domestic Cooker circuit

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had any advice or put me right, im to wire a hob that's 6 kw and Elec oven 4.25 kw,would I be right in saying that a 45 amp breaker, with a 10mm cable suppling both hob and oven via Dual appliance out let plate. Would this be adequate, any help guys would be...
  4. E

    Metal clad Socket and backbox

    What do you guys pay for these. Bought a couple from my wholesalers today. Thought price was very,very high...
  5. G

    Which phone....

    How do. So, I been waiting what seems like forever for an ip4 to arrive and am still being messed about. Been looking at the Blackberry Torch as an alternative, does anyone have any comments on this handset in comparison to the ip4??, or any other models that do the same kind kind of thing...
  6. P

    access to the alarm and cctv

    hi how do i get access to the cctv section on the site please
  7. S

    r1 r2 testing on micc cable

    when testing micc,pyro cable for r1 r2 values is it correct to use sheath as the r2 for a 2 core ?
  8. P

    single phase or 3 phase supply??

    I am currently doing some periodic inspecting to domestic properties and have gone into 2 properties which seem to have an overload problem. The both have 28 way split load boards supplied via a single phase supply and protected by 100a main BS1361 fuses. On the boards are approx 6 lighting...
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