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  1. E

    Hi Guys, I would firstly like to introduce myself. Name is Edmond Noonan. Looking forward to hearing from you all.

    To those who whose s electricity supply is TNC-S, what are the requirements regarding the resistance of the homeowners earth rod (stake or mesh).?
  2. Rattlehead85

    Hi. Just introducing myself.

    Just would like to say hi and introduce myself. 30 years in the industry of which the last 22 have been carrying out EICRs and managing teams of electricians. Recently lost my job due to Covid 19 and just starting again back on the tools as a maintenance operative in a completely different...
  3. Baddegg

    Never seen this before myself.....

    Still new to this game just not seen this before..Got to install a small 2 way unit for a loft conversion so popped in today for a recce and found this, the incoming line and neutral splits before the meter and main fuse and goes through to next door?.... Got to love the wet pants as well, gas...
  4. I

    UK Sign off

    I have been asked to get my attic conversion electric tested as a pat tester am I allowed to test and sign off.?
  5. S

    Can I extract this myself?

    I think this may be old cable/phone server, can I just cut off myself-held together with a few thin wires.
  6. Dan

    Contact Lou or Myself via Whatsapp (during working hours!)

    We've enabled Whatsapp for you to use to contact us directly if something is important. We can block people on a per person basis. So no dodgy messages please. You may risk getting your account banned. :)
  7. gazdkw82

    Back to basics (confused myself)

    Decided to have a browse through onsite guide and something struck me with disconnection times. Maybe I'm missing something obvious but onsite guide and bs7671 states that a disc time of not more than 5 secs is permitted for: Final circuits exceeding 32A. So does that mean a...
  8. A

    Domestic Am I allowed to fit a Nest thermostat myself?

    As per title really. I’m considering buying Nest thermostats, I am confident I can install it appropriately but I don’t know if legally I’m allowed to. No formal quals but experience in wiring (for audio, not power) radio/recording studios. The current situation... I have a new build property...
  9. Tony Reidy

    Hi thought i'd introduce myself

    Been a sparks for over 25 years did my apprenticeship mainly in London area. worked on various large projects including the NatWest tower, nursing homes and Industrial and commercial units. Nowadays l spend most of my time "house bashing".
  10. MFS Electrical

    Ordered myself some new toys today

    :mad:Here’s one for all you tool tarts like myself. I seem to be liking Dewalt more and more these days..... a wise investment if I do say so myself since I have about 1million dewalt batteries somehow :eek: Was very impressed with the combi drill in this kit had it for years before it burnt...
  11. B

    Introducing myself (and adding some more characters so I make it to 20)

    Hi! I'm Juan. I'm 33 years old. I have a University degree in Electronics Engineering. I have also taken two courses in PV Engineering and i'm on my way of getting a Masters' degree en PV Engineering. I have 14+ experience in low voltage electrical installations. Right now I'm working for a...
  12. E

    Just introducing myself!

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to say a quick hello and introduce myself. I’ve been a silent observer of the forum for a while now and only just got round to making an account. I really enjoy reading through the threads and learning from the solutions you guys post to people’s electrical related...
  13. B

    New Member just introducing myself

    Good evening all I am new to this forum and just saying hi. I am not an electrician but will require some help with an issue which I will post on later tonight. I'm hoping you will be able to help me with the matter. I am more a painter and decorator self taught and can do odd jobs here and...
  14. Daniel Parsons

    introducing myself to the forum..

    hi thanks for excepting me to the forum i will contribute where i can.. thanks
  15. S

    Damn, bought myself a new toy.......

    Weller Solder Station
  16. G

    Introducing myself and some questions

    Hello, I am not an electrician but a fairly experienced DIYer. I know a bit of theory, from my interest in Physics. I am replacing an old ceramic hob with a new Induction hob. It is on its own 32a supply with an mcb. Manufacturer's rather generic, to-cover-themsleves safety notice says among...
  17. D

    DIM (do it myself) - just want to know how to have a conversation on this site.

    I am just wanting to know how to have a conversation on this site, specifically to find a single plug socket plus fused spur combination.
  18. G

    Gil Williamson - Introducing myself

    Not a professional electrician, but with a Physics degree and a lifetime of electronic design and testing, I know my my way about electrics, and I'm cautious enough not to have been electrocuted yet, though I got a shock once when I was 10. I'm now 77.
  19. Loki

    Got myself the bargain of the day

    Morning all, Just been to Edmondsons to get some bits & they had a Megger DCM305E Earth Leakage Clamp meter on the shelf on its own looking lonely. So quick check on testerman £216 inc vat So just thought id get a price.......... Bossman at the shop said £43 inc vat I'm like ok I'll have it then
  20. M

    Wanted to say hello to the community and a little about myself...

    As the title says, wanted to say hello to everyone :) I'm a mature student at college I completed C&G 2365 level 2 and started back last week studying for my level 3. Managed to get my cscs card as well. I've applied for the trainee forum access so hopefully see some of you in there :)...
  21. H

    Am i entitled to call myself a sparky?

    Ok , so i completed 2365 level 3, and also 17th edition. At my place of work , I'm the go to guy, as well as another very experienced electrician, to do the electrical work. They don't seem to have a problem with me not having the nvq completed ( maybe naive) . I've had some issues with a new...
  22. S

    Introducing myself - New member

    Hello, I am new member here - Sam. I am enthusiast DIYer and IT engineer by profession so understand quite a bit about technology and electricity in general. I have joined forum to get some advice and clarifying a doubt before I put underfloor heating in one of the rooms. I'll post a question...
  23. DrewGil

    Trainee introducing myself to the forum

    hi guys, just a quick hello from a new member. I've just started my full scope electricians course, and was looking for a forum with experienced guys who might be able to offer help or advice along the way. cheers!
  24. Matthewd29

    Advice on working for myself

    Hi guys I have been thinking about going out on my own for a while now and I feel like I've had enough of working for the all important boss man, i was just wondering if any of you had any advice or help on going out in my own. All comments great appreciated thanks.
  25. M

    Just saying hello and introducing myself.

    Hello everyone. I am originally maintenance electrician who decided to work for myself about 6 months ago after getting fed up of working for others. I started my apprentiship in 1994 in France in a company building special purpose machinery for industrial joineries and the automotive industry...
  26. I2C

    Hi There! - Introducing Myself

    Hi there! I'm new to the forum and would like to introduce myself to everyone. My name is Chris and I work as a self-employed electrician in East Sussex (UK) on predominantly domestic properties, but I have also done a little work on commercial and light-industrial systems in the past...
  27. Royal Docks Electrical

    New Member introducing myself

    Hi All Nice to meet one and all Ill keep this short and sweet. Been in the trade a long time. Forgotten most of what I learnt over the years due to working to much and playing just as hard. I now refer to the youngsters for answers who know absolutely everything.:D But I remember the bit...
  28. John Lundrigan

    Jonel Introducing myself

    Hi All, I initially trained electrical engineering in the Royal Navy (15 years) in a mixture of heavy plant and nuclear instrumentation. My career path then took me along a different route in electronics and software development and I eventually lectured in these areas. My interest in this...
  29. Andy C

    Proper chuffed with myself.

    After a long break from the industry I am returning part time and have just passed the written exams and multi choice exam for the 2394/5. so i only have my practicals next week then all done and dusted. Going to use Stroma as an accredited organisation. Just need to earn a bit now to pay off...
  30. R

    New member here.

    Hi all, I joined up a while ago and really enjoy reading through the forum and building my knowledge as an electrician as there's some super clever sparks on here with some great info and advice! I've finally got round to introducing myself. I started my time as a carpenter for 5 years and...
  31. GMES

    Bought myself an early xmas present

    Merry Xmas to me, Thought I would treat myself the weekend just gone so got myself a Samsung 55" Ultra Hd Hdr smart tv and I have to say it is a great improvement on my last one. Planet earth was very impressive on it on Sunday. Anyone else buying themselves a present.
  32. L


    Evening everyone, What is everyones thoughts on labour rates that you would charge out if you were a business? I have recently started a company quoting for small jobs and charging myself out at £25ph. I live 20miles north of london. Would you agree that this is an acceptable rate? Thanks Liam
  33. L

    Domestic 4 Bed newbuild North London - Tender question

    Hi- I am about to undertake a 4 Bed newbuild in North London, for my own accomodation when finished- which is being run by a contractor on my behalf as I am not an experienced project manager. I have been wiring up my own building projects with for some time, but nothing on this scale- and last...
  34. B

    AMD 3 and the yellow book.

    Just saved myself a fortune. Did some searching around in the loft and what do you know !! Found an old regs book and guess what ! it's a yellow one. Phew just saved myself a few bob with the scam assessor due next week. Now all I have to do is poke him in the eyes before he does his paperwork...
  35. L

    Halogen downlighters

    Hi everyone I'm a total electrical noob (sorry if this thread is for the pros only but the DIY thread is closed) but am in need of some help! My landlord, in his infinite wisdom, has installed halogen downlighters in every room in the house. I hate halogens. He's not going to change it himself...
  36. E

    Hi I'm Emily. Anyone heard of Access 2 Trade Careers??

    Hello Everyone, My name is Emily. I am here for a pretty specific reason and Im hoping someone will be able to help me. I started doing an Electricians Course with ACCESS 2 TRADE CAREERS in 2009 and for those of you that don't know they closed up shop due to insolvency with hardly any...
  37. S

    private work

    I'm looking to pick up more private work In my local area I have handed out a few business cards and no luck so far can anyone else give me some useful suggestions to promote myself ?
  38. C

    Selling a Megger Lt300 loop tester

    Looking to sell this Megger Lt300 loop tester. Was going through a deceased relatives stuff after he died clearing out the house and found this, still in the packaging so clearly brand new and never been used. I am an electrician myself so i know the value of these can range anywhere from...
  39. Brightspark2

    Light Switch

    A light switch with access to live parts without the use of a key or a tool. The light switch is an old white flat plate switch with a sort of threaded bush around the toggle/dolly switch with a few twists off come's the front. (It was designed to be opened by hand) A code C2 on a EICR, would...
  40. W

    Been out of the game for a while..... How hard is work to find

    Hi all, would really appreciate some feedback to my mid life crisis, lol. i currently work as a technician on 11kV and Lv main circuits. My job has changed recently with myself back in the field fault finding on Lv whilst also carrying out project work ,ie, installing Hv substations, overhead...
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