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  1. Adie moore

    rcd bust?

    strange goings-on or it might be me, this is what happens; • 3 lead loop test on final circuit = rcd trip • 3 lead loop test at board, outgoing side of rcd, all circuits off = rcd trip • 3 lead loop test at incoming side = rcd trip • rcd test at outgoing side= X.5 no trip X1 45ms X5 29ms...
  2. M

    Distribution Board, Blakley, MDA, 1600A 4P Incoming MCCB

    Hi everybody! We are selling used Standard 1600A Mains Distribution Assembly In order to maximise the flexibility of standard high current MDAs, the incoming and outgoing MCCBs incorporate electronic trips, which can be easily adjusted on site from 40% to 100% of the nominal rating. The...
  3. darkwood

    Guess the Fault???

    Thought id start a thread for posting those unusual faults that have you scratting your head for age, feel free to post one for a guessing game but here goes with mine.... Call out to a work yard who have a metal container cabin decked out with a few sockets and lights, the problem was nothing...
  4. M

    Testing help

    Hi guys I've just started my 2330 level 3 and I'm on the testing of continuity of ring final circuits. I have a question I hope someone can clear up for me please if possible?? When cross connecting L1-N2 and L2-N1 in choc block and testing how do I know or find out if wires are right way...
  5. ste mac

    RCBO 5In trip times.

    Just installing a new consumer unit for a customer. Split load board with 1 half RCD & the other half RCBO's. RCD & all but 1 RCBO has had good trip times, all sub 40ms at 1In & 5In, but the 6A RCBO for the kitchen lighting circuit is tripping at 40.8ms & 40.7ms at 5In. If I disconnect the...
  6. D

    Rcd tripping

    Just fitted a new cu wylex 8 way rcd 1oo amp 3o ma circuits i have are shower 40amp ring 32amp ring 32amp immersion 16amp lights 6amp extension sockets radial 16amp lights extension 6amp everything fitted but rcd wont stay in disconneted everything leaving just earths and tails in and rcd still...
  7. J

    Phone wiring problem.

    Excuse me if this is in the wrong spot of the forum. Recently all the wires from what I think is called a 'junction box' were torn out of it. The junction box is found near the door and contains wires going in and out. I have tried putting all the wires back in under the screws and tightening...
  8. L

    Testing Ring Continuity short Question

    just a quick question I want to clear up, basically when testing a ring circuit, why is it that the ohm values slightly increase per reading, and highest at the centre point? and by how much does the resistance increase when a cable is connected, say with a terminal block. apposed to say a...
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