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  1. B

    Why does the UK use rings for sockets?

    I take it you're allowed to use radials for sockets? So why does anyone bother with rings, seems like extra hassle to me.
  2. M

    Just checking my understanding of spurs off rings

    Have 18th ed and page 505 does say an unfused spur should feed one twin socket outlet. However if a 13amp fused spur is then connected to this and then to another socket is this not permissible? I can't see any potential for cable overloading? Thanks
  3. J

    Would having upstairs/downstairs rings on same rcd speed up powerline adaptors

    Hi i'm trying to get the best speed i can from powerline adaptors scattered around the house. between the downstairs ones the speed is 784mbps, however to the upstairs ones only get 40mbps. i've eliminated all the interference i can around the house that was affecting the speed. if the upstairs...
  4. happyhippydad

    Rings, reference methods and CCC...

    Following on from another thread I have just replied to it got me thinking about ring circuits and reference methods. Appendix 15 shows a ring on a 32A MCB. It does begin with a get out clause regarding thermal effects but it just points you Chapter 42 which deals with fire. If for example we...
  5. M

    Domestic Are people moving away from rings

    hi all I’m just wondering are the forum members moving away from doing ring circuits and doing radials instead ? I have been reading that this may be the way industry is going wether this is to aid in the introduction of AFDDs I don’t know , obviously AFDDs won’t work in rings, that’s why I...
  6. O

    Rings or Radials ....

    Just started on a complete refurbishment / extension on a 3 bedroom property which is having a complete rewire. I'm not keen on Dual RCD boards, nor trying to have as few circuits as possible .... So when it comes to the socket circuits I was thinking of: Radial 20A for hall, lounge and...
  7. S

    Edison screw pendant

    a customer has asked for their BC rose and pendants to be changed to ES. I can't find any rose and pendants with es lamp holders anywhere! has anyone got any ideas where I can get some from and any possible problems with using these over standard BC lamp holders? Thanks in advance.
  8. G

    Adding Fused Spur

    Situation. Garage being converted into office. No spare ways in CU. RCD protected circuits, 2 x Radial 32A in 4mm T+E, 2 x Ring 32A in 2.5mm. The garage currently has 1 x 2 gang socket spured from one of the Rings. The customer requires 3 x 2 Gang sockets in the new office. My question is...
  9. D

    Domestic EICR - high readings

    I am part way through a condition report for a customer. The house is generally in good condition but the electrical installation is quite old. Although the rings are properly installed as ring final circuits, the 2.5 mm t and e cable is stranded and the Cpc appears to be 1 mm rather than 1.5...
  10. H

    Commercial FDB11 RCD Units Advice

    Ho guys anyone know much about these? Got a burger van thats been out of use for some time. Been bought by a new owner and needs sorting out. The incoming goes into a large FDB 40A 35ma RCD unit, this then feeds a steel 10 way Mcb board, from this the lighting, cooker and fridges go...
  11. Pete999


    Afternoon chaps and chapettes, got a tricky one for discussions, firstly let me explain I am an Electrician (retired some six years now) my neighbour has just changed his consumers unit, or had it changed by someone and asked me to check it out as it keeps tripping without any load connected, I...
  12. E

    rcd test tripping both sides

    can anybody help i did a rcd test on a circiut on a split load board and it triped out both sides of the board . I then tested a circuit on the oyher side of the board and that rcd did then not trip .I have checked for any neutrals on the wrong side but cant see anything obvious .never come...
  13. L

    Neff Hob Fault

    Had a fault with our hob: Only two rings work, others work when hob first switched on then go off shortly after. So called warranty company. When 'engineer' arrived and looked at it, he said the pans we were using were warped!!! I didn't tell him what I did for a living and let him tell me what...
  14. R

    Cooker testing - help needed

    Hi there - just been out to install a cooker. After confiming that the circuit is OK next was testing the cooker. It is a 2nd hand cooker that the owner bought for £50. Checked earth continuity and that was fine. Moved onto the IR tests. Oven was OK with 33.8M ohms. Then the rings. This is...
  15. Q

    Domestic insulation test on a ring circuit

    hi there, while completing an insulation test on a ring circuit i have come accross a few problems. insulation between l-e and n-e are fine, 299megs, but insulation between l-n on both up and down rings are showing no reading, any sugestions?? r1 r2 rn are all showing low ohms on both rings, R1...
  16. C

    Main D/P Switch size??

    Hi all Looked at a job today and the customer is adding quite a bit onto a bungalow with 2 new extensions.My ? is, will a 100amp main switch be big enough? the new d/b will consist of: 3 x shower circuits, all showers are 10.5 kw 4 x rings 1 x water heater 4 x lighting 1 x heating
  17. K


    How lucky am I, the builder has installed the lighting ring!:):)
  18. D

    night mare job

    Trying to locate a ring circuit in a house and so far i have found 3 rings within rings..!! ARGH!!!!! CHIMPS!!!! :eek: any body else had similar encounters!!
  19. S

    mixed ring circuits linked

    i have just looked at a strange house with loads of extensions done. the board isn't labbled up. on turing off the mcbs on two ring circuits its still live unless both are turned off. so i assume at some time a link has been bodged in between the two rings for some sockets. whats the best way...
  20. S

    Hairdresser - 3 phase

    This is my first post on this forum, so HALLO to everyone! Im nic domestic installer, but because of lack of work at this moment im doing a midle size hairdresser shop. They will have 10 x chairs to serve 10 people at the time, and they need one dbl socket near each chair. I think i will...
  21. P

    2 circuits in one room

    Hi there, Quick question for you all. At work we have just knocked 2 rooms into one large room to make a bigger staff rest room. The sockets in the left half of the new room is fed from the electricians workshop to its left which has its own circuit from the D/B The right half currently has no...
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