1. S

    Ryefield board

    Hoping to install (if things get back to normalish) a Ryefield board on a job soon. Haven’t installed one before, according to the drawing from UKPN, the meters will be after the ryefield board - will the suppliers do their own tails into the ryefield board or will I have to supply that? Seems a...
  2. T

    Commercial Ryefield Query

    Hi all, Been asked today to quote for installing a Ryefield board which will in turn supply 1 x shop with 3 phase power and also 3 x flats with single phase power. My question is... Would the DNO connect directly into the Ryefield board or will they expect some form of isolation which I will...
  3. B

    Ryefield / bno - bs and law

    I'm interested in learning more about ryefield boards as none of my training so far has covered them. Does anyone know the relevant bs/bs en standards and legislation that applies? I've noticed g87, esqcr, iec 61439 and bs7671 seem to apply. I'd like to know about who has responsibility for...
  4. S

    Ryefield C060DPN Wiring

    We are converting a house into two flats and EDF require us to install a Ryefield Distribution Unit to spilt the single phase supply into two. I have bought the Distribution Box but it came with no wiring instructions. Please can someone tell me how it should be wired. I am an experienced...
  5. R

    Ryefield CT chamber wiring

    Has anyone got the wiring diagrams and pictures showing the wiring of a ryefield CT chamber.
  6. R

    Bno Supply - Isolator

    Hi, I am quoting the switchgear for a BNO install. I have only worked on MEM (Glasgow) isolators but was looking at the contactum TPN 200amp isolator as another option. I need some advice, if I should stick with the MEM. I will be terminating 95mm in the isolator after the UKPN cutout.
  7. Upton Sparks

    RyeField Boards EICR

    Gent If any of you would have a minute to give your 2 pence on this I would appreciate it. I have a Rye field board supplying 10 Meters in a old house split in to Flats, The Tail for all of these Flats are installed with VIR cable, this is also from the Rye field board to the Meter , from...
  8. J

    max demand for flats

    Just double checking calcs if anyone bored! So for a block of 3 flats with no gas services- all flats same. +communal stairs over 2 floors (LED light few small panel heaters) Flat: Kitchen Ring (32a) (32) Ring (32a) (12.8) Oven (20a) (13) Hob (32a) (16.6) Immersion (16a) (16) Lights1 (6a)...
  9. joebell25

    Discrimination headache!!!

    Thought I'd try out this ElectricalOM software for a new installation I'm designing. However come up with abit of an issue with the discrimination on 2 of the devices. Single phase sub feed from DB2 (60898 type c 63A 10kA) to DB3, Final circuit from DB3 (61009 30mA 32A type c 10kA RCBO) Time v...
  10. D

    Ryefield board?

    Been asked by a client of mine, if i can install a 10 way ryefield board for his industrial unit. He has a three phase supply and has 10 separate units. How easy are these to install? I would want to put a 3 phase isolator in front of the ryefield board, is this correct? Any help would be great...
  11. N

    ryefield 3phase 6way 400amp board

    This ryefield 3phase 6way 400amp board was bought for a job but never used and has been sitting in my front room ever since. It never been used and has no holes in it. Cost £687 when new selling for £375 If you need anymore info please call 07860163937 Many thanks nick please fine link below...
  12. T

    Ryefield Distribution Board Keys Needed

    Hi all I am a meter engineer for a leading meter operator, I am trying to source set of Ryefield distribution board keys, obviously without stealing them as I come across them. I have tried all the electrical wholesalers, websites ebay, gumtree etc.. does anyone now where I might b able to...
  13. S

    Rye field board

    Hi guys have done a small 3 phase job but know have a change to the job as their is a flat upstairs on it I have been told I need to fit a ryfield board which will enclose 3 main fuses for the new 3 phase board and 1 fuse for the flat upstairs can anyone advise as best a cheapest place to...
  14. A

    A quick question on certification and notification to Part P scheme.

    For example you have a ryefield board with 3 phase incoming cable split into 5 fuses for each meter. 3 meters are 3 flats, 1 for communal area and 1 a small shop unit. Now does ryfield board counts as a shared supply between all of them and therefore should be 5 notifications of each property...
  15. K

    Domestic Who is responsible for the ryefield board?

    Who is responsible for the Ryefield board ? I own a property flat in London and I contacted recently my electrical supplier to make a full investigation based on extremely high bills. A technician came around and asked me where the main fuse or ryefield board was to disconnect the meter. We...
  16. H

    Mains Concerns

    Hi all, Been today to look at a potential install and was a little concerned when I looked at where the supply was to be taken from... Okay here goes, Three phase 100A incomer, direct with 25mm meter tails going to a 9 way Ryefield unit, from there, there are 5 x 100A supplies feeding...
  17. J

    Ryefield Board

    Hey Working in a property which has been converted into 4 flats. Only a 3 Phase supply coming in so the lovely people at EDF have asked for a Ryfield board to be fitted for them. Anyone got any help on this as i have never heard or fitted one before. regards, James
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