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  1. J

    Strip lights. Connecting sections together

    Excuse a basic question. But just wondering on people's suggestions for installing LED strip lights under cabinets attached. On both the left and right cabinets there is an existing light. Guy wants replaced with strip lights. There will be three sections, one for left side and two for right...
  2. sham

    The same written paragraph in different sections.

    Hello, I'm going through my 18th edition regs book and discovered two paragraphs that are identically the same. It is regulation 422.3.1 and 422.4.2. is this deliberate because it matters in both section. I brought this book from IET itself.
  3. Dan

    I've sorted out our 'Find a Trader' sections a bit on all our forums

    Should be able to find these forum categories at the top of the forum homepage :) I'm hoping promoting all the forums on all the forum kinda gets more enquiries coming in. Check those out to see what you think. Find Professional Tradesmen for Free (And of course tradesmen find the work for...
  4. S

    scaffold - younman minimax 5.1m working height

    Hi All For sale is my scaffold which consists of; 2 platforms with trap doors 1 base section 4 wheels (adjustable) 4 long outriggers 4 silver cross braces 9 red straight braces 2 seven foot ladder sections 2 three foot ladder sections £850 o.n.o buyer collects ;) I have owned this for 6...
  5. C

    Metal Skirting Trunking

    Any of you guys got any good ideas for mounting D/G 13amp socket outlets in metal skirting trunking? the site I am on has metal skirting trunking which has small sections with pre-cut holes for the mounting of faceplates - trouble is the trunking is so old and no identification markings to...
  6. H

    Midland Ladders Roofing Ladders for Sale MIDLANDS

    Brought From Midland Ladders last year, Barely used cost £126.00 New Below is description of laddders. Pick Up only after £70.00 Imagine a lightweight, professional 12ft (3.66m) roof ladder with all the features you would expect.... strong aluminium hook, comfortable oval shaped stiles, rubber...
  7. J

    On site guide index

    Hi Can someone please explane to me how to use the iet onsite guide index I carnt get my head around the numbers eg Appx G , 7.2.7 Thanks
  8. W

    underpinning knowledge

    hey guys i realise its a big ask but im struggling with my jtl underpinning knowledge questions and its '**** or bust' time now, ive completed the first 3 sections and part completed sections 013,014,015,011 and 002. if anyone could send me any help at all it would be a huge help and probably...
  9. E

    Office lighting PIR's

    Hello All, I have won a contract for installing motion sensors in to an office building. I have to carry out all the works during office hours and I am unable to isolate the supply of the necessary circuits at the consumer unit (there are individual isolators to isolate sections of...
  10. S

    Dark sections of non led rope light - HELP

    Hi folks. I've just added in a new three metre section to a thirty metre installation of 230V Duralite two wire rope light. Using the splicing terminals, I cut the rope light at the prescribed marks and made the insert. The contacts look good and on switching on it all works except I now have...
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