1. 1Justin

    Posi-joist installation & cable support.

    I have a customer costing up a new build using steel herringbone composite timber/steel type "Posi-joists" for first floor and flat roof areas. I called up the joist manufacturer and was amazed to hear that no-one had EVER asked them about installing electrics between, and support thereof. He...
  2. G

    Sharp close their Wrexham PV factory

    bbc Sorry to see the jobs go, but frankly the panels were never really up to scratch. It does make me wonder a bit what it is about the UK that means that we seem to be incapable of producing consistently high quality solar PV panels at a significant volume. Sharp should really have been...
  3. darkwood

    This job never stops amazing - bodgit DB cover!!!!!

    A nice precision made Distribution cover... 10/10 for creativity found while moving a customer to new premises.
  4. G

    Grommets or conduit in metal back boxes?

    I've seen a few comments on failed installs because of lack of grommets - although apparently not a specific requirement as such. Is oval conduit plastered into chase and fed a little into the back box OK or does one HAVE to cut it just short of the the box and fit a grommet? Granted it's a...
  5. A

    PV design training

    Can anyone recommend any good training providers and courses that teach how to survey potential sites and design PV installations?
  6. L

    Quick advice on panels, inverter etc

    Hi guys. So, been thinking about solar panels for a whole now, and haven't really gotten around to getting quotes etc in. But, with having a little more free time, I finally decided to look in to it a little more, and kicking myself for not looking inn to it when i first started back in feb...
  7. M

    Sharp Solar European HQ 'set to move to Wrexham'

    BBC News - Sharp Solar European HQ 'set to move to Wrexham' Solar, like the football is coming "home" :rolf
  8. G

    Best Supplier of panels??

    Whos the best supplier for panels?? Cheapest ?? Most Reliable??
  9. T

    Installing Landscape panels without any gaps between rows

    Hi, Completed an install at the weekend, it was three rows of 7 Sharp 185w 990x1300mm ( I seem to remember) panels. I couldn't for the life of me work out how to install the rail system (we use click fit) so we had no gaps between rows. In the end I had about a 300mm gap between each row and...
  10. B

    Anyone have Schuco Type 61 clips for Sharp panels in stock

    I need: 30 x SCH-272897 mid clips 12 x SCH-272896 end clip for a job underway using Sharp panels. Anchors and rails already up. My usual supplier has a delivery date for the clips which has been moving to the right daily. Anyone know of a supplier that has them in stock now? Regards Bruce
  11. yellowvanman

    Small panels

    South facing roof with 3 dormers. Space between dormer ridges and main ridge is 1.75m. Can get more square meterage in if I can get some short panels along the top in portrait orientation. Sharp NU-185 (or 180) are only 1.318m tall, so they would work. Anyone aware of any other panel of this...
  12. G

    Panel Literature etc

    HI all, went to a local PV company with a nice office and they had lots of information on nice A4 paper, im going to look at my first job this week and would like to show them some panel infomation , what im asking is can you email sharp and other companys for the literatue and sample etc. or...
  13. S

    What's your 'standard' panel of choice?

    We have been installing a lot of Sharp NU range over the last few months. We use Sanyo HIT range if roof space is an issue. I have heard and read some negative comments on the Sharp panels recently but have not seen any data/ proof to back these comments up. However, this has got us thinking we...
  14. E

    Schuco clips for 47mm panels.

    Hi all, i am flirting with a new panel supplier, however i can't get schuco module clips for their panels. Anyone know where i can get a clip for a 47mm frame? Cheers...
  15. S

    Portrait and landscape panels

    can any one advice me if there are any issues with regard to installing 10 x panels in portrait and 2 x panels in landscape on the same string. Many thanks
  16. Z

    Best drill bits for metal and stainless steel?

    Hi guys, I am sick of buying cheap or expensive drill bits which only last for a couple of drills. What do you think which exact make or model is the best and lasts longest?
  17. SolarCity

    New Sharp panels - positive power tolerance

    Sharp have stopped producing their NU180E1H, NU185E1H, NDE230A2 or NUE245J5 panels and are now bringing replacement models into the market with a positive power tolerance and MC4 connectors. Problem is..... they're not MCS certified yet and probably won't be till some time in June. Coupled...
  18. sjhall

    The Sharp Renewable Energy Academy

    Any of you lads been on any of the pv courses at The Sharp Renewable Energy Academy ? How did you find the training ? >>Sharp Renewable Energy Academy - Sharp Cheers Ste
  19. A

    Community Group considereing PV Solar

    We are a Community Group at the moment getting quotations for a 9.9Kwp installation. We have a 3 phase electrical supply; does this create any more challenges than single phase installations? and if so should we be checking on the overall electrical competency of the companies tendering...
  20. yellowvanman

    MC3 panels - MC4 connectors

    Just playing around with a starter kit and the panels have MC3 connectors I have a load of MC4 connectors and crimper. Is it OK to cut off the MC3 connectors on the panels and change to MC4? I know i can get convertors but thats more cost!
  21. Markc

    Counterfeit Sharp Panels

    One of our suppliers has informed us of “suspicious spot offer” that has been circulating recently. They wrote: The deal is offering Sharp NU180 panels cheap. Sharp have investigated this offer and concluded that the panels are counterfeit. The fake offer is shown below and has been...
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