1. R

    Re-wiring a shaver plug into a 3 pin?

    Hi guys so basically I had a shaver charger wire with a 2 pin plug, and cut the wires and put it into a 3 pin plug. Is this ok or will there be problems? The wires from the shaver charger seem thin. Please see attached image. It's a standard Philip's charger wire.
  2. C

    UK RAK Resort LED Mirror with Demister Pad and Shaver Socket

    Hello, I have just bought a flat and in it is the above named mirror in the bathroom. Only problem is that the light isn’t working! When we looked around the lights worked, I know that the electric was turned off throughout the flat until the day we moved in. I have one in each of the...
  3. D

    Can I run spur from shaver point in bathroom?

    Hi I have an illuminated bathroom cabinet that I want to put into the bathroom. It’s 240v . I only have a 240:110 shaver point, so I wondered if it is possible to connect the cabinet someways?
  4. G

    Shaver sockets and (unnecessary (?) isolation switches)

    Hi all, just a simple one, when fitting shaver sockets, (on lighting circuit) do you connect them via a switched fused spur, and if so why? (assuming mi's dont ask for one)
  5. S

    Shaver sockets 2 voltages

    why do bathroom shaver sockets have 110 and 240 volts?
  6. Marcus Vaughan

    Shaver Socket from a Ring Final

    Hi All, A customer has asked for a shaver socket to be installed in his bathroom. The only issue is that there is no lighting circuit available (loft conversion above and no access to the eaves). His idea was to come off a socket in a bedroom on the other side of a stud wall to the proposed...
  7. Cielly

    Bathroom electrical wiring - fan and shaver sockets

    Hello. I had my bathroom renovated a few days ago, and I found out shortly after it was completed, that the new shaver sockets only work when the extractor fan is turned on - when the isolator switch is pressed. I had the same electricians out to fix the issue, and now the extractor fan only...
  8. a-z electrics

    Shaver skt with double outlets

    Anyone know if you can get a bathroom rated shaver socket with two 230v outlets (for 2 toothbrushes). Or alternatively smaller units? Or would it be ok to use both 115V and 230V skts simultaneously with two toothbrushes? They are such a lump arent they.. why can't they be smaller like the ones...
  9. R

    Bathroom shaver socket fault

    Hi, I've moved into a new house and the shaver socket in the bathroom (part of a light fitting) isn't working. There's no switch, it's supposed to be activated by inserting a two prong plug, but looking at it I can't see any moving part that responds to the insertion of a plug. I've attached an...
  10. Dave_McNutts

    UK-Standard Plug in Shaver Socket

    Hi, Little advice for a non-sparky. I've just bought a set of clippers and got them home to discover they're fitted with a standard 3-pin plug and I have a standard shaver socket in my bathroom. I have researched the connection, and a euro-adaptor physically fits into the socket. The clippers...
  11. L

    Domestic Using Shaver Socket with adaptor

    Hi I have a shaver socket in my bathroom - new build flat, socket has 115v & 240v. I have purchased an LED sensor nightlight which has a regular uk 3 pin plug, & I was wondering if I could use a European adaptor to plug the nightlight into the shaver socket. Nightlight has following details...
  12. Wilko

    Shaver Outlets and Electric Toothbrush Chargers

    Had occasion to replace an older, noisy Shaver outlet in a bathroom and I thought I'd share the boring details (you have been warned). The old one was specified as "Shaver Only", and the new one includes the toothbrush icon. It turns out that although commonly used to charge toothbrushes the...
  13. T

    Terry 18

    Hi all Not an electrician - I am trying to source a Chilton shaver socket (not the only one by my web search). Wondered if anyone had one to save me having to remove replace back box ? My con tact details are [email protected] Tel 01234 720667
  14. Sparky_Steve

    shaver socket repair on bathroom mirror

    a customers daughters austrian boyfriend decided to charge his laptop from the bathroom mirror shaver point, they don't really want to replace the whole mirror nt sure where the sourced it from. i have emailed the usa/taiwan company from there website but no response and haven't had much luck...
  15. happyhippydad

    Socket in a bathroom closet?

    Morning.. I have been asked to put a socket in a bathroom closet which has a door on it. Is there anything in the regs with regards this? The only similar situations that I can find show the wall seperating the area from the bath, but in my case there is a door as well, so the closet is...
  16. S

    Shaver socket

    Having a major brain fart... at a clients house who is wanting a shaver socket put in the en-suite. The en-suite isnt very big, about 5m x 1m. Anyways, the shower is going to go in one end with a a 200mm partition on its side and a glass screen as well. The owner wants the shaver socket on the...
  17. S

    Shaver socket above bath in hotel - dangerous?

    Hi, Sorry to bother you all. Last year I visited a 4 star hotel (part of a chain) and found a shaver socket in Zone 1. It was to the left of the sink but directly above the bath. I could definitely see a risk for a small child standing in the bath. I emailed the hotel to warn them and they said...
  18. B

    Bathroom Shaver socket

    Trying to find a bathroom shaver socket that is just 240v and fits into a one gang box. I may have to make the box deeper for the transformer. The job is to install a shaver socket in a shower room that is the mirror image of another shower room that backs onto it. One bathroom already has a...
  19. R

    Shaver socket - no earth

    I am currently installing a new bathroom and have just removed a double insulated light/shaver socket. I have relocated the cable at a better height and planned to install just a shaver socket. After moving the cable i noticed that there is no earth cable as it was double insulated but the new...
  20. J

    Routing for bathroom shaver socket

    Hi, I'll just start by making it clear that I understand that I'll have to get an electrician in to actually fit a socket in the bathroom, due to regulations. But since I need to get one in later to install a new consumer unit and do some other tasks like moving light switches I think it makes...
  21. linuxthefish

    Domestic Maximum load for shaver socket in bathroom?

    Hi, what's the maximum load I can run from a shaver socket in a bathroom? Can I run speakers in the bathroom from this point? If that load is maximum, can I put extension cable into the bathroom and how long does it need to be away from the shower?
  22. D

    Shaver socket compliance

    Hi. Does any body have any knowledge of a shaver supply unit made by Chilton (model SS4019). main question did it comply to BS3535 for shaver transformers and shaver supply units, thank you for any advice.
  23. O

    Hair dryers

    Don't laugh!!! Client wants a socket in a small bathroom so they can use a hairdryer. Bathroom is too small so its a no, no. So the alternative is a class 2 unit using the shaver point for the supply - so as I know absolutely nothing about hair dryers are there products on the market for this...
  24. K

    shaver socket and wall light in bathroom.

    Hi, I'll shortly be installing a 12v shaver socket and wall light in my bathroom. Possibly a combined backlit mirror/shaver socket. It's as easy for me to take a spur off an adjacent ring main, as it is to use the lighting circuit. So, I wonder which is preferable. (Q1) If I take it off the...
  25. D

    Shaver socket for laptop?

    Guys, I could do with some advice on this as it's not something I've come up against before. I've just had a call from an American chap who's asking me to price to install a 230/120v shaver socket in his sitting room so that he can use it to plug in his laptop. My only experience of installing...
  26. B

    Shaver socket very close to bath?

    As the title says. The shaver socket has been 1st fixed on the right hand side of the wash basin, but due to the close proximity of the bath, the shaver socket falls just inside the edge of the bath.Wil this need to be moved? If so how far?
  27. D

    Removing a bathroom shaver socket

    Hi Folks, I have a working, but redundant, shaver socket mounted on a bathroom studwall that I need to remove. That shaver socket is wired into the lighting ring and when removed, each side of the ring will need to be joined back together. That joint/connection will be inside the stud wall...
  28. A

    Bathroom Heater - wired into Shaving socket?....

    Hi Guys, I was wondering you could help me. I want to fit a Bathroom Fan Heater into my bathroom and the only mains power will be the shaver socket ( which is conveniently just 50 cm below were I want the heater to be!) - I can hardwire directly to that? I do not use the shaver socket, so if it...
  29. i=p/u

    shaver socket outlets

    we just nearly finished kitchen rewire for guy and he asking all sorts of other we jobs, done. my question is this we only rewired kitchen and fitted new board with 30mA rcds. he is now asking about shaver sockets in two bathrooms... would these need to be rcd protected or could i just come off...
  30. A

    Illuminated mirror with shaver socket

    Hi Guys Been asked to price install of illuminated mirror with shaver socket in bathroom, would normally wire into lighting circuit with RCD protection, however consumer unit only part rcd protected, you guessed no rcd on any lighting circuits, but upstairs ring circuit RCD protected, with...
  31. G

    Spur socket in bathroom

    Hi, I have installed a spur socket in my bathroom. The cable is inside the wall. It is fairly installed out of reach of chirldren at 1.80 m and outside zone 2, however it is still not complying with BS7671 as it is not 3m from the outer of zone 1. I think it is safe enough for my own use though...
  32. S

    Quick Question RE: Shaving Socket + Adapter

    Hi, Quick question from a electrical dummy. Are UK shaver sockets, and EU plug sockets, the same? Or, in other words, and more specific to my requirements, will this adapter - Universal Adaptor with 3 Pin UK into 2 Pin Plug: Electronics - allow me to plug a UK standard plug into...
  33. H

    shaver socket

    hello, is it ok to wire a shaver socket as part of the lighting circuit or does the shaver socket need spur? cheers
  34. B

    Domestic Shaver points in bathroom cupboard

    I was wondering if anyone could help out with this.... I have a job to price and the client wants 2x shaver points just for there toothbrush charger bases. They don't want the duel voltage type as they're "too big and ugly". I have suggested the single voltage type (MK K700) to go in the...
  35. D

    Adding Shaver Socket in Bathroom

    Happy New Year! Thinking of adding a shaver socket in the bathroom, Am I okay just to add this from the last downlight ? And if I also add a vanity light can I also just take this feed from the shaver socket also... So from downlights to shaver socket to vanity light fitting or the other way...
  36. B

    shaver socket

    hi, in part p, it says there is no socket outlet within 3m of a bath, however shaver socket is an exception,why is this, what the main difference of the shaver socket? sorry for this silly question. cheers
  37. M

    Bathroom Light/shaversocket combined/pull cord

    Hi A neighbor asked me to look at her bathroom light with shaver socket, her son was looking at it but could not get it working. Well power is to the fitting but Lamp is not working, i will check the shaver socket later do you have to be careful with the lamp? (ie) don't touch it with bare...
  38. R

    shaver socket/ light buzzing

    hi i have just installed a shaver socket/light it is supplied from a fused spur unit 5amp recomended by the manufacturer but it is geting warm ( not hot) and making a buzzing sound is there a reason for this ?
  39. T

    shaver socket 260V?

    Why this shaver socket gives me 260V on the 230V's side?? I checked for voltage about 20 of them today and all gave me 260V. Tester: Fluke 1653. MK Shaver Socket 115&230V -, Where the Trade Buys
  40. B

    shaver socket

    put in first shaver socket after all these years and custumer is saying that it has a low level hum when some thing is pluged in ,now i would say this is normal due to the isolating transforma with in. going to look at end of week but am i right in my feelings
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