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  1. GBDamo

    When the electricity god smile down

    Doing some EICR remedials and some blessed things happened today. 1, One of the EICR faults was an IR dead short on a lighting circuit on a 30m corridor. Looked in the first light fitting and found a feed in, switch drop, a loop out and another unknown cable. Followed the unknown all the way...
  2. uksparks

    Today's board change

    Hi, This morning's job, in and out in 4 and a half hours. Vast improvement. Feel free to rip it apart and tell me I'm a fool and I've made a bodge of it and don't know what I'm doing. I did actually heat shrink the end of that line conductor and disconnect the relevant earth and neutral and...
  3. W

    testers for sale

    robin mft ks1620 mft robin kmp4116dl digital loop robin kmp4118 digital psc-loop comes with two sets of leads carry bag £550 kewtech kt60 combi tester loop-psc-rcd kewtech kt35 insulation-continuity tester all leads carry bag £550 megger cm200 allleads carry bag £100 can send pics requested
  4. M

    Metalclad DB, Single Phase with 12 useable ways - No RCD's required

    I'm trying to source a suitable metalclad DB with a metal door/flap, and with an IP rating as high as is available off the shelf. This to be located in a Chinese takeaway that has a high pollution of the atmosphere, caused by cooking oil/fat. It may be necessary to fit a standard metalclad DB...
  5. P

    plastic conduit cutters

    Hi guys and girls, Im now in the market for some new plastic conduit cutters any reccomendations please ? :bulb2:
  6. S

    1 Gang DP 2 way @ 20A Switch Required

    Does such an item, in standard white format exist? I've done an internet trawl but haven't come up with a definite answer. Any links gratefully received. I want to isolate a section of the Line on an RFC. (Home use only, so no need to quote any regs at me! :wink_smile:)
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