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  1. T

    Can anyone recommend a tender company ?

    Hi can anyone recommend a Glasgow or Scotland company that will price commercial tenders for me. I don't have the time to spend pricing larger jobs. Thanks
  2. G

    Tendering... Pricing...London...

    Hi All, Im looking to make the step from subcontracting for electrical firms to setting up my own company and pricing directly for the main contractor/client... I have carried out smaller jobs/House rewires and found pricing fairly straight forward and easy... 9 times out of 10 making the job...
  3. G

    Commercial New to the electrician forum....

    Hi All!! New to this electricians forum.. I have used it in the past to point me in the right direction thanks chaps!! I am self employed gold and black card holder in central London looking to expand and start up my own company!! Any else in the same boat?? Whats everyone else doing?? :cool:
  4. T

    QS rates and tendering websites

    Morning all. Two separate questions if you could help. 1. My boss has asked me to become QS aswell as himself. Are any of you in the same boat? and did you ask/get a pay rise for it? 2. Does anyone use tendering websites? Been looking into them but sure on them....
  5. mwigham85


    Hi Guys, I have recently completed all of the pricing for a couple of blocks of flats and I have now been given a form of tender to basically break it down, I haven't filled one of these out before and I'm struggling a bit with the terminology here's a list of questions i have if you have the...
  6. T

    Tender Proposal Templates

    Good evening, I decided to go out on my own several months back and have been extremely lucky winning all the work I have gone for. Things just got a bit more serious as I have been asked to Tender for a medium sized contract in London. I have written estimates before but never actually done a...
  7. L

    Commercial Quoting for works - How do I challenge NIC/EIC stipulated on requirements

    I'm NAPIT registered FULL SCOPE which states - and is therefore approved to undertake the design, construction, maintenance, verification and/or inspection and testing of electrical installations up to 1 kV within the work SCOPE OF APPROVAL Work Category Date of Approval Date of Expiry...
  8. S

    let's ask our local coucils to use PV for their buildings

    As most of us are struggling for work whilst we all know PV makes perfect financial sense...let's ask our local council to install PV systems on their local building! This obviously means saving public money in teh longer term, whilst it can revive local renewable energy companies! What do you...
  9. P

    Minutes for pricing purposes??

    Has anyone got a list of the minutes you get for doing set tasks, for example I have a list stating one bedroom flats should be rewired in 2010 minutes, a 2 bed flat in 2640 etc. I was just wondering if anyone had any further information on these lists. ie: how many minutes do they say it...
  10. S

    Getting Local Authaurity Work

    Does anyone on here deal with councils and local governments? How do you go about getting on the 'Approved Suppliers' lists, is it complicated, and does it cost money. Or do you just ring them up and say 'its joe bloggs electrical here, I can do X,Y,and Z, please let me tender for some work'...
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