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  1. P

    calibration of testing equipement

    Is it really nescessary to calibrat testing equipement every year. When it is done to multimeters and the like readings before calibration and after are the same so what is the point?:devilish:
  2. E

    G83 Guide

    Hi, Does anyone have and idiots guide to completing the G83? Regards Bob
  3. G

    Tricks of the trade

    Thought it might be interesting to start this thread to see how much electricians can offer each other thanks to experience gained over the years. Here's my offering: After installing back boxes i always wipe a bit of vaseline into and covering the threaded hole for the face plate fixing...
  4. M

    Fast track training providers.....A con?

    IMO they should be illegal! Middle men making a quick earner off the backs of gullible individuals! No self respecting electrical company will employ anyone with these dubious qualifications! If you try and register with JIB they will only issue a Labourers card! If you try and register with...
  5. T

    Kitchen fused spurs

    I'm having a new kitchen fitted... I realise it's a good idea to have accessible spurs for my appliances. Thing is I don't want the walls cluttered with spurs. Is there a maximum distance from switch to the appliance, like the idea of having the switches together, like on a grid may be. Thanks
  6. R

    What does the Facebook Connect button do?

    f Connect button at the top of the forum home page - what does that do? I clicked on it and it wants access to my profile on FB. Did 'do not allow' because I'm not sure what/why it is doing this.
  7. W

    Domestic Karcher power washer question

    HI.I hope i can get an answer hear to my question. I own an old karcher power washer model k720m.The on/off switch has broken,i have removed the switch to see if i can purchase a new one.I have found a switch which is going to cost over £40,crazy.When i removed the old switch i did not note...
  8. C

    Domestic Bs3036 as Main Fuse

    I have just a kitchen extension to do, where the property had an old rewireable fuse board. I pulled the main fuse to change the old board and found that the main fuse at the head was a BS3036 type. Is this a problem? I know the industry is trying to get away from 'rewireables' within the...
  9. R

    First ever 20mm galv conduit

    Big day today - first time ever threading 20mm galv conduit. Basically did a load of research, put some tools together, asked some questions on here, then got on with it and taught myself. So much could have gone wrong, but it actually went quite smoothly. Did make some marks where the conduit...
  10. D

    Bulb screw rusted into socket anyone got a fix?

    odd one bathroom light fiitng at home has 2 bulbs, one blew, fair renough, went to replace it (missus was moaning light was too dim for make up application :confused: ) And the bulb glas was whole in the bottom of the fitting (GET Luneta, IP44) how odd i dont want to replace fitting as it was...
  11. A

    iPhone Apps

    HI, I have an iphone and want to make the most out of it as seen as am paying an arm and a leg. With over 90,000 apps out there, some must be aimed at electricians. Anyone know of any handy apps that will come in useful at work or college?
  12. S

    estimating software

    Hi Does anybody here use an estimating package for pricing domestic and commercial jobs? If so would you recommend it?
  13. M

    blanket testing

    how do you go about blanket testing for insulation resistance thanks for your help
  14. D

    Wylex Type C RCBO

    Hi Am I ready this correctly? Page 44 OSG table 7.1. On a ring circuit for a TNS system, No RCD, 2.5/1.5 T+E A "type C rcbo" is not permitted ZS being the prohibitive factor? If so does anyone know where I can get a type B wylex RCBO? Thanks
  15. TPES

    Hello!! Trainee in the midlands

    A quick hi to all. Im a trainee in Leicestershire. in my second year at college, have been working for domestic company mainly on new builds. Out of work at the minute and looking for a firm to take me on. If any of you know of anyone setting trainees on please let me know. Thanks all...
  16. C

    Confirming light switch wiring

    Hi all, I am upgrading a Tenby lightswitch to a Marbo dimmer single 2way 400W and would like confirmation of how to wire up the new dimmer. The light is 3x60W (dimmable) so the 400W is certainly within spec. reverse view of existing light switch Reverse view of new dimmer Please can you...
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