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  1. A

    Union for JIB Pay Deal Next Year?

    Going into the last year if the jib pay deal next year,I assume a vote will be needed to agree a new one beginning 2021.What union do I need to join to get a vote on this deal next year.Unite?
  2. S

    Joining a Union

    Hi All, Just wondering what people's thoughts are of joining a Union whilst undergoing a first year Apprenticeship? I'm a mature student (37) and have secured an apprenticeship through JTL. They mentioned about joining a Union, and I was wondering if you think it's worth joining whilst...
  3. E

    Time for a new Electricians' union?

    Is it time a skilled trade like ours started our own union? Not part of Unite, not Unison, or any of the other other general unions but something that only accepts skilled C&G qualified sparks into membership?
  4. Stevie Scott

    Mini f56 Union Jack Lights

    Hi changed over my rear non led lenses to new union jack tail lights and recoded . I have indicators, tail light which doubles up as brake light but union jack elements aren't lighting up. Is it a wiring loom issue ? many thanks
  5. Pete999

    England Rugby Unionxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Just recalled an article regarding Eddie Jones, it seems that Eddie was on the receiving end of some abuse whilst travelling on public transport, the abuse apparently stemmed fro the fact that England had lost the Cakcutta Cup Match last weekend, the loss was sad but it's a game and not the end...
  6. E

    Attention Subcontractors - what's your opinion on electricians pay?

    Not sure if this has been posted but its in all our interest as Im sure you'll all agree we are massively underpaid and have rubbish working conditions. Sparks link 4: Electricians Working Rights Initiative -...
  7. W

    I am wanting to work in the USA

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for some advice if any of you can help, I will get straight to the point! I'm an american citizen living in the uk, I've been living here since the age of 3 since my parents divorced. I also have sisters and family members who I've just recently connected with...
  8. S

    2394/2395 in Scotland

    Does anybody know of anywhere I can study/take assessments for C & G 2394 and 2395 in Scotland? I'm having a bit of a job finding somewhere. Would prefer an independent provider as I suspect colleges will only deal with apprentices and former apprentices. I would be happy to study at home and...
  9. Waterhouse1989

    Do I have to work away

    Ive just been asked by my boss to work away mon-fri. There has been no info about what were doin or where we're stopping or anything. We don't ever work away and when I started asking him about it he didn't answer my questions and was moaning at me. Do I have to go and can he make me go or can I...
  10. P

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) JIB or not JIB? That is the question.

    Dear All, I am a recently qualified electrician working in the South West (for my sins) and I am becoming disillusioned with my present employer as I am not being pushed or challenged much. With the current economic situation, I wonder if it would be wise to start looking for another job? If I...
  11. J

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) JIB Card

    I have applied for my JIB card sent off all my certs etc how long does it take to process and get a card back. I am out of work at the mo and need the card because agencies just don't want to know with out one.
  12. T

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) jib

    Whats going on with this jib cartel system that is runing the uk electrical industry?How can you have a governing body whose ruleing board are made up of the directors of all the major electrical contractors in the uk,the situation now is that unless you have a jib card you can not work on any...
  13. P

    trade unions? any good?

    Basically i've finished all my college stuff now and my funding has run out so im not longer covered by them for issues at work so i've considered joining a trade union to look after me in difficult situations. Im not sure on what union to join though,i've heard a few out there but im not sure...
  14. J

    Credit Unions for tradesmen?

    Hi Im wonderinging if any one know of a credit union for tradesmen? I have tried searching google etc but cant find anything. Thanks James
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