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  1. B

    No zone valves on my system

    I have oil heat with 3 zones/3 thermostats (basement, 1st/2nd floor) using baseboards. The 3 thermostats are 110v line voltage units that operate the 3 circulator pumps. There are no zone valves on this system. I would like to install 3 Nest thermostats to replace these old line voltage units...
  2. G

    Megaflo Y plan problem

    Hi there, I have a Megaflow wired to spec here (bottom of p21), i.e. in a Y plan with additional 2-port valve. When CH is on and the stat switches to satisfied, heating sometimes stays on, sometimes switches off as commanded. I thought it might be the 3-port's head so replaced that; is it...
  3. A

    Bleed valves on electric towel rails

    Hi all could someone just clarify with me that there is no need for bleed valves on electric only element towel rads? Cheers
  4. C

    3 zone valves (underfloor, 1st floor rads, 2nd floor rads

    Hi, so I have 3 zone valves in place for my heating; 1 - for underfloor heating 2 - 1st floor heating 3 - 2nd floor heating for some reason the plumber has put a zone valve at the pump of the manifold. The 2nd floor has a missing room stat cable so will have to opt for a receiver for a...
  5. B

    Swapping from sz2301 to szm1801 valves

    Hi,new to this forum. I'm swapping from sz2301 valves to Szm1801 valves to see if there any better as the spring return ones only last a couple if years before either the micro switch or the motor gives up. Is the wiring the same as it looks slightly different. The brown and blue wires for the...
  6. D

    Protection and earthing of 24v ac circuit to energise solenoid valves

    Hi, I am tasked with switching some special FX kit we have over to 24v ac, from 12v dc. Purely to achieve longer cable runs with lesser volt drop. We have these transformers: link Which are bonded to earth and powered via a MCB and RCD (we work with water) protected feed, as with all our kit...
  7. Dave OCD

    Ariston E-Combi with 2 zone valves.

    I've managed to confuse myself a bit, I have to connect up the above boiler with 2 zone valves. Now the 'external controls' link is low voltage in the boiler and this is connected to the built in timeswitch for heating, I have 2x 2 port valves [upstairs/downstairs heating zones] and Honeywell...
  8. rolyberkin

    Circulation pump permanently on

    Can anyone help, I have looked at a central heating pump for my brother in law (who is a plumber!?:-) it is an HRM oil fired boiler, the problem is that the circulation pump is permanently on, there is underfloor heating with the system, the wiring is shocking and I will probably have to re wire...
  9. dlt27

    Underfloor heating help

    Hi, hope somebody can help. I am currently wiring a new wet underfloor heating system for builder. The plumber has fitted a 2 port valve and the pump that is part of the manifold. The existing system is a y plan. I was going to leave existing system how it is and fit a wireless programmable stat...
  10. G

    Combi boiler with dual heating zones and 2x programmable stats.

    First post so let me start by saying hello to all! I'm a plumber not an electrician, nor do I consider myself a heating engineer and would appreciate any help... What I have is a Worchester combination boiler which is currently hooked up to a Honeywell programmable room stat. We have...
  11. sparks55

    Boiler help Potterton Osprey

    Potterton osprey fires up when programmer switched off and both stats isolated It's running through a Honeywell sundial wiring centre Can only turn off using mains switch
  12. Wilko

    A Day Plumb-Stumbling

    I've been having trouble with the monobloc kitchen sink tap - drip drip drip. Quarter turn ceramic disc type. I ignored it till sufficient badgering had been accumulated and thought I'd look into it. Take all rubbish out from under sink, turn off isolation valves. Both valves start dribbling out...
  13. M

    Wiring A Bosch Combi Boiler

    Hi to all I need a bit of help please I hate wiring for heating but it's for my mate as the plumber hasn't sorted it Right he has got a new Bosch combi boiler and with that a linked in unvented cylinder I have no idea really how to wire it up and my mat has got both hives one for just combi...
  14. astormatt

    Pumps and Relays

    Hi all I am working on a job and I am having trouble getting my head around it. Normal systems are fine but this is causing me a headache. It is an S plan with an additional pump so both the DHW and CH have a pump and a valve, I know that the pumps have to be split due to it back feeding but...
  15. N

    Volt free vokera gas boiler

    Just wondering can anybody help me. The boiler I'm working with is a vokera verve combi boiler. the house has a three zone programmer so hot water, first floor rads and second floor rads each controlled by a 2 port motorised valve.. the basement of the house has underfloor heating.. there is a...
  16. C

    help needed with heating system, please and thank you

    hi, system has 2xCH & 1xHW Zones system also has solid fuel back boiler system has 2x CH Motorized valves Garage = Oil Boiler & Pump (No over-run) Hotpress = Cylinder, 2 motorized valves, CH circulating pump & Back boiler pump, cylinder stat, back boiler stat so there is 3 zone time clock...
  17. G

    Valves on a combi volt free

    Hi all, got a combi boiler with volt free switching for the central heating all working fine, I put a conservatory up and put underfloor heating in , I asked the plumber to put a value on the UFH pipe and the CH Pipe so I could control them separately , from a salas wireless programmable stat...
  18. B

    Frost stat installation

    Can anyone help me I'm trying to wire up a new heating system any wiring diagram would be great. System is: rhino savana condensing system boiler, megaflow cylinder, frost stat, danfoss FP programmer, zone valve for heating and same for water. many thanks Bluerob
  19. i=p/u

    Domestic Heating system

    Looking at a heating system tonight, grasslin 24 hr time clock and 3 Zone valves ,down stairs heating , upstairs heating and hot water. Upstairs heating and hot water not firing boiler. But valves are lit up. So when I turn upstairs heating stat down the valve light goes out but you don't...
  20. C

    Installing an additional room thermostat

    I have a simple central heating system with a traditional Baxi Solo 2 60RS boiler supplying heat to radiators around the house. The room thermostat is located in the main bedroom and so calls for heat only when the temperature in that room requires. When heat is required this thermostat is...
  21. R

    2 hardwired thermostats

    A thermo stat upstairs wired back to boiler and a thermostat downstairs wired back to boiler? Why would this be. Should it not be the up and down be wired in series back to boiler?
  22. S

    Heating on when timer off?

    Up till now my heating has been working fine, on/off with timer, room-stat and tank-stat etc. The other day the central heating mcb tripped and after resetting the heating is constantly on even when the timer says off. Lowering the room-stat temp does still turn the heating off. Has anyone had...
  23. i=p/u

    wiring heating system

    does the 2 channel time clock be powered off the wiring centre???? newbee so go easy
  24. i=p/u

    heating system

    yo/hi/hello.. i am currently involved in an extension being built to a house. i was giving the drawings to price and all was told about was lights, socket outlets, shower lights/fans .. now i have been up a few times already disconnecting heating and reconnecting temporary as boiler was moved...
  25. S

    Thermostats in each room?

    Anytime I've done a boiler/heating system for someone it;s just been ur usual one thermostat for the system. Now someone who wants a new system would like one in each room? Can someone explain to me how this would work or if it does as I'ver not heard off this before and think it's a bit over...
  26. S

    honeywell mid position valve

    hello, ive been wiring a y plan system today and the motorized valve has 6 wires orange blue black brown white green/yellow the plan ive been working off only has 5, its the brown wire that omitted i think ! is there some way round this ? ive not been able to try for myself as the...
  27. T

    Heating installs

    Not done one yet but was wondering about filling in paperwork for heating installs. Cables to pumps, valves, stats etc. Would each have its own readings recored or such?? Hows everyone else doing them ? Cheers All
  28. C

    Heating System connections

    Right here goes, doing a heating system which involves time clock (3 Zone) Zone 1 Living area heating Zone 2 Bedroom Area heating Zone 3 Hot Water 2 room stats controlling above heating 1 tank stat controlling hot water 2 motorized valves (living + bed) hot water is a pressurised system...
  29. C

    Wiring for Central Heating Controls

    Hi All, :eek: I have to first fix some heating control cables, mainly to thermostats, and the heating guy's have all done a magic trick and vanished - so I have 3 programmable thermostats to wire for, my main question is - do the each of the thermostats run seperatly back to the wiring centre...
  30. K

    boiler feeding pool and underfloor heating

    I have to wire up an existing boiler, which currently heats a pool, to also feed an underfloor heating system, with 2 new motorised valves (for the underfloor heating flow and the pool heating flow) I'm thinking I need a relay just on the two feeds to the boiler. Could anyone advise which type...
  31. S

    Heating System

    Hi there, I,ve just joined this site in the hope I can get some help with a job that I,m doing. Its a standard fully pumped heating system, three zones (one for hot water, one downstairs heating and one upstairs heating) All controlled by a three channel timeclock. The hot water is controlled by...
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