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  1. K

    Industrial I need someone to enlighten me about Earthing and Bonding. We've just completed the construction of four Fabricated Steel Bay Structures with a tota

    I need someone to enlighten me about Earthing and Bonding. We've just completed the construction of four Fabricated Steel Bay Structures with a total of 354 Stansions 102 Beams, all connected to the Porlins, the place is to be used to seat 120,000 persons. I am not in doubt of the importance...
  2. Dan

    We've done a member cull. If you didn't login, not matter how many....

    We've done a member cull. If you didn't login within the last 2 years, not matter how many posts you had, what groups you were in, your account has been erased. Sorry. :) We want our stats to be true and accurate. We have 3,124 login over the last 30 days. I think I just erased around...
  3. Electrical2go

    We've just drastically dropped the price of our Best selling LED Bulkheads!!!

    Hi All, Just to let you know we have drastically reduced our prices on a variety of our Robus LED Golf bulkhead fittings. These LED Bulkheads are IP65 rated and come with a 5 year warranty Suitable for use in retail shops, public buildings, communal areas, sports centres, stairwells...
  4. M

    Domestic Contractor Switches

    We have been recently asked by a housing association to fit "Contractor Switches" on the installations. I have assumed it is a double pole sub-main switch between the meter and the consumers unit but I'm only guessing. Has anyone heard of this?
  5. P

    Advice - damaged panel

    Would appreciate some advice... We have a damaged panel (cricket ball!) Looking at the daily generation figures in similar (hot & sunny!) weather before and after, it doesn't appear to be having any noticeable effect on generation. However I'm concerned when (if?!) it rains, water could get in...
  6. S

    Query Regarding 2 Systems On 1 Building

    We've been approached to install 2 small systems on a new build development - 2 flats contained within 1 building, but independent supplies. The available roof space is limited and the builders are asking if we can install the 2 systems in a continuous run - eg so they appear to be one system...
  7. A

    Repairing Solar PV systems

    Hi guys I'm interested to hear if many of you are returning to faults on either your own or installs by others? If so, what kind of faults are occuring? Just trying to build up a picture or any recurring theme of faults to help with some research we are going. Any input greatly appreciated...
  8. E

    Proud owner of Two Solar Power Systems

    I am now a proud owner of a 4 kwp system ! Yingli & solar edge ! I have installed a 4 kWp spilt over a south facing roof (8 panels) and the rest on the north (8 panels ) the system will produce around 2900 kwh per year so I am happy at that I did not have enough room on the South front of the...
  9. E

    Housing association solar.

    Spoke to a chap today who lives in a council house and was offered free solar, (i know the installs are far from the best) and he said he did not want it as it does not work, also offered an ASHP, and did not want that either... I was shocked.. If it is a council house you do not have the...
  10. A

    Solar Eye

    Hi All, This is my first post and I have a question about the Solar Eye used on the ever-solar inverter. I found it simple enough to set up but the display is very dull especially in the morning it looks similar to when a lcd screen has bad battery power, I have the dc adapter plugged in all...
  11. S

    When the customer is always right

    I'm not sure whether yesterday was a good or bad day...............got to the job and the customers starts telling us how we're going to do it and how we are going to re-fit his solar thermal where he want's it or we are not doing the job. Within ten minutes he was left on his doorstep with...
  12. S

    Are you going to work in this weather?

    As title chaps. Me? No, i am not :D
  13. Markc


    I have a question this time! I have had to make application to the DNO for the allowance of a 8Kw PV system. I may as well talked to my 5 year old as he knows more about microgeneration than the useless girl on the phone! Has anyone here made an application to the DNO and how did they go...
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