1. N

    USA Is there an either/or switch

    I need a switch with two live outputs whereby I can switch between L1 and L2 but not permit L! and L2 to be active at the same time. What would you call this type of switch?
  2. Dan

    Push notifications now active

    Control them in your preferences. It'll push to your mobile device when you get a reply etc
  3. H

    Understaning 'Active at ground' (D+)

    In another thread I asked for advice on identifying +KEY in a Fiat Tyco connector socket. I notice that the circuit diagram for the connector also shows a pin for "Active at ground D+" Does that mean at that pin there is 12v present when the engine is running 0v when not running. OR does does...
  4. U

    Why I get netagive value from power meter (powerlogic pm500) for the reactive and Active Power?

    i read data every minute, and some time i get negative values, can any one explain me, i'm not an electrical engineer (i'm IT developer) so please be nice with technical terms.
  5. T

    Some of my plug sockets remain active when turning off electrics.

    Hi I've bought a new face plate for the plug socket in the bedroom. I went to install it so i turned the electrics off and all the lights go off fine but the plug sockets in the bedrooms upstairs and the living room at the front of the house remain active. Does anyone have any ideas as to why...
  6. D

    Hive Active Heating 2 Wiring HELP

    Hello, Ive been reading through these forums and thought id post to ask for help. I have the hive active 2 and am a bit stuck. attached is the have backplate which i need to wire but also below is my boiler thermostat wiring. 1, 2 and 3 on the backplate are common heating off and heating on...
  7. O

    MK Masterseal RCD

    Hi, just wondering if anyone can inform me of the difference between the passive and active RCD Masterseal sockets? Any advice is much appreciated.
  8. M

    rcd trips on loss of power?

    evening all, i understand the types ie active and passive, rcd, but are all rcd's classed as 'electromagnetic'?
  9. D

    Domestic Earth Fault?

    Hi Guys came across this one when I was installing a bathroom fan. When I took the old fan down which had blown, I tested the wires and noted the following; Between active and neutral 240 between active and earth 120v the same on the Switched Active but when I turned off the lights the voltage...
  10. N

    Passive & Active RCD's

    Hi, With regards to passive and active RCD's. How can you tell if an RCD is passive or active. Are the RCD's installed in a DB all of a certain type? I've searched them and all the products with an active or passive option are sockets with the RCD built in. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. D

    60 V on switched active

    Hi all I recently swaped a extractor fan over in a small office toilet. When finished I turned the toilet light on, only to find that the fan is not switched with the light. When I tested the 3 core cable supply (not including the earth) I found that there was 230v on hard active and 60 V on...
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