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  1. M

    Is Megger 1502/2 still actual?

    Hi there everybody. I have a question. I have a Megger 1502/2 . Is it still good for testing electrial installations in Uk or is too old?
  2. telectrix

    actual job ad. come off indeed.

    Time served Qualified Electrician Sort preferable with industrial, commercial and domestic experience, to have their own tools and to have own transport, to have completed by a recognised apprenticeship and to live within a 14 mile radius of St Helens, minimum wage to start with and to proven...
  3. Wilko

    Intended Vs Actual and 25 chars

    We pride ourselves on understanding what we do, applying logic, doing a good design and installation. And having done that it works, right? Saw this on line recently after a lighting protection post on the Forum, classic wanted vs actual :)
  4. A

    New solar calculator

    Hi ya'll, here is the latest solar calculator that is the most accurate on the market when it comes to your solar irradiance postcode. (how much sun your roof gets a year to power) Solar Energy Calculator | Solar Savings Earnings | The Eco Experts This will help you understand the cost...
  5. 9

    Max Power of a Photovoltaic System Batteries

    Hello everyone! I have a quick question for you: someone could please tell me which is the average maximum power that a battery in a PV plant can "store"? In other words, which is the maximum SoC the generally I can achieve? Thanks in advice, AP
  6. O

    Customer dispute with supplier

    So, I've got a customer, who according to their supplier, owes them £1700. Given they use about 7-10 units per day this seems more than a little odd, but the supplier doesn't seem to want to know. They hadn't had an "actual" reading for 2 years, nor had the client given one. So what can they...
  7. P

    nice guide

    This looks like a good guide to g83 notification http://2010.energynetworks.org/storage/DGCG%20G83%20S1.pdf it is mazing the lack of info out there for new installersd
  8. L

    Can you work this out

    what is the maximum permitted voltage drop of a cable supplied from 400v three phase. a.11.5v b.6.9v c.20v d.12v I know the answers c but I dont know what the formula is to get there. does anyone know
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