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  1. Dan

    How to avoid double post merging...

    ... click edit on your last post. Simple as that. You can also click "+Quote" on any number of posts. Even missing some in between, and then scroll to the text input area and click insert posts. Then reply to each one. Then click post reply. That's called multi-quoting. Or like I say...
  2. R

    Best MFT to avoid RCD uplift?

    just wondering if anyone can recommend an MFT that doesn't suffer (much) from RCD uplift? my megger 1710 is definitely not on the list :angry:
  3. SparkyChick

    Duplicate Posts - How to avoid them

    There seems to be quite a high rate of duplicate posts occurring. It's relatively straightforward to avoid them if you follow these instructions:- When you post, you may notice a rotating/scrolling/spinning image appear in the top right corner of the browser window. If something has gone...
  4. the pict

    What to avoid and who are the cowboys

    I have a customer who is considering solar PV but its not my thing so as above what advice can you folks give me to pass on, if any one would consider an install on Arran drop me your details in a PM Pict
  5. Dave OCD

    If someone asks you to install one of these avoid if you can.

    A hand made glass chandelier from Italy , cost unknown but not cheap. The customer brought this back from Bermuda in 3 cardboard boxes and we had to assemble then fit to the vaulted ceiling in a converted attic bedroom. I also had to find E12 Candle Lamps which nobody stocks. The picture doesn't...
  6. T

    Ever tried using Eterna emergency pack module ? Don't if you can avoid it

    A more unholy jumble of wires and system of in-line emergency pack I have yet to see. Very dissapointed with the product. But it does work I suppose. Initially I thought wtf is this? but pause for thought and it all became clear but very inelegant solution. And the LED is supposed to be placed...
  7. D

    Magnetic Contactor Over/Under Voltage

    What voltage should be used in the UK for a magnetic contactor? 240V, 230V or 220V I know over voltage and under voltage can lead to the coils being burnt out over time. From the wall I am drawing in around 235V but when being used it drops around 225V-230V. Is it still wise to buy the 240V...
  8. D

    Electricians Mate Electrical improver/ electricians mate work needed Preston North west

    Hello everyone I have my level 3 city and guilds 2330 in electrical installation and the 17th edition wiring regs. I have a full clean driving licence with van driving experience. Domestic newbuild , extension, and rewire experience as well as the normal circuit extension work etc. I am no...
  9. B

    Solar PR installer recomendation Chesterfield area

    Hi all, Any recommendations for a Solar PV installer in the Chesterfield area, so North Derbyshire, Sheffield, Nottingham sort of area? I'm getting a few estimates together for a residential install (my house). So far I've got quotes from... Hanergy (IKEA) (almost certainly not going to be...
  10. R

    Wiring 1-10v dimmers

    Hi all, I'm currently wiring 1-10v analouge dimmer switches to control 3 banks of fluorescents. Seems straight forward enough although i wanted to know what is the best cable to wire the dimming control cores in. I want to run it in large trunking and conduit with the mains cables which im told...
  11. P

    anyone looking for a new job? Proof reader needed asap

    Exam board watchdog investigates question paper errors | Education | guardian.co.uk poor sods will have been stressed enough as it was but can you imagine trying to get your head round a multiple choice paper where every answer is wrong?? the mind boggles, I reckon some heads will roll for...
  12. W

    wireless alarms

    Hi i am just enquiring to anyone that knows weather a wireless alarm would interfere with a wireless room stat in the same dwelling. i am guessing they will be totally different frequency to avoid this am i correct. Iguess each industry would have set guidelines to avoid this???
  13. D

    Coursework-HELP PLEASE!!! SHEET 2

    Hi everyone I will be posting a lot of questions here in the next few hours I would really appreciate it if you can tell me most of the answers as I am not getting far searching on the internet. 1. Give an exa mple of a reasonably modern develo pment in plumbing systems that has...
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