1. Dan

    Can you Self-Certify somehow to avoid paying for a scheme?

    As a non-electrician (I make the tea in the forum imaginary office, I think the tea is real though) I wonder, is there a way to avoid a certification scheme fully and self-certify or perhaps use a council per-job or something? It does seem like, now knowing most companies are somehow heavily...
  2. Porkstone

    How to avoid overloading your inverter?

    I have an 11kw inverter installed at home. If I turned on enough appliances it would be possible overload the inverter. Is there a way to detect this and avoid it?
  3. S

    Countrywide Repairs Offering 350 EICR's IS a Scam. AVOID

    Hey all, First time posting on here. The reason for my post is to warn others about a company called who call themselves Countrywide Repairs Ltd, who are offering a contract for 350 EICR's in a year. Their operation is bloody brilliant. They organise phone interviews, use online contracts...
  4. N

    Light fixture. Ground wire disconnected. How to avoid death

    Hi men. This fixture began flickering then the bulb died. I put a new one in and it immediate made a popping sound and died. I opened it to look at the connections and it appears the ground wire is disconnected. I don’t see the other end of the ground wire or anything that with my limited...
  5. M

    Fire rated access panel - can I avoid? if

    Hi wonder if anyone can help Can I avoid using very expensive fire rated access panel (and just use non fire rated access panel) if the electrical connections behind the wall access panel are in a fireproof connector (metal box) with fireproof gaskets?
  6. S

    Can I avoid applying correction factor (Ci) when cable tray passes through a concrete wall?

    Hi This is about a design problem in an assignment. A cable basket containing several circuits passes horizontally through an internal concrete wall (100mm) and into a ceiling void where it provides lighting throughout the building. I'm trying to size the cables for the circuits and I'd...
  7. Dan

    How to avoid double post merging...

    ... click edit on your last post. Simple as that. You can also click "+Quote" on any number of posts. Even missing some in between, and then scroll to the text input area and click insert posts. Then reply to each one. Then click post reply. That's called multi-quoting. Or like I say...
  8. R

    Best MFT to avoid RCD uplift?

    just wondering if anyone can recommend an MFT that doesn't suffer (much) from RCD uplift? my megger 1710 is definitely not on the list :angry:
  9. SparkyChick

    Duplicate Posts - How to avoid them

    There seems to be quite a high rate of duplicate posts occurring. It's relatively straightforward to avoid them if you follow these instructions:- When you post, you may notice a rotating/scrolling/spinning image appear in the top right corner of the browser window. If something has gone...
  10. the pict

    What to avoid and who are the cowboys

    I have a customer who is considering solar PV but its not my thing so as above what advice can you folks give me to pass on, if any one would consider an install on Arran drop me your details in a PM Pict
  11. Dave OCD

    If someone asks you to install one of these avoid if you can.

    A hand made glass chandelier from Italy , cost unknown but not cheap. The customer brought this back from Bermuda in 3 cardboard boxes and we had to assemble then fit to the vaulted ceiling in a converted attic bedroom. I also had to find E12 Candle Lamps which nobody stocks. The picture doesn't...
  12. T

    Ever tried using Eterna emergency pack module ? Don't if you can avoid it

    A more unholy jumble of wires and system of in-line emergency pack I have yet to see. Very dissapointed with the product. But it does work I suppose. Initially I thought wtf is this? but pause for thought and it all became clear but very inelegant solution. And the LED is supposed to be placed...
  13. D

    Magnetic Contactor Over/Under Voltage

    What voltage should be used in the UK for a magnetic contactor? 240V, 230V or 220V I know over voltage and under voltage can lead to the coils being burnt out over time. From the wall I am drawing in around 235V but when being used it drops around 225V-230V. Is it still wise to buy the 240V...
  14. D

    I Need Work Electrical improver/ electricians mate work needed Preston North west

    Hello everyone I have my level 3 city and guilds 2330 in electrical installation and the 17th edition wiring regs. I have a full clean driving licence with van driving experience. Domestic newbuild , extension, and rewire experience as well as the normal circuit extension work etc. I am no...
  15. C

    Question: how to re direct energy from the PV to avoid losses

    HelloI am writing from Chile with a question about PV, our company normally installs modules in houses, but we are starting with buildings, there is a Policy here called "net billing", that is we can sell the PV energy surpluses to the grid, but at a smaller price than the grid sell the energy...
  16. B

    Solar PR installer recomendation Chesterfield area

    Hi all, Any recommendations for a Solar PV installer in the Chesterfield area, so North Derbyshire, Sheffield, Nottingham sort of area? I'm getting a few estimates together for a residential install (my house). So far I've got quotes from... Hanergy (IKEA) (almost certainly not going to be...
  17. D

    Newbie trying to avoid electrocution

    All, I'm based in Southampton, and trying to be useful to our local hackspace (somakeit.org.uk) during our move into bigger premises! We need to do some basic electrical work (just extending ring mains, to add loads more sockets) and some little projects which I'll talk about in a separate...
  18. D

    How to avoid insulation under the floor?

    Domestic work not my usual field however a "friend" is having their extension done and asked me to help with wiring etc. I was double checking what size cable for the cooker point and he said that above the ceiling he has 6" joists and will be having 6" of insulation squeezed in. How do I get...
  19. Energetic

    Using 400v transformer pair to avoid cable runs...

    I've been asked to look at putting a new supply to a pool for a heater. It's a long run and there's currently a 1.5mm SWA to run the pump. We're being asked to quote on a 16A heatpump or similar and they've been told that to up the current carrying capacity for the supply cable they should put...
  20. Spoon

    Prepare now ‘to avoid Euro cabling issues’

    I thought that this article might be interesting to some of you. Prepare now


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