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  1. B

    Chinese branded cable

    Is there a regulation that states only to use bs7671 cable? I have come across alot of Chinese branded cable lately on my inspection and testing and wondering what to do about it? Tia.
  2. SWD

    Looks like the Chinese are back.........

    and the added security that the Mod's have installed for when you access the site has failed, must try harder springs to mind.
  3. littlespark

    The Chinese are taking over the forum!

    .... and not just the posts. Look at the adverts I'm getting now
  4. dnjr

    Chinese posts !! Why so many

    Dear All any ideas what’s with all the Chinese posts and how to get rid of them or stop them Please
  5. P

    Chinese Universal Car Alarm System - !!!Immobiliser Relay wire issue!!!

    Hi guys I bought kit of ,,360 Degree Universal Car Remote Control Central Locking System Kit Car Security Alarm Immobiliser Shock Sensor for 2 Doors,, for my Nissan Navara 1991 and I am struggling with Immobiliser Relay wiring. I am posting here wire diagram of my alarm and I will really...
  6. Pete999

    The Chinese or Koreans are back I see

    They are back WTF arethey playing at?
  7. M

    Led strip supplier

    Hello I am looking at installing some LED strips in my own house and I have found a website that seems to do them for cheap. It's a Chinese website but looks quite decent. The ones I've installed before from electrical wholesalers has cost a lot of money over £200. I figured that even the ones...
  8. P

    Friday night jobs

    Last job of the day 8 O'Clock tonight. Replace immersion element. Shut off water main, remove old element, water everywhere!!! Turns out that the stop cock does not shut off the fu***ng water. Hall soaked, I'm soaked. Just hope the wooden flooring am doesn't start to warp when it dries out...
  9. B

    LandWind X7 - A Chinese Copy of the Range Rover Evoque ?

    We have all seen or even owned chinese copys of phones,GHd's watches etc but this takes the biscuit. The Range rover evoke costs in excess of £40k and the landwind about £14k can you tell the difference? see LandWind X7 - A Chinese Copy of the Range Rover Evoque - News for the...
  10. SRE

    Anti Dumping Investigations into Chinese Panels

    Open letter to EU commissioner Open letter to the EU Commissioner for Trade | AFASE
  11. G

    Are some PV panels better than others?

    I'm currently unemployed and thinking of having Solar PV installed on my roof so obviously I want the best system I can get for the least outlay. I have already received one quote of £3500 and I would like to ask members opinions on this. The System size is quoted as 1880 Watts and the panel...
  12. M

    discussion: why impose an anti-dumping tax on China's solar products

    hi, everyone. this is mechiel, a working staff in a Chinese solar company. I am quite confused with european and american motive of imposing an anti-dumping campaign. Is that really helpful to this industry of theri own? For those who knows little about China, they keep distorting China's image...
  13. F

    Goodwe GW3600 Solar PV Inverter

    Would I want one as part of a solar installation? :dunce2:
  14. M

    Ultima solar PV hybrid 3.84kW predicted 5333kWhpa output

    Hi, Has anyone come across the Ultima solar hybrid panels? I have just come across a quote stating that a 3.84kW system will likely have an annual output of 5,333kWh per annum. This seems a bit optimistic, but I am not familiar with the technology and wondered if anyone here is? cheers Matt
  15. whinmoor

    Dark clouds gather over China's once-booming solar industry

    Just noticed this: Dark clouds gather over China's once-booming solar industry - Telegraph
  16. MarkRibbands

    'Perlite' 250W PV panels: Any good?

    Has anyone ever used these Chinese panels?: Perlight 250W Mono Photovoltaic Solar Panel - Black Frame Perlite PLM-250M-60 BLACK I’m ordering 10kW on Monday unless anyone tells me of bad experiences! £9,500 for 40 panels. They are MCS accredited and have all the usual guarantees...
  17. I

    What panels are best value

    Given the lower feed in tariff I assume most are reverting to cheaper panels. How do we know which panels are best? Is there a list anywhere that rates PV panels. I have seen comments on this forum that says some panels are good and others are crap but it all seems to be a matter of opinion.
  18. P

    Solar europa

    Got 2 kits in tomoz!!! fingers x!!! be interesting to see what there like as they are best value kits IVE EVER PURCHASED!!!! centro soler next week!!! loads of dosh!! best be worth it!! i will let u lot NO!
  19. G

    Sunlink Panels

    I'm looking at a system using Chinese Sunlink Panels. I just read a topic where CHinese Suntech Panels are used with glowing reports. I'm worried about a new company formed in 2004 and a small staff. Does anyone know anything about them.
  20. S

    What's your 'standard' panel of choice?

    We have been installing a lot of Sharp NU range over the last few months. We use Sanyo HIT range if roof space is an issue. I have heard and read some negative comments on the Sharp panels recently but have not seen any data/ proof to back these comments up. However, this has got us thinking we...
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