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  1. R

    Career Progression

    Hi I'm looking for some advice, I'm really keen to progress my career as an electrician and would just like peoples opinions and advice on the best ways todo this e.g what courses etc i should be looking to undertake. I have been looking into possibly doing a HNC, complex or some sort of...
  2. D

    Light in utility room back on to lighting circuit.

    The light in our utility room is currently spurred off a double socket in 2.5mm T & E into a fused connection unit then upto the light in 1.5mm T & E. The FCU also doubles up as the switch. Because we are having the kitchen done I now have the opportunity to get the light back onto the...
  3. Spoon

    Which HD LED TV

    Hi people. I have finally decided that its time to move away from my CRT TV to a HD LED TV. I don't want (or can afford) something flash. Just a decent TV that is 36" to 40" and cost about £350. Not bothered about a 'smart' TV either. Do any of you have any advice, comments or...
  4. B

    rcd or not rcd

    Hi all, I am shortly going to be fitting a high integrity distribution board to a property which has two supplies (peak and off peak) fed from the meter outside the garage.the two supplies go into the garage into two 63amp switch/fuse disconnectors the main distribution board is then fed...
  5. J


    Hi guys. Pricing again. What is a reasonable recommendation to price for a periodic. Still trying to get use to this whole pricing business so that I'm not out of pocket neither is the customer. Thanks
  6. P

    check a trade, rated people etc

    Hi all I have recently gone self employed and was thinking of joining up with one of the above. Does any body have any experience with these sites and if so how has it worked out for you with regards to getting jobs?
  7. B

    Low bay LEDs

    Anyone used low bay 60w E40 led replacement lamps? Just wondered how they compare with a metal halide 250w. Obviously cheaper to run so,more interested in light output comparison
  8. F

    intruder alarm

    i have never fitted an intruder alarm and wanted to do one in a 3 bed semi. could you please reccomend a good quality one pls.
  9. O

    Passed my AM2...

    ...but I'm not quite sure what it entitles me to exactly :/ All I really know is that it was essential on the road to becoming a qualified spark. Anyone feel like enlightening me? Also, how long after the AM2 does it usually take an employer before they will sign you off? Thanks. :)
  10. V

    Domestic Help with pricing please

    Hi, just wondering what sort of figures people would be quoting to do the following (labour only). Want to make sure I'm in the right ballpark! Change existing CU Wire a new extension with the following: 6 Downlights in kitchen 6 Double sockets in kitchen Cooker Bathroom light Bathroom...
  11. C

    IR testing with remote RCCBs

    I know RCCBs can be damaged by IR tests but what if the remote RCCB is switched off and IR test just performed between line and neutral connected together and earth, would that still cause damage and if not woud it give a valid reading ? I've got to test an installation with 40 remote RCCBs and...
  12. P

    RCBO's ?

    What make of RCBO does every body use ? based on reliability and cost who comes out the best ?
  13. E

    to rcd or not rcd??

    doing a small job in a school , we're upgrading lighting and extending some circuits, we might also be running some new circuits. the customer has asked for a periodic inspection. now the question i have is, after the inspection and remedial work is completed can we leave the old circuits...
  14. M

    New Shower

    What would you be looking at charging for installing a new shower? I would need to split the tails into rcd unit for shower, approx 12m run of 10mm, upgrade main earth and plumb it in. I just wanna know if i'm too cheap or expensive, not been on my own for very long. Also just quoted for a...
  15. M

    What breaker for garage feed

    Hey guys just a quickie.... Undecided on what size breaker to use to feed SWA to garage (CCC 28A). Garage only has a light on a 6A MCB and a Radial on a 16A MCB, both protected by 63A / 30mA RCD mainswitch (the usual set up :D). More than likely that a F/Freezer is the only thing that will...
  16. Y

    heating controls

    hey all, not got much experience with domestic heating, but just wondering if there is such thing as a two way thermostat, as the house im working in is so big and they complaining the bills to high!! anyone know if theres such a thing????????????????????????????
  17. I

    Good pubs in Liverpool

    Hi all I'm going over to Liverpool for the Liverpool V Real Madrid match,I haven't been over in a few years so just wondered what are the best venues for a few or rather a lot of pints! Also any suggestions on good places for a nice steak dinner would also be nice Thanks
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