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  1. PJH2903

    Pro Electrician Reliable Lancashire Electricians | Hudnott Electric Ltd

    Friendly and Qualified Electrician in Lancashire -Hudnott Electrical Ltd We are a small company based in Bacup, Lancashire specialising in domestic electrical work. I am an electrician working exclusively in the domestic sector. I will undertake all types of general domestic electrical work...
  2. O

    EICR's after 1st Jan 2019 ....

    So you are doing an EICR next year and you are inspecting a consumer unit with these 2 "makes" of RCBO's in it ... So is it:
  3. jonnyb

    Estate agent ordered EICR's

    Hi chaps, Now I tend to avoid periodics/eicr's as much as possible, as I'm a bit finicky and they take me pretty much a full day of work. However, I do the occasional one for a friend or family if needed. Just doing one at the minute for a house that's just been sold, which was previously rented...
  4. Michaelwgroves

    Government backs mandatory EICR's every 5 years for landlords.

    Long overdue............................ The Government has backed introducing a mandatory requirement on landlords with properties in England to ensure that electrical installations in their property are inspected every five years. However, it has not provided a start date. Such a proposal...
  5. D

    EICR's and previous editions of Regs

    Reading the recent post about the barber shop and no RCDs I was wondering, If an installation was satisfactory under a previous edition of Regs. And if no alterations have been made to it, or no other problems are evident, since installation, is it still satisfactory and therefore can't be...
  6. Gavin John Hyde

    Should EICR's be restricted to those qualified

    Just read a post about a poor EICR and given the amount of reckless plastic sparks out there running around doing poor EICR's and ultimately putting people at risk I do think its time they are restricted. The cowboys do not have a clue what they are doing or inspecting and only want the quick...
  7. jaydub

    Advice on carrying out EICR's

    Just started up on my own, haven't been asked to carry out an EICR yet, however I have, unbelievably, never found myself carrying one out, so feel I am a lacking in knowledge and experience at the moment to carry them out, should I get asked to. Do you need to have a special qual to carry them...
  8. Guffer

    EICR's - How long should it take ??????

    Hi Currently carrying out an EICR program for social housing and expected to carry out two a day. This can be a struggle some days if full 10 ways and off peak too, never mind faults ! Speaking to other sparks some say one cant be done in a day and others say shut up whingeing doin four a...
  9. S

    Lighting circuit with no CPC, fail???

    Hi Guys, Just been to do a Condition report on a 30 year old installation. Both lighting circuits are wired in twin stranded steel cable with no CPC. The insulation test is good, but with the lack of CPC, and brass accessories, would you consider this as 'Satisfactory'. No RCD on lighting...
  10. S

    EICR, ability to fill out

    Is there a definitive answer on whether or not if you have 2391 then you can fill out the new EICR???? only asking as few of us are out with UK & were told we needed to attend a one day cse BUT now being told we have "grandfathers" rights as it were. Any help will be appreciated. Cheers.
  11. C

    Part p schemes

    Hello everyone, Sorry if this has been asked for more but I could not find the answer anywhere. Basically, I am planning on getting Part P registered and also want to be able to do EICR's. I have done an advanced apprenticeship however I do not have my 2391, which I read on Elecsa's website...
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