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  1. F

    Question about electrical connection and feasibility

    Hi, In the past, my flat had 2 beepers , 1 at the door, and 1 at the study much further away. In recent years, the evil housing association which owns the building has introduced new beepers/buzzers, but this time only 1 for each flat. Now, I find that, with just 1 buzzer/beeper, I cannot hear...
  2. J

    Grenfell tower electrical "expert"

    For some reason, the grenfell tower inquiry has got an american electrical expert to comment on the electrical cause of the fire. And he doesn't seem to know a lot about BS7671 etc, Firstly he thinks you can't trip an RCD after the MCB has tripped of a given circuit (presumably they have DP...
  3. Massive1

    BS 7671:2018 - Requirements for Electrical Installations, IET Wiring Regulations (New 18th Edition)

    As per the title. Took the wrapper off that's it. BS 7671:2018 - Requirements for Electrical Installations, IET Wiring Regulations (New 18th Edition) £50
  4. Jacus

    Really high electrical bills?

    Hi Everyone In April this year I moved into a small 2 bedroom property and I find that my electrical bills are extremely high. In my old property I had the same sort of things in my house like an electric cooker and oven, normal size fridge/freezer including a fireplace that I use throughout...
  5. S

    Reporting unsafe electrical practices

    Hi everyone, Lets get the s#1t stirring out of the way straight up... Yes I'm a sparkie, and a good one, but for all you Brits, I was trained in Australia. I did do a full apprenticeship with a very good A grade electrician. Yes, I know, You brits weren't aware that Britains largest open...
  6. J

    Jaguar XK in cabin electrical whining noise

    Hi all I hear a whining noise in cabin, AC off, audio off It is relatively low volume and the noise pitch follows exactly the motor revs Seems like an induced noise... Any idea what to look for ? Thanks
  7. D

    Electrical inspection and old boards with asbestos

    Hi Guys just been asked to carry out an inspection at a warehouse. Got there and first two boards I saw were the really ones with rewirable fuses asbestos flash tape and exposed bus bars. There are a couple of new boards as well My question is should I just carry out a visual and fail it...
  8. U

    Neighbourly Electrical Harassment?

    Hi Guys. I need some advice pls. Each morning my (metallic) bed shudders or jolts violently repeatedly. This happens whenever someone enters the bathroom. I also encounter short sharp shocks and faint pulsing sensation through my mattress every 15secs for anything upto 3hrs at a time almost...
  9. A

    i need help in electrical design L3 assimgnment

    I’ve recently started my level 3 course and I’m doing electrical system designs the one with the hotel extension and pool and café block but I stuck on all of question some guidance would be appreciated thanks
  10. R

    Starting up to do weekend work

    Good Morning All, I'm after some guidance on what I need in order to start carrying out my own work on a weekend and evenings. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am an apprentice trained electrician (from an engineering background though, so machine wiring etc). Previous to that I applied...
  11. M

    Electrical Chargers In Thailand

    Hi all, apologies for coming here to simply ask for advice but I am not particularly electric-savvy and I don't want to make a mistake on my upcoming trip to Thailand. I like to travel light but because of work I need to take my phone and my laptop with me. I checked the details on the chargers...
  12. R

    replacing a ordinery wall mounted electrical socket in france

    I am not a electricion but are competetent in doing these jobs .if I change an ordinary wall mounted socket in my French house ,do I have to get it signed off
  13. J

    HELP PLEASE!!! 2365/615 electrical system designs

    So I’ve recently started my level 3 course and I’m doing electrical system designs the one with the hotel extension and pool and cafe block I’ve done question 1 but stuck on all of question 2 some guidance would be appreciated thanks.
  14. R

    List of Agencies that offer Electrical Work

    Can anyone recommend a list of agencies that offer work, please.
  15. A

    New member’s Introduction as Electrical mate/improver

    My name is Akinade Ogunwale I am a new member in this forum looking for a job with an ambition company that gives room for progression, I am Electrical mate/improver looking forward to become a qualified Electrician as soon as possible. Thank you Akinade Ogunwale (Email removed by staff)
  16. mwigham85


    Hi Guys, I have recently completed all of the pricing for a couple of blocks of flats and I have now been given a form of tender to basically break it down, I haven't filled one of these out before and I'm struggling a bit with the terminology here's a list of questions i have if you have the...
  17. marconi


    Recently there was a topic onwhether or not to bond and earth a mobile aquarium. I did some more research on what happens to people when they are in electrified water. There is quite a bit on what happens on US web sites. The problem is not only electrocution but 'electric shock drowning'...
  18. Steven Welon

    AV/Security installer adding electrical install to skillset

    Hi all, I've been doing aerial/satellite/CCTV/intruder alarm/voice & data networks (wired & wireless) installs for a long time. I run a small company, sub work out & in depending on job size. Mainly new builds & refurbs. I can first & second fix bog standard small domestic houses but not much...
  19. N

    Solar help electrical

    so lets say i have a 12v solar panel and it puts out 5amps current =60w. If all my accessories connected are 5v and drawing 5a does that mean im only really drawing 25w of power outof my system? If so does that mean i can get 12a at 5v from my panel?. This thing wont let me post my thread...
  20. H

    Your thoughts on this Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate

    Can you please give me your thoughts on this Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate I have received? Page 2 is blank. Thanks in advance
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