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  1. happyhippydad

    Can I use the sheath of the SWA as the CPC in this example?

    Morning.. I have a garage fed by 4mm, 2 core SWA. It is a 25m run from the CU. Can I use the armour as the CPC? The Main house is TT. I have always used 3 core so have not come across this before. i am about to check my notes as I know I have information on this and will find the formula to...
  2. M

    Ferrous enclosure termination example

    Hello all, visit to site today to see in an install of a 315A 400V supply to a machine. Client mentioned previously they were going to use single core AWA cables from the distribution board to the machine so I advised them amongst other things to factor reg 525.1 and how they terminate the...
  3. happyhippydad

    Would it be possible to use a changeover switch in this example?

    I am having a play in my shed :). It has a 12v supply fed from a solar panel I have 3 gang light switch which switches the following 1. 4 x 7w LED MR16 downlights. 2. 1 x 12v LED striplight (12w)(the tapelight thingy that just sticks on) 3. 1 x 20W 12v floodlight I basically want to have a...
  4. S

    An Example for us All

    This popped up on my FB page today and I thought it worth posting here, in the hope that the electrician involved may be a member and as an example of how to create that elusive attribute called good will:
  5. pirate

    Just another example of what you find every day

    Yes, it's those damn light fittings again! Really annoyed I didn't get a picture. Anyway, a mate asked me to look at a lighting problem in his house, where a switch put on 2 lights, and the other switch (2 gang) did nothing, whereas he wanted 1 switch to put on center light and one to put on...
  6. M

    Any Smart Meter Installers out there? Need help with example questions

    I am applying for a Smart Meter Installer position and I've managed to get a hold of some example questions for an assessment that is part of the application process. A lot of them are straight forward enough but some of them have me pretty stumped. I'm not sure how you are supposed to know...
  7. FatAlan

    How easy / costly to move one of these?

    Looking at a plot of land with one of these stuck in the middle. How easy / costly would it be to get it re postioned?
  8. M

    Calculating r1 from R1 + R2

    Confused my self calculating r1 or 21 from R1+R2 on a ring circuit did this a while back and compared calculations with measurements to see the differences. but tried the other day think i have muddled the equation! or maybe because its monday haha can someone show me an example
  9. M

    DNO Cables

    Someone on here said once that there is no way that the DNO allow 100A supply per house, which obviously makes sense. So why do a lot of house have 100A main heads. Surely that means that the cables can take 100A or more otherwise cable would get hot before fuse went? Surely house have the...
  10. J

    General Pricing / Help required

    Hi All Im looking for a little bit of general guidance with regards to prices i should be paying for works. Without giving to much detail, I run a bathroom and kitchen company and have used my current electrician for about 4 years on and off. This year hes had a lot of work off me (in excess...
  11. M

    what is under voltage trip?

    hi every one i wanna know that what is under voltage trip? your reply must appreciate thanks advance:goofy:
  12. S

    QMS guidelines

    I've seen loads of posts searching the forum on this subject, but without actually applying to a governing body and actually paying the fees, i'm struggling to understand exactly what is required in order to gain MCS. As I am not wanting to commit financially yet, I am looking at gathering as...
  13. Mark.W

    Circuit Length

    Hi Peeps I have my 2391 coming up in October and I am busy revising. When determing the circuit length and VD, my notes say to link L - N at the load side and take the loop resistance at the DB. The example I have is : Loop Resistance = 0.7 ohms (R) and csa of cable = 1mm2 (S), calculate the...
  14. D

    The Big Green Book!

    Well, BS7671 2008: Amendment 1 is due out next month but so far I can find next to nowt when it comes to useful information on what is changing. So far i know the following parts are being added. Since most of my work is in the domestic sector i can ignore some of the changes as they are very...
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