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  1. Z

    Hi, could anyone tell me how to prove in a book that the highest x5 of an RCD test is sufficient please? It’s a question on my am2 testing. Thanks

    Hi, could anyone tell me how to prove in a book that the highest x5 of an RCD test is sufficient please? It’s a question on my am2 testing. Thanks I’m also struggling on how to check that my measure PFC at DB will trip the breakers in time. This question was a tick box on the exam so if anyone...
  2. PhilCumbria

    Domestic Off peak and standard

    Hi I have just changed both an off-peak CU and a normal CU. I have tested both. Can i put them both on the same cert or do they need to be on two different EIC's ??
  3. Lou

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  4. Lou

    Fairways Electrical & Property Services

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  5. Dan

    What Are Your Solar Pv's Generating?

    What are your solar PV's generating?
  6. A

    Ze/Zs of 3 phase supply

    Hey all, going over some testing before my final assesment. i've heard a couple of times when testing a 3 phase supply using a single phase to earth test you double the reading as your Ze/Zs, so if you test L1-E=0.07 Zs=0.14. also what i have done until now is test all three Lines to earth and...
  7. driverman

    Pfc - pscc on 3 phase supplies

    Hi, Guys,when measuring PFC-PSCC on 3 phase supplies,I know that you test between live conductors L1-L2, L1-L3, L2-L3 and then all 3 to Neutral and note lowest reading obtained. Then all 3 phases ( is that right term for C&G? ) to earth. Then neutral to earth and lowest reading obtained recorded...
  8. S

    R1+R2 of a ring circuit

    I know you take the highest reading, though not sure if you take the highest reading on the ring circuit or a spur off the ring circuit? cheers
  9. W

    Domestic Fault current.

    Dear Forum, Can anyone explain in simple language what the difference is between P.F.C. and P.S.C.C. and how is each calculated? Thanks, Wayne:dizzy2:
  10. R

    3 phase test results

    Currently I put a result for each phase. However I've also seen just the highest reading put and and use up one line of the test sheet. Is this ok?
  11. T

    3 phase pfc

    Hi all In order to measure your pefc pscc, you need to test across all 3 line conductors then multiply by 2 record the highest value, this is correct isnt it.
  12. J

    3 phase periodic

    I have got a 3 phase periodic to do tomorrow.any tips would be handy.Thanks
  13. M

    Continuity of ring final circuit..... can somebody help please !!!!

    Im currently studying electrical and im up to dead tests. ive reached continuity of ring final circuit on my scenario cd , in therory i understand the procedure and what to do but im a little un sure on finding the mid point on the sockets . please can sombody go threw it step by step in...
  14. N

    Testing Help

    Hi guys just finished a 17hour shift so got a bit of a sore head and cant think straight just now lol, was on a ****ty install today and got a few questions to refresh my memory, thanks.... no slagging me 1. ring circuit= 6 sockets protected by a 32 mcb, on 1 of the sockets there is a 0.75mm...
  15. J

    How do you continuity test a motor circuit to obtain Zs

    Hi, I can't seem to get my head around how to test a 3 Phase Motor circuit to obtain the value of Zs. 1. After isolation of circuit and locking off u short out the 3 Phases on the motor terminal block with shorting straps. 2. At the Dist Board with a Low Ohm meter you test the resistance...
  16. rmaynard

    Domestic What regulates the voltage

    Of the supply coming into my house? At present i have between 258v and 261v coming into the house? Rob
  17. J

    new am2

    hi everyone, i am to take the am2 exam next week and ive seen that in the am2 you have to fill out an EIC fully is this correct?
  18. S

    Shower Basin

    ok guys page 202 in BGB illustration (c), if there was a fixed shower head close to the 2.25m zone limit whats the score with a recessed ceiling light? how close can you have the shower head to luminaire? only ask as i saw this round a friends house recently. cheers
  19. J

    PFC Testing

    Hi all. Just a question which seems to get me a bit confused about PFC testing. I understand that the value of PFC you put on a EIC or any other form is the highest value of either the PSCC or the PEFC. Now when you get the reading on your meter (which is sometimes displayed with the Zs value)...
  20. F

    Help needed with 3 phase Ze

    Hey can anyone help, I've got a EICR (Periodic inspection) tomorrow and just been told its a 3 phase supply. Am i right in thinking i just do L1-N-E, L2-N-E and L3-N-E then take the highest reading, also is it the same to get PFC????
  21. F

    Ipsc and Ipfc at sub distribution board

    Hi, Hope someone can help. I need to test the prospective fault current at a garage distribution board (i.e. a sub board) but the no trip function of my tester will not work and trips the RCD which serves the garage circuit in the main board. As I understand it, the figure to take for...
  22. K

    Prospective short circuit current test

    Hi all, fairly new to the forum so youll have to excuse my 'noobiness' as they say. I just watched this video of a guy showing how to carry out the above test. Prospective short circuit current test - YouTube This is taking place on a 3 phase supply. Does anyone know why he doubled the value...
  23. VoltzElectrical

    testing R1 + R2

    When testing R1 + R2 on a three phase circuit, do you connect each phase in turn to earth and test at other end? Record the highest value? Similar to what you test Zs on 3 phase but without the connecting? Cheers all.
  24. D

    Zs testing

    Hi I have just tested the Zs on my ring final circuit... i got the readings 0.25, 0.32, 0.47 and 0.52 there are more but the readings were basically between 0.25 and 0.52 Ze is 0.11 and r1+r2 is 0.35 i get the same readings either at the front or the back of the socket so with the test...
  25. J

    pfc testing

    hi all, i have carryed out a pfc test at collage! i am confused about useing the 2 or 3 wire test. i have read that u put the megger on pfc high and test between L incomer and E with all earthing connected. but i spoke to another spark last night who said u need a 3 lead test to test between...
  26. B

    prospective fault current

    on electrical installation certificate at the top under supply characteristics it asks for (next to single phase) a prospective fault current in KA How do i measure this reading please? Thanks!
  27. S

    R1+R2 and Zs - Don't know where the light circuit ends!

    If you genuinely can't tell where a lighting circuit ends (due to the way in which it has been wired) I presume you would test for R1+R2 and Zs at every point and then record the highest reading?
  28. M

    Domestic continuity of 2 way lighting circuit and more

    hi guys ive my 2392 test tomorrow , ive a few thing to ask to be 100 per cent about all continuity of 2 way lighting circuit , at the celing rose do i test between live and earth or switch wire and earth and then turn switches on and off , do i need to open the switches to check between...
  29. S

    Continuity of cpc's on lighting a circuit

    Hi guys, I have got a pretty basic question to ask, but I just want some clarification please. When testing Cpc's (R1+R2 method) on a lighting circuit which line conductor are you supposed to probe in the ceiling rose? Is it the supply line, the switch line or the line out to the light bulb?
  30. telectrix

    1 circuit?

    hi, guys, slight confusion here, installing a lighting circuit in a barn. job is likely to be used for assessment so it's got to be spot on. Coming from 10A MCB in 1.5mm to 2 gang switch, one switch for each of a bay of 4 x 6' twin fluorescents ( both runs in 1.5mm ). Done the cable calcs no...
  31. B

    Prospective Fault Current

    Hi guys. I just got the results back for my AM2 and I passed everything except the PFC. I now need to go back and do the whole testing proceedure again which I am gutted about. When I tested the PFC, I don't think I had three leads from my tester, I seem to remember only seeing two leads...
  32. O

    suppliers cut out fuse

    Guys did a consumer unit change over the weekend and hit 2 snags 1. The suppliers cut out fuse has no markings on it ie no BS 88 60 amp instead the unit is black with no markings on it so how to I id it for the cert. The property is a 3 bedroom 1950s flat TNS supply. 2. Maximum demand I...
  33. J

    pfc on 3 phases

    when prospective fault testing a three phase circuit do you only need to do the short circuit test only on the 3 phases in turn due to result being twice that of the earth short circuit current due to the line voltage being twice the value?
  34. 4

    Testing ring main with a spur

    Hi currently at college doing level 3 testing and inspection just a few questions if anyone can help For the Ring circuit it is all wired in 2.5 singles and has one spur off the the ring After doing end to end tests is the calculation r1/2 seen as though the cables are the same size? Also if...
  35. B

    pfc testing

    can any body give me the reason why when testing pfc and pefc at a three phas DB why do you have to test all phases to neutral then all phases to earth why not just one phase surely there will be very similar results if not the same just thought iwould ask cause it was buggin me..
  36. M

    Schedule of test results - RCD results

    Hey guys, Just a quick one..... on the schedule of test results, which RCD reading is recorded; the highest 1x or the highest 5x? :rolleyes: Thanks in advance. Matt
  37. J

    rcd times at x1 and times x5

    this is confusing me. now i know that the rcd times are .... bsen 61008 and 9 should be less then 300ms bs 4239 should be less than 200ms rcd sokets at 200ms but say i have tested a rcd at x1 180 degree = 35.2 and x5 at 180degree at = 12.6 if i remeber correctly is it x1= max 50ms...
  38. N

    Main Switch question!

    New to the trade and lots to learn! So I've filled in my very first installation certificate - but what is the Type BS(EN) of the main switch on this BS3036 semi-enclosed fuses consumer unit? It's 250V, 80A but no more markings - is it relevant for this old board? Also why does my tester not...
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