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  1. 123

    Immersun Solar Hw Controller

    123 submitted a new resource: Immersun Solar HW Controller - Immersun Solar HW Controller Read more about this resource...
  2. M

    Solar PV, Immersun and a possible Combi-Boiler

    Having long thought of Combi boilers as the work of the Devil, Im finally coming around to the thought that they might not be quite so bad. I still have my elderly Baxi Solo at home feeding a gravity hot water set up and primatic tank but in my static caravan I have a Morco Combi that produces...
  3. A

    Solar PV Load Diverter

    Hi I have a 4 KW solar pv system on my roof and are producing power abundantly. FIT is good although I dont want to export all of the power for obvious reasons. I heard about solar pv load diverting devices like solarImmersion that can send the extra power to immersion tank to heat water. Are...
  4. M

    Immersun faulty, VO?

    hi all just want to check this set up. have 17th edition board (already installed) have main switch then a VO on one circuit (hold fire read rest), 2nd breaker immersion circuit. then first RCD unit which is fed via VO unit has half the house on it. then next rcd that has some sockets on...
  5. C

    Best ways to monitor solar pv system and heat water?

    I'm uncertain regarding the relative advantages and disadvantages of two systems: 1. Elios4you to monitor the system and the linked Power Reducer to heat the hot water. I have not been quoted a price for this system. Can anyone advise? 2. A Geo Solo PV Monitor and an Immersun Unit. I...
  6. I

    Solar Cache+ and Immersun - Immersion Controls

    Has anyone installed one of these devices and if so do you have any feedback on performance/reliability? I have been speaking with one of the people who developed the system (Terry) and they sound an ideal solution if they work as described and are reliable. A customer has contacted us...
  7. M

    Setting up the Immersun Vs Central Heating - Help!

    The Immersun is reading "Water Hot" unless I have the thermostat on the Immersion element turned up to maximum. Currently water coming out of the taps is at about 68 degrees - far too hot for comfort. But if I set the immersion element lower than this, the boiler thermostat calls for heat and...
  8. R

    Do immersun type devices work

    Hi, I'm new on here and am having a 4kw pv system installed this week. I obviously want to get the most from my purchase and have been searching for ideas, one of the best things i can see is the immersun. Is there any other similar devices I should look at or do these type of devices work...
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