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  1. Sintra

    Returning to UK / Self isolating.

    I’m due to return to the UK next Thursday from Belgium and want to confirm if I need to self isolate away from my own household? My wife is saying I need to stay on my own for 14 days after my return before I can go home even though I have no symptoms. I’ve tried looking online and can’t find...
  2. D

    Isolating grounds in Solar installation

    I have 400 Amp service split into two 200 Amp panels. I’m converting one to a protected loads panel as part of a PV solar system with battery backup. Since ground is tied to neutral I want to isolate the neutral and ground buses of one panel from the other to make sure no current flows to the...
  3. J

    Oven and hob cable size and isolating switches

    Thanks for adding me to the forum. I have done quite a bit of electrical work around the house adding sockets, and at our current house I put in some new ring mains and lighting circuits, all subject to third party certification and with the new consumer unit installed by a qualified...
  4. H


    Hi I have one of these that was installed years ago to feed a garden pond using pyrex, what function does it perform and should it be replaced?
  5. C

    Help / advice isolating wall light

    Hello First time here. I was just wondering if any one can give me a bit of advice. I’ve removed two wall lights in the living room of an old uk house. I’ve isolated the live feed to the lights from a double switch and was intending to isolate all of the wires however I can’t find where the...
  6. KeenPensioner

    Isolating transformer principle

    As can be seen from my profile I am not a qualified electrician but I'm studying in my own time just for the sake of it. Everywhere I look for info on isolating transformers I get something like this "This means that the isolation transformer secondary side must not be grounded. It would create...
  7. M

    3ph isolating transformer, Neutral to Earth voltage

    I am installing final equipment in a new electrical installation and our equipment is fed via a local 3-phase 1:1 isolating transformer (Input is wired Delta and output is wired Star). Our equipment is all single phase and split across the 3 phases. It comprises many switch mode PSUs. I have...
  8. M

    Faulty MCB. Problem isolating ring final circuit at CU with MCB

    I am planning to move a socket outlet. The CU is largely unlabelled so don't know which 32 MCB to switch off. There are 2 x 32a MCB. All other mcbs are for lights (6a) and a dedicated immersion (16a). To isolate the circuit, I tried switching off the first of the two 32a mcb which isolated some...
  9. J

    Isolating electrical sockets in preparation for removal of plaster for damp work

    Hi, I am having internal damp work done and have been asked been asked by the contractor to prepare by isolating the electrical wall sockets and removing the faceplates and sockets. I have 3 double, surface mounted sockets to isolate. There is a short section of trunking from the floor boards...
  10. B

    shaver socket

    hi, in part p, it says there is no socket outlet within 3m of a bath, however shaver socket is an exception,why is this, what the main difference of the shaver socket? sorry for this silly question. cheers
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