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  1. M

    Coffee Machines

    Hi all, Is it permissable to supply an electrical appliance (coffee machine) that has two boilers and two main switches form 2 supply leads?? Not interconnected electrically, in any way total seperate control and supply? The machine kW rating exceeds what is available from one lead. This will...
  2. gazdkw82

    Coffee lovers - battery machines

    Seen Makita do a portable coffee machine which is powered via battery. I'm a big coffee lover and always looking to make it cheaper (in the long run) and easier to enjoy a drink during the day. A battery style coffee machine would be ideal. Especially as you only need the coffee grinder and...
  3. G

    Special Purpose Machines

    Good morning, I wonder if anyone can help me. My company produces special purpose machines for the global market. We have built an impregnation machine for a client in Brazil. Three phase power in Brazil is 380 V @ 60Hz. Our client now wants to send this machine to Turkey instead. Three phase...
  4. J

    Usage metering on machines

    We have a complicated site with over 14 electricity and gas meters. We have 4 major machines and would like to start with them and install Kw metering along with an hour meter connected to a running signal from each machine. This would give us Total consumption, hours in actual production and...
  5. R

    Commercial On-Site Event Generators

    Hello Everyone, I am after a bit of advice, which I am sure to you guru's is simple but to someone who has absolutely NO ideas on electrics, I am calling on your help. I am looking to use 20 x Electrolux W555H Washing Machines & 20 x Electroluc T5130 Dryers and need them to be powered by...
  6. I

    Industrial Measuring residual current. How do I know what RCD to fit?

    Hi, I have been tasked with rewiring most of the machines in a factory. Due to the age of the equipment and usage I believe residual current protection is a good idea. This presents an issue with how they want them wired. Currently we have cables hanging from the ceiling at multiple points of...
  7. Y

    Industrial Power Supply

    Hi All, Can anybody advise me as to what is the best set up for the installation of a power supply to machinery. On site we currently have various commando sockets fed directly from the MCB's. These are all operating perfectly and have been for some time. The problem is, an ex-electrical...
  8. G

    Generator Install

    Hi there, Am just about to start a job installing supplies for woodworking machines in a steel building. The supply is a skid mount site type 3 phase diesel genny. There is no alternative supply. I am experienced in building containment etc and wiring the machines also the DB's etc etc my main...
  9. stef

    Safety Relays and legal requirement

    :nono: Afternoon chaps, I think this has been discussed before, but ... Lets say, I have a piece of old kit (in my case it is a 1970s spool turning machine, not NC, all mechanical with hundreds of knobs and gears) without a safety relay, without proper guard switched (just ordinary poller...
  10. A

    Multiple machine 3 phase emergency stop system

    I have been asked by a friend if I can supply an emergency stop system to their wood working machine shop where 3 E-stops will kill all 11 machines at the same time. My question is, is there a system out there already that I can purchase or do I have to just get a large enclosure and many...
  11. S

    Ice cream machine socket rewire Help!

    Hi all, I was wondering if someone with a lot more experience than me could help me out please. I need to change a standard 2 plug 13amp socket to a 20amp supply with either a slow acting fuse or d-rated breaker to supply a 3 pin 16 amp female socket. This is to supply an ice cream Machine...
  12. S

    Transformer Winding Machines, Coil Winding Machines - India

    Synthesis India - Transformer Winding Machines, Coil Winding Machines comprises of various Automatic Winding Machines that are specifically designed to cater to the winding needs of various Sectors like auto component, Electrical and Electronics, white goods, etc. in India. Transformer Winding...
  13. M

    BS EN 60204-1 Help required re : Earth loop testing of machinery

    Hi Guys, The 17th edition gives you a table of circuit breakers and their maximum allowed Zs, however as the 17th edition does not cover "machinery", we have just started working with BS EN 60204-1 "Safety of machinery - Electrical equipment of machines - Part 1 General requirements", and this...
  14. J

    Inspection - too harsh??

    I attended an inspection of an office and workshop last week. There were quite a few issues, but I was intrigued by the issues depcited in the photos. They had 4, 3phase machines (saw, drill, grinder, plane) which were wired into only 2 isolators (and 2 circuit breakers). they did have...
  15. darkwood

    Testing for harmonics

    Im sending in a request to DNO for a supply increase from 200KVA to 400KVA to allow for 3 machines im bringing from other premises, all simple enough if it wasnt for the fact that these are large machines with hefty DC motors all running off Drives, although they are screened and earthed...
  16. K

    Engineering or art?

    I don’t know how you would describe it. I think it’s art but the engineering is amazing! http://singularityhub.com/2010/04/05/5-axis-robot-carves-metal-like-butter-video/ I’ve worked on 3 axis machines and they were capable of some beautiful work, this just blows them out of the water!
  17. sparkdog

    Small commercial pizza kitchen all TP&N equipment.

    I would appreciate any advice on a job I have coming up which is a small pizza production kitchen.All the equipment is fixed floor standing with their own built in DOL switches.The main item is a pizza tractor/conveyor belt oven 32A plug and three processing machines with small motors 16A...
  18. J

    PIR code help please

    Hi all just after a couple of opinions on PIR codes generally im using the ESC good practice guide as a base for my PIR coding but there are couple im not sure about: this is for a factory: A 3 phase machine isolator supplying 2 seperate machines (code 4) A 3 phase circuit breaker...
  19. T

    Small Job in a school ?

    I went to a school today to estimate a job. Its only a small job, Couple of power points and data, Ive checked the CU and previous test certificates, (RFC, C32 MCB, 16 points, 2.5 T&E). The sockets will be running IT equipment, But still i didnt notice and RCD, it could have been RCBO...
  20. P

    3 Phase System

    Hi all, Got a call today to a warehouse where there is a 3phase system. Its a drycleaners and they have 2big drycleaning machines and 4large ironing table things all on 3phase. Then some sowing machines and standard single phase washing machines and tumble dryer and standard things like 2...
  21. K

    Earthing testing

    Hi, I am new to this forum. I am responsible for Electrical department of an Industry. We have been informed by our insurers that we have to make periodic earthing tests on our machines. Is there a procedure to make earthing test when the machines are operating. Our production do not want to...
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