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  1. G

    USA autolifters of America autopro 2 post lift, where would that wire go or maybe a pic of the same control panel?

    autolifters of America autopro 2 post lift, does anyone know where that wire would go or maybe a pic of the same lifts control panel? ty in advance
  2. Dan

    Canada Country Flags: Thought I'd done this thread but maybe not.

    Okay, so we have some country flags knocking around. Depending on the screen size of your device, will depend on where they show and how often etc. Really small screens will see them less. iPads and Laptops and Notebooks will see them in all places I've set them to. On your mobile, if you turn...
  3. S

    Something for Tel, Pete999 maybe and Baddegg

    as Baddegg loves the over 60's What the Fcuk are these adds that are popping up, if the analytics/algorithms are in place then nope I am not a Gilf Hunter......
  4. Pete999

    A blast from the past, for some maybe

    Do any members remember Air-fix kits? I was an avid builder when I was small, and come bonfire nigh, me and my mates would gather all our old models that we no longer cherished, Boats, Planes etc, take the boats down the cut, stick a banger in somewhere, and pretend we were sinking the Bismark...
  5. S

    16mm SWA tails maybe 9 mtrs from isolator on a 100a supply, and other concerns - EICR opinions

    This has come up many times before and after a couple of hours reading previous posts I'm no closer to deciding on a code, note or nothing at all. BS7671 allows 16mm tails on 100A fuse if demand is less than the cables CCC, I have 16mm at 94amps and the max demand is 60a. From a previous post...
  6. LeeH

    Harmonisation? Maybe not....

    Spanish phase colours. CPC is black with some GY tape on the end. Why did we loose RYB again?
  7. T

    Maybe one for the trainees and improvers out there, what is wrong here?

    So what is wrong with this picture? What do you think you should do about it? It is really amazing the things people do with electrics!
  8. Dan

    Near the end of the Brexit Price Hikes? - Maybe

    Good news for us Brits. Apparently the brexit-related price-hikes related to the pound are coming to an end. Next and Morrisons predict end to Brexit-related price rises - https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/sep/14/next-morrisons-brexit-price-rises-weak-pound I got a bit sick of people...
  9. I

    Hello, new DIY warrior here

    Hi, I'm new here and might once in a while need some advice. Or a gentle reminder of my DIY limitations.:) In fact, I need HELP now... It's never too soon, it easily could be too late. ilsa
  10. Jamchiv01

    My Christmas Present

    Evening all, I got asked what I want for Christmas this year by my mum, so I thought long and hard about what I wanted, and it's got to be a new tester ;) I got a quote from my local supplier for a new Kewtech KT65DL and it was £670 INC VAT so I will put a load of money towards it. Has anyone...
  11. J

    Advice and experience.

    hi all. Main reason for this message is gain some help, advice etc and experience. Just finished an access course for a domestic electrician ( yes I know these intense courses are seen as not great, but being my age etc I was unable to go to college and my previous qualifications ruled me out...
  12. ED17

    Electromagnectic Effects

    We do lots of testing on social housing and came across this yesterday. Someone has recently replaced the consumer unit with an AMD3 wylex unit. They have taken the main tails and earth through three separate 20mm stuffing glands. What code should we be giving it, C2?
  13. Eco Chap

    CPS assessment concerns/questions...

    Hi guys. After some confirmation from the majority about a few questions our recent assessor had in regards to our certification and some answered questions/suggestions; Cert: In regards to supply characteristics and earthing arrangements. System was a TN-C-S, I was always taught that a TN-C-S...
  14. O

    The IET are really taking the pxss now!

    This months PE, page 38 is a full page advert for a new guide they have produced – “Guide to Consumer Units” So they write RUBBISH regs, that most of us think are knee jerk, and them they expect us to pay out more money on a new Guide they have written. They should be giving them to people who...
  15. mattg4321

    LED Strip in back of van

    Had some LED strip (tape) left over from a recent job so thought I'd put it in the back of the van as the lighting in there is frankly awful. Connected it up to the lamp terminals so it would work when the doors open and on permanently with the switch as per the original lighting. All works...
  16. A

    Fuse breaking capacity

    where do you look to find the breaking capacity of fuses?
  17. H

    Domestic Convert light-operated extractor fan to separate switch

    Hi, I am a general handyman, and I have a customer with a basic ceiling extractor fan in their bathroom. It is connected to the ceiling light and comes on and off with the light switch. They now want the option of switching it off (while the light is on). Is there a way I can incorporate a pull...
  18. S

    Odd circuit...

    Went to have a brief look at a job on Saturday. Gentlemen had a new consumer unit fitted about 5 years ago. The installer that did this found a fault on a circuit consisting of 2 sockets. I've checked this and there is a fault between Line and earth somewhere. Not a bad job to do as the CU is...
  19. uksparks

    Bosch D-Tect 150 Wall Scanner

    Hi, ignore the price of it, has anyone on here got one? BOSCH D-TECT150 Digital Wall Scanner: Amazon.co.uk: DIY & Tools you can get it for under £400. anyway, I was hanging a TV in a wall the other week, one of those metal frame stud wall things, anyway, customer says here use this, a wall...
  20. K

    C2 for no bathroom fan local isolation switch ?

    How can this be justified as far as I am concerned it would be a C3 at the most or no code as the MCB can be deemed for isolation (it's fed from the local lighting circuit). Surely C2 potentially dangerous - urgent remedial action required is a bit over the top, thoughts please !!!!!!
  21. T


    Hello... Got a call from a. Customer saying when ever they plug in there 2kw heater it trips... So One shal think the heater is faulty. I told them to unplug it and turn the rcd back on. they rcd then restet... I thought over load may be a issue but she said she unplugged everything. She then...
  22. B

    Led dimming problem

    Installed 8 x integrated 7w NVC dimmable downlights today. 2 gang switch, one dimmer, one switch. The dimmer operateds the lights and the switch operates the fan (no timer, as per request of customer switched separate). When lights are on and fan on all is ok, however, when I switch off the...
  23. C

    Inphase Training Ltd

    Hi, does anyone have any feedback on Inphase Training Ltd, Liverpool??
  24. A

    Review secion

    Would it be possible to set up a review section, where we can post reviews of different products such as workwear, tools and vans, and services such as agencies, competent person's schemes and umbrella companies? I think it should be similar to other review sites like tripadvisor and trustpilot...
  25. Sparky_Steve

    red tab in crabtree starbreaker busbar

    I have a metal clad crabtree starbreaker board which i'm planning on using rcbos with how do you remove the red tab?
  26. I

    What do you think is the easiest trade

    I know this is quite a broad question eg bricklaying quite physically deamaning but not that mentally demanding no offence to any brickies. I'm not elitist. But had someone ask me and answered and said they are all hard in differnt ways. what do yo guys think the "easiest" trade is.
  27. P

    EICR Classification Codes for Downlighters

    Hello, Can anyone clarify how the following EICR scenarios should be classified? 1. Non IP rated downlights in bathroom inside zone 1 2. Non IP rated downlights in bathroom outside zone 1 3. Non Fire rated downlights in any location Thanks in advance...
  28. B

    MCB tripping on lighting circuit

    Hi Two lighting circuits (A&B) side by side, each feeding 1 gang of 2 gang switch, then onto lights. circuit A works fine. circuit B works fine if mcb A is off...MCB B holds ok if MCB A is on until light switch turned on for circuit B. Yet to look at this job but thinking must be short...
  29. D

    solar panals

    Hi All Im a new member Just had solar panals fitted to roof and within 48 hours both electric shower and wahing machine gone faulty with sparks firing about in washer drum . I this a coincidence or could solar panals have caused this as both blew within mins of each other . Any advice would...
  30. M

    AM2 help

    Hello there, I am an apprentice who is currently put down to take my am2 in September this year. However I have a problem where the company I work for strictly only works on domestic properties so I have not gained any experience apart from house bashing so therefore I'm going to struggle with...
  31. G

    faulty photocell

    Hi all. Any one had and probs controlling leds from ss4 dusk/dawn photocells? I replaced 3 150w metal halides with 3 70w led floods. Worked perfectly fine and the customer asked me to fit some extra led strips for his sign lighting 4weeks later (L.v complete with trannys) . The lights stayed on...
  32. K

    Interview for a maintenance job

    Hi, got an interview coming up in a few weeks. They stated that i have to do item test. What is item test implies to?
  33. A

    Extractor fan + halogen light

    Hi can I get some advice on what to do with my extractor fan it has been stop starting for some time now today it has completely stopped working. Am I right in saying I need to change the transformer in the loft ?
  34. B

    Client Log In For Website

    Anybody have any advice on how easy it is to set up a client log in on your website to view and download reports? Know it might be a bit more of a IT bod question, but just wondered if anybody has the option there self or a bit more expertise than me on the subject. Its more of an option for...
  35. sythai

    Underfloor heating... newbie

    Evening my chaps... Well my favourite subject has sprung up once again - central heating :rolleyes2: On a job where the plumber has piped up 2 underfloor heating zones, never wired up one of these before... but feeling quite confident. It isn't my usual plumber I work with this chap seems...
  36. jason121

    NE/SW Installation

    Any thoughts on installing a split system on North east and South West. Not sure about if the figures add up, being on house and having the cost of two scaffolds. Looking at 9 x 250watt on SW and 7 x 250watt on NE. Maybe use a power-one 3.0
  37. Brightspark2

    Light Switch

    A light switch with access to live parts without the use of a key or a tool. The light switch is an old white flat plate switch with a sort of threaded bush around the toggle/dolly switch with a few twists off come's the front. (It was designed to be opened by hand) A code C2 on a EICR, would...
  38. L

    Commercial Customer wont earth class 1 light fittings (Hotel)

    Did an EICR on a 8 bedroom hotel a few weeks ago, issued the report yesterday, every bedroom has class 1 fittings, I assume they cost a few quid, they were put up by the odd job man, Lighting circuit has no cpc as its wired in twin red/black, I said its not a problem if we change them to...
  39. P

    Help with Pricing.

    Hi. I'm looking to go it alone as it were, and I'm looking for any advice on how to acquire a decent pricing structure. I know this will probably evolve over time but I'll be grateful if someone can point me in the right direction with regard to some sort of help with this. I've only ever...
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