1. M

    phase rotation incorrect at origin of install .

    Hi all, What are your views on phase rotation. Whilst doing an eicr for a customer's premises I found that the phase rotation at the origin was anti clockwise . the eicr form is asking for verification of phase sequences , which there is although anticlockwise . What would you do there in the...
  2. T

    'Particulars of the installation' for two submains split at the origin.

    At the origin, I have 25mm tails split to two fused switches. One 63a fuse protecting a 16mm (3 core SWA) submain to a DB (100a main switch RCBO board) at one side of the property and one 80a fuse protecting a 25mm (3 core SWA) submain to a DB (100a main switch RCBO board) at the other side of...
  3. A

    No ze at origin of tt system

    Hi guys, cannot get a resistance reading when using my Robin loop tester. It just shows 204v and the red do not proceed lamp lit. Never come across this before any ideas would be appreciated. (The live neutral reading is 243v) New rod fitted and driven in to good ground at about 2.3 meters.
  4. M

    Ring spurred at origin?

    Hi all, DIYer here. My garage has a double socket fed by 4mm2 twin and earth connected to the same circuit breaker has the ring main for the sockets upstairs in the house. The MCB is a B32. Is the feed in the garage considered a spur from the ring main or is it a separate radial circuit...
  5. A

    TNCS High ZE at origin

    Hi there Testing at origin of a domestic property, I have found: L-N: 0.44 Ohms L-E: 9.89 Ohms I had the DNO attend clients address, there response was that it was quite high and confirmed readings of 0.44 for ZE. (Pleasee attached document with their response) My concern is they don't seem...
  6. bigspark17

    Test stickers on large EICR's

    Do you guys labbel every db with a next test date sticker or just at origin.?
  7. bigspark17

    Commercial Tt no rcd at origin

    200A 3phase tt system with metal clad control panel no rcd at origin 4pole main switch. I have always put rcd at origin but it has been put to me if you can prove a very stable low Ra (ze acceptable) rcd may omitted? What is an acceptable low level and how can you prove it will stay stable. No...
  8. S

    help with testing

    Hi guys Need a bit of help on testing in a hotel (bit of background) its a 7 storey building with main switch room in basement as a working hotel nothing can be switched off. On the 7th floor existing rooms were refurbished with 8 new rooms added there is a busbar trunking running up the...
  9. E

    Volt Drop

    Hi all, Just wanting to clarify regarding volt drop. Client is looking to add lighting to garden, to be supplied from 13a FCU, load on FCU will be less than 1A due to LED lighting. The FCU will be an addition to a final ring circuit which serves dining room and lounge, protected by 32A MCB...
  10. dc-electrix

    Mobile/Park home EIC Form filling

    Hello, Hoping someone out there is familiar with this type of installation and how one fills in the forms. I will describe what I have in front of me. The home is fixed it has bricks around the bottom but a chassis with wheels. The chassis is bonded to the MET Gas & Water is connected and...
  11. infinity

    Multiple boards at origin & Easycert

    Just testing a commercial property which has all original equipment installed from a 100A BS3036 isolator to Main DB. Then 3 more DB's have been added before the switch fuse via Henley blocks. I use easycert and was wondering what anyone else does in regard to listing the arrangement. Would you...
  12. D

    RCD for TT system

    Hi all, I have just read an old periodic report that has highlighted a TT system that has an RCD main switch mounted in a non insulated enclosure (metal) as a category 2. Does it state anywhere in the reg that the RCD should be in an insulated (plastic) enclosure. I've had a look but cant find...
  13. K

    gas and water testing

    hi guys hope yous can help, doing periodics for a council, i cant get access to the main water and gas bonds in the house, laminated flooring, boxing ins etc, what do i put on the certificates? its niceic forms, was thinking putting in limitations at the tic boxes and putting reasons in at the...
  14. P

    Voltage drop and ZS - Some thoughts

    Hi all The scenario: Garden power supply to be taken from a 13am FCU spurred from a RFC. It then goes off to a double socket and lighting etc. No grief there. (RCD protection on RFC BTW!) The spur is protected by a BS1363 13amp plug top fuse. Which ZS max do we use? Is it the ZS from the 13...
  15. R

    PIR on Caravan's help please . . .

    Hi guys, am new to the forum although I have been reading threads on it for a while. I am looking for a little help on the job I am currently doing. I am currently carrying out PIR's for a number of caravans on a large park, but am getting pretty puzzled when coming to fill in the 'SUPPLY...
  16. S

    suppliers kmf and testing

    Wonder what you guys think of testing at the suppliers KMF 80. I am not sure it is necessary, as it cant be isolated and is still live when the cover is removed to access the terminals. I dont like working live, but it is the origin of the supply..... a wee bit of a conflict here. How do you...
  17. W

    Final Circuit to Origin?

    Hello people, My company installs a lot of circuits in larger commercial/industrial buildings, we tend to have a lot of trouble gaining access to every sub-main leading to a consumer unit which supplies our new circuit. My NICEIC inspector was adamant that the installation must be tested all...
  18. P

    RCD splitting question

    Hey guys!! Can anyone tell me if I'm wrong. I've run a 16mm Twin from mains to a 2 storey extension where I'm putting in a new board.2 rings 2 lights and smokes I have to put in an RCD at the mains end so I was gonna put the new board on a 100a Main SW. Is that Ok or do I have to still put in a...
  19. K

    Zs too high at distribution boards

    The boards i tested were none RCD protected, with 60A sub main protective device. Is the easiest way to solve the problem to install a main RCD incomer, eg 63A, 30mA at each DB? any advise?
  20. L

    Short Circuit Capacity

    Hi Guys Any advice would be much appreciated! I have tested a property that has a PFC greater than the short circuit capacity of the mcb's protecting the final circuits, the PFC is 7.9KA and the 60898 mcb's 6KA. The property is protected at origin with a 1361 type b fuse 16.5KA. Under the...
  21. V

    Testing limitations

    I cant do Ze because I can not turn off the power,it has to stay running 24/7, what do I do???
  22. ses

    Certificate for 2nd dboard tt supply

    I have just changed a mini d/board in a garage (db2) and have installed an earth rod as the supply at origin(db1) is tnc-s and there is awater service in the garage. Bonded the water and installed an earth rod from new mini d/board. Now i have easycert software and for the origin and supply...
  23. J

    Pfc testing

    Hi I know how to test PFC at the origin of the Installation but how do you test PFC at other points in the installation does this mean on the individual circuits like the ends of them, and what about the earthing conductor is it disconnected or connected.and if disconnected why?
  24. zone77

    volt drop query

    When doing a volt drop calc for a sub board, is the max volt drop 5%(11.5v) ( the sub board feeds lighting and power circuits) or is it reduced to 3% (6.9v):confused:
  25. L

    very low pfc on submain board

    hi all hoprfully someone here can answer this question for me: i tested a sub mains today and i only got 0.35 KA is this normal for a submains as at the main mainsboard the pfc is 3.3 KA the main fuseboard has a rcd main switch so at the submain i had to use no trip pfc not sure is this makes...
  26. A

    Testing for ze on a submain cable?

    hello chaps i'm going to be doing some final live tests in a block of flats were doing at the mo on monday and was trying to remember what earth cable to test on for Ze in the flats consumer unit. The flats are fed by a 16mm t+e submain with an additional 16mm earth run along with it. now do i...
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