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  1. NDG Elecs

    NAPIT Certification Scheme Napit Mobile 0 - Pen & Paper - 1

    Did half an EICR this morning, finishing it off tomorrow night. I tried Napit Mobile for the first time. What an annoying counterintuitive process it is. Can't skip between different parts of the form. Filled in the origins section no problem, pressed submit, but then what? I don't know! Does...
  2. G

    City and guilds unit 308 electrical and electronic engineering sample paper

    Hello. I have an exam coming up shortly. Would anyone have a sample paper. It's the electrical and electronic diploma, unit 308. It's a written exam The course id is 2850-30 I can't seem to find any examples anywhere Thank you very much
  3. Wilko

    SWA Armour Use Descriptions

    Hi - various discussions we've had are summarised in this Voltimum information paper. Interesting for me was they effectively say main protective bonding in PME installations should be external to the cable, due to heating risk. I'm still digesting this myself ... The earthing functions that can...
  4. Gavin John Hyde

    Are certificates worth the paper they are printed on?

    Talking to a property developer today, he is in the market for an electrician for hsi next new build. He recently built a building with 6 flats, the 3 on the left are identical layout and the 3 on the left are identical layouts. He has no confidence in the certificates he has been given by the...
  5. S

    Home Reports - not worth the paper?

    Hi folks I recently found this above a customer's bathroom false ceiling, when I went to replace some obviously unsuitable downlights with suitable ones. This mess was in use, supplying said downlights. Naturally I rewired the downlights, having agreed a price with the customer. Now, the...
  6. C

    Electric work urgent question

    When an electrician installs new wiring + fuse box what paper work does he need to provide?
  7. FatAlan

    Cats on paper!

    Anyone tried the cats on paper test? If you have cats you should be well aware that as soon as you place a bit of paper on the floor they will come and sit on it.
  8. V

    Commercial Anyone Got Any Idea What This Is?

    I got an email from a owner of a light commercial unit (old printing unit) and I have recently done an EICR that failed and is still ongoing follow up work to get a satisfactory. The owner\landlord is not a problem and is trying to pass some of the costs onto the tenants because frankly they...
  9. C

    Domestic Main Fuse query

    Hi, I've come across a system with no apparent main fuse. The supply comes into a metal hinged box with the words BIG Ltd on it. This is boxed inside a cupboard so I can't open it or tell if it is sealed. The tails then come out to the meter and into a double pole connector block. This...
  10. Worcester

    Paperclip Software Yes / No / Something else?

    We're looking to update some of our procedures to reduce the time overhead in quotations and hand over paperwork, so looking at what's available. (Easy MCS not even in the frame !!) I Know a few of you tried it and some had the free trial and some any early adopter discount Is anyone still...
  11. L

    JTL aptitude/assessment Test

    Hi all, Completely new here this being my first post. I have recently been offered a electrical apprenticeship with a local firm. This is under the condition i pass a JTL aptitude/assessment test. Does anyone on here have any advice they can give on what to study, what the test will entail...
  12. W

    2394-2395 or 2391 past paper sought by a nervous candidate

    I have just enrolled on a 2394 course for my second attempt as the last try under 2391 knocked my confidence and I didn't ever have enough spare cash to try until now. Also not able to afford a third try with my mates salary barely covering child support. I feel like a lamb getting ready for...
  13. G

    Scam warning

    Trading Standards would like to warn motorists of a roadside scam reported to Cheshire Police. Drivers have been flagged down by men from a supposedly broken down car. They have either asked the victims for cash so that they can buy fuel or pay for taxi fare. The males have also offered...
  14. C

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC cloud

    At at tech talk before christmas the niceic were saying they were launching their own cloud to buy store certificates. Any more word on this? Think the date was to be 14th January?
  15. S

    2395 booked

    My company's put me on the 2395 course in October, and im just wondering what advice you guys could give me to hopefully pass 1st time. I've asked for a copy of GN3. THanks
  16. I

    Domestic Visual Condition Report

    For anyone with a computer brain and a few minutes, please can you inform: Why and when do we need to carry out Domestic Visual Condition Report?
  17. S

    Main fuse rating

    Hi all I'm just filling in my test paper work but I can't fill in the section charteristics of primary supply overcurrent protective device because the main fuse is sealed and all it says on the outer casing is 100amp. Does anyone have the contact num for the electricity board so I can clarify...
  18. E

    MCS annual Visit

    on your Second MCS visit Is this based still around the ONE solar pv job you will take the assessor to later in the day. IE Quotes/Sap - Contract - Surveys- Wind Cals - Roof Cals based around the single job????? or Will the assessor need access to all documents for all jobs you completed...
  19. A

    ELECSA Complaint log

    Hi there,maybe anyone has the copy of ELECSA complaint log paper on pc and would be able to forward it to me, would be much appreciated, assessment in couple days but the pack hasn't come..Been looking everywhere through google but couldn't find one.
  20. R

    periodic testing

    hi can anyone tell me what an average price for a periodic test would be cheers everyone
  21. B

    FICA- Underpinning Knowledge - 30 multiple choice questions

    have recently sat my fica! waiting on results but had a howler of a multiple choice paper! i revised for weeks for about 15 questions that i reconised and 15 that i had to look up or take an educated guess at! does anyone know how this paper is marked??? i have heard different things i.e. 55%...
  22. G

    Sub contracting work

    I know a roofer that has a spark and a labourer and are keen to install solar PV. He has requested that he subcontracts my services as an MCS installer out to allow them to get certified. Does anyone know how I can do this within the scope of the scheme and what paper work I need to generate...
  23. R

    So Passed My Assessment hour ago ! whoop whoop

    First i like to thank my mum for being there for me through thick and thin and of course you guys ! for all the advice and love....! ahhahaha LOl So yeah actually passed. Elecsa assess. David Goddard. lovely guy ...the dude has a serious head on him....but very accommodating. Not what i...
  24. N

    pir after remedials

    after completing the required remedial work (suggested onthe unsatisfactory pir the day before) on an installation, does a full pir need to be conducted again to show that it is up to scratch? thanks
  25. M

    Go any pointers for drumming up work?

    Just started up on my own. Iv dropped my card into letting agents/local camp sites/pestered every builder i no. Iv had a bit of work for friends but this is drying up. Any words of wisdom?
  26. T

    NAPIT Certification Scheme Napit assesment next friday

    Hi all got my initial napit assesment next friday can anyone give me a heads up on what to expect. cheers
  27. IQ Electrical

    Anyone using a Megger 1553 Bluetooth?

    Does anyone use the Bluetooth setup on the Megger 1553? We had use of one for a week and found it very clumsy and a nightmare for Periodic Inspections where you might not wish follow the usual testing sequence. Just wondered if the latest versions were any better?
  28. J

    do you need a visa to work in france

    may have a job coming up in france should only take a few days work nothing in concrete yet just need to know if a visa is needed cheers
  29. T

    Diagrams etc

    When carrying out a CU swap and you get to the check list of inspections and 9 or 10 times out of 10 there is no paperwork for the installation. Do you Tick, Lim, Cross ? :confused: Thanks
  30. D

    Software, Certs etc

    Just invested in Tysoft's software as i dont like collecting paperwork around my office..!! well worth a try! i also uses there PAT testing stuff as well as its nice and easy, what do others use? steve
  31. S

    phone ringing

    Hi guys Just out of interest what advertising do you have and how many phone call do you get a week at the moment?
  32. I

    Help with 2391 question .......VOLT DROP.......

    Hi Guys, I have a past paper (March this year in fact) with a question I can not get my head round, am I mis reading it or am I just being thick, Here is the question exactly as it appears in the paper. If snyone can help me it would be much appreciated. I know 3% 6.9V for lighting and 5%...
  33. G

    Which Competent Person Scheme?

    Hello peeps. I am thinking it is time to apply to the NIC or Elecsa or.. etc, etc. However, which one is the best? What are the pros/cons of each? I have worked with another spark who has had various nightmares with NIC and don't know if this is common. If so I'm not sure I could put up...
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