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  1. J

    Garden lighting with reliable PIR's

    We have a garden footpath 16m from front door to garden gate with a shed near the gate. I am looking for the following set-up: a) an independent PIR sensor x2, one at each end of the circuit b) these to operate 3-4 LED spikes or low level spots between the two c) plus a floodlight to light the...
  2. Morris19911

    Klik rose wiring, lights, emergency lights and pir's

    Hello I'm a first year apprentice and I'm struggling to get to grips with these klik rose wiring. Can someone please explain how you would wire these up from start to finish, what colour wires go to what terminals, how to wire the lights up with emergencies and pir's ? Thanks
  3. Leesparkykent

    texecom alarm

    Doing an extension atm and part of that is adding a couple of extra zones to the alarm. The alarm is a Texecom premier elite 24.........the customer is asking if its possible to disable the LED's on the PIR's? I've had a quick look through the manual but couldn't find anything ( I do have a...
  4. N

    decent wired alarm

    can anyone recommend me a decent wired alarm for my own house. been looking at texecom and honeywell advice is appreciated
  5. Soulsurfer

    Time lag switch solutions

    Hey all, I'm looking into a solution for a friend who has a long staircase in an old surgery he has converted to flats and bedsits. Basically from front door onwards he has 2 gang switch plates all wired junction box system with just red,yellow,blue 3 core and cpc at each gang. He wants time lag...
  6. happyhippydad

    PIR with long(ish) range?

    Hello all.. The customer wants his garden light to switch on the moment he walks into the garden, the sensor is around 12 meters away and it doesn't switch the light until he is half way up the garden. There is nowhere nearer I can locate the PIR. I realise screwfix/toolstation have PIR's...
  7. S

    Domestic multiple switching of fan

    Hi, I have a quick question... Without having to spend time sitting down and working out I'm hoping someone might have a simple solution. I have one run on fan in loft but wants to be switched and ventilated via 3 separate bathrooms. Now I'm thinking off hand that ill need a relay but I may...
  8. J

    PIR problems

    so I was looking at office building in London, lights in corridor and stair well operated by PIR's, mounted on ceiling and walls. I am unfamiliar with exact type, looks like single plastic surface box with blank plate. problem is they walk through the corridor and they could be at the other end...
  9. J

    PIR cert

    Hi, Can a PIR cert still be used for installations over 100A TPN? I've seen a few that have been issued this year but am not sure. The NIC helpline wasn't very helpful and just wanted to sell me some of their EICRs for over 100A. Thanks James
  10. G

    PIR Corridor Lighting

    I've got a job to replace loads of lighting to all corridors in a few large nursing homes, the customer wants: "all the lights to be controlled by PIR movement sensors, the movement senors are to be connected to and controlled by daylight senors, which are to be located to ensure that no areas...
  11. A

    2pir - 3light - howto?

    Hi all, Currently on a job for someone and i have had a quick think on how to do this but ive become totally BRAIN DEAD!! - Maybe its too tired.. anyway appreciate the help guys They want 3 lights controlled by two PIR's i done a drawing below one is how one is wired lol.. Now the other is a...
  12. S

    PIR problem...

    ...that's now doing my head in... Basicaly i've got a set up where 2 external PIR sensors are turning on 2 outside 16w 2D lights. PIR's are wired in parallel so when either 1 is triggered it turns on both light fittings. Whilst commisioning on walk test everything works fine and dandy.When lux...
  13. R


    I have been asked to carry out some Pir's for a housing association. What does anyone consider the going rate to be in London? Many Thanks
  14. D

    Can i sign a pir?

    Hello all, first post! I passed my adult trainee course at the start of this year and now working for myself (I have worked with electrics for 7 years though) I have the chance of doing some domestic and commercial PIR's. I have my 17th edition inspection and testing (BS7671) and i have public...
  15. M

    pir sensors " help!! "

    any good pir sensors? I'm new to the site and new to tweeting, - is this tweeting? - I don't normally get time to use the computer, it has taken me about 10 mins to write this. Anyway, does anyone know of a good make of pir sensor that won't let me down. I'm getting fed up of going back to...
  16. G

    NIC Di PIR?

    Hi, I am looking at joining the NIC domestic installer scheme (dont agree after 26yrs on the tools that i should have to be in any scheme other than JIB but hey ho) purely because I am going self employed again and will be doing domestic works and NIC because they are known better by customers...
  17. Z

    PIR question

    Hello guys, Correct me uf I am wrong, but I think that you dont have to be in a part p scheme to be abble to issue a PIR do you? Thanks!
  18. M

    Domestic Had a PIR done on my house today, Can ne 1 beat this Guy 1hr 10mins and gone?

    Lol he came in his test sheet was half filled in, Every thing was >200 Meg Ohms. I asked how many he did a day he said 3-4. asked how much his company charge he said "You wont get much more the 80-90 quid for a PIR these days" i live in a 3 bed house. He did in fairness put some [email protected] sleeving on...
  19. michaelw6

    5 yearly Periodic on a commercial property letting units.

    hay guys been a while hope all is coping in the ressesion. well i would like to know how i stand here... Been offered a job doing an inspection on a rather large property approx 118 units. now as i normally only test domestic installations what would change on an commercial property and would i...
  20. kevyn

    Periodic Testing

    Hi all, I have been asked to P.I.R test a couple of holiday cottages. Can any one give me any pointers as to what are the most common faults that are picked up etc Does any one have a checklist of things they look for?
  21. C

    PIR - Am I allowed to do it???

    Hi all, I am just at the stage of listing my things I can do and cant do etc. I have my 17th Edition and EAL Level 2 Certificate Domestic Electrical Installers and was wondering if I am allowed to do periodic inspections?? This would only be for land lords and obviously your normal...
  22. B


    Hi All I need abit of guidance please. At present i am an electrical contractor but have recently been offered work doing PIR's for domestic dwellings (staying self employed) Would I need to register with a body to do these or can i produce my own certs ( have read people talking about where...
  23. M

    periodic inspections, can i?

    do i have to be fully qualified to do this, or would there be a course i could do to enable me to do them?
  24. Z

    Inspection help

    Hi all, A colege d of mine asked me to inspect a work he has done in his bathroom. Some lights and maybe a socket as well. He would like me to inspect it and sign the required certificates for it. Now, I am not a member of any organization like NICEIC or NAPIT so can I do that? But I am a...
  25. T

    PIR Help please?

    Hello all On my assesment the assosor told me where i stood regarding PIR's, He said we prefer you to have your 2391 (which is booked and coming up soon), But he did say we cant stop you doing periodics, and by all means give it ago. So i have been sent a PIR Pad, I have been praticing writing...
  26. P

    survey PIR

    could you tell me if this is correct. I have been asked to carry out a electrical survey PIR and saw on a thread that you do not have to be registered to do this is this correct i have 236 and part p nic many thanks
  27. A

    security lighting

    Hi All Interesting one this: customer has turned a shop back into a house - at the front there are 2 recessed doorways that late night passers by often use as a toilet or somewhere to shelter whilst recovering from excess drinking! each doorway has a (non PIR) light in the ceiling but the...
  28. E


    Hi all, Just a quick question. I'm a 17th Ed domestic installer and qualified 2391 inspect & test. I 'm not registered as I do most of my work through building control. I have just been asked to do some PIR's. Can I do these without being registered? This seems to be a bit of a grey area.
  29. P

    NIC Periodic scheme.

    Assuming that i have passed my 2391 (if they ever find my paper):mad: i am thinking of adding Periodics to my dom inst full scope A ,if anyone else is on this scheme how long does it take from application to acceptance?what is the cost?feedback welcome.:)
  30. E

    PIR's & HIP's

    Was told today that the deptartment concerned have done a Uturn & home info packs are now going to include PIR's :) Also that the odpm (or who ever they are these days) are being pressured by IEE , HSE, NIC ,ECA & all the others to make it a legal requirement that all domestic properties have...
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