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  1. L

    What's the going rate for a decent plasterer daily rate?

    Hi, I got my house that needs skimming. 2 guy's have come out to quote job. According to them job should take 5 days. Price one guy quoted for just labour is obscene. More than an electrician. 1400 for hallways both upstairs and downstairs. Knocked down to 1100. 10×14ft bedroom, without...
  2. R

    Making a ceiling light cable safe for plasterer

    Hi there, I'm a homeowner looking to get an Artex'd ceiling boarded and skimmed by a plasterer. The ceiling has a standard ceiling light in the middle of it, which I'll need to remove and then reattach slightly lower after the plastering job. What would you recommend to do to make the wiring...
  3. Luminous

    Stud fix or noggin and metal box?

    Which do you prefer on new walls? Pros and cons? I've always put a noggin in but am finding more and more that plasterers seem to measure the height of the socket then decide to cut the board half an inch higher. I don't like how plaster can chip too easy with a pad saw or that the box is...
  4. R

    Just had full rewire done, cables very close to surface or coming through skim

    we just had a full rewire done on a 1920's property. Electrics been completed and signed off with certificate. Making good on wall chase areas done by plasterer hired by electrician. We have just come to decorating and found that in a few areas the cables haven't been chased deep enough and are...
  5. B

    Did I hire a cowboy?

    Hi, hoping somebody can help. We put off having our house re-wired for various reasons, finally after 9 years we were in a position to have the work done. We got three quotes and went with the electrician we felt we preferred. We were told it would take 4 days to do the re-wire and a plasterer...
  6. happyhippydad

    How many spurs can you get off one socket on a ring?????

    A friend asked me to have a quick look at the electrics as she wasn't sure if the plasterer was doing it quite right! On investigation I found the socket (on a ring) was already supplying one spur which fed 2 sockets (JB underfloorboards). The plasterer had already added another spur and then...
  7. J

    box installation

    Hi I'm wiring a new house and am at the stage of sealing the boxes for behind the sockets and switches. The holes have been tracked out to fit 25mm deep boxes and screwed in. I had been planning to finish the installation ready for the plasterer by cementing in the gap around the box but am...
  8. P

    Plasterer - stealing work from honest sparky

    Well, was asked to add 10 sockets to a ring and convert a double to a single to make way for the partition wall. Did all the pre-work, only thing left to do was break into ring and convert the existing socket. Was waiting for client to give me date and time to take the power off (its a 10way SP...
  9. H

    Customer, plasterer!!!

    I've had a bad evening. Completed a job a week or so ago. Customer gave me nothing but problems from the beginning but managed to get paid and out the door. Call this evening "I need you to speak to my plasterer" plasterer comes on." Hi just finished plastering and everything is tripping...
  10. L

    building control re:filling in chases

    i recently rewired a house and when the building control inspector came round the first time he asked about filling in the chases is this a requirement? because i aint no plasterer:confused:
  11. W

    Bad Day Jobs!!

    I thought I would start a thread for Bad Day Jobs because I know there are plenty of tales out there to tell. So here goes: Today I went to change a 5ft Fluorescent fitting in a kitchen. A job that should have been straight forward - like for like quick change over. It was an old fitting...
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