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  1. P

    How common is reversed polarity?

    Looking over the best practice guide to electrical inspection condition reporting the C1 "danger present" conditions are basically exposed live parts or reversed polarity. I guess the seriousness of reversed polarity is the lack of any meaningful over-current protection for faults to earth...
  2. D

    Polarity Test - Extension Lead (surge protection) - Failed

    Hi all, This has got me stumped as it's the first time in 8 years this has happened. I undertook a 250v test on a brand new recently purchased Surge Protection extension lead - all is well but on each of the 6 sockets it failed the Polarity Test. Tested the IEC Lead and all was fine so not that...
  3. S

    UK Polarity voltage warning ⚠️

    Hello, Can anyone tell me what would cause a polarity voltage warning to occur on my kewtech KT63 tester whilst testing doing an earth loop impedance test? How’s it fixed if so? Thanks
  4. gazdkw82

    Three phase polarity test

    I have my AM2s coming up and i am a little confused to the live polarity test on a 3 phase circuit. It's the first live test and I dont want to fail on what is a simple test. I know how to perform a live polarity test on a single phase circuit but unsure on the procesure for 3 phase. Is it just...
  5. B

    Reverse polarity at socket outlets

    Had some line/neutral reverse polarity today at a job instead of tripping RCD/MCB it’s just melted socket outlet how come RCD/MCB didn’t trip? RCD tested fine??
  6. J

    coolant temp sensor > is polarity important?

    Does it matter which way you connect the 2 wires to an engine's coolant temperature sensor? Does the thermistor inside the sensor have polarity? I do not know the pinouts on the car's temperature sensor and I do not want to risk damaging the car's computer. Thanks in advance.
  7. C

    reverse polarity on appliance socket

    Carried out an eicr and noticed x2 double sockets have reverse polarity that supply a frying machine at high level. After correcting the reverse polarity on the two sockets i plugged the fryer back in and the circuit MCB tripped out and the appliance popped. I am unable to open the fryer up as...
  8. Gavin John Hyde

    Reversed polarity - who to blame?

    Been on a job in Warmley this afternoon, customer told by Knowhow/curry's that she has reversed polarity so couldnt connect washing machine. worryingly all faceplates were metal so not ideal! Go out and 230 between neutral and earth,nothing between line and earth. called western power who sent...
  9. happyhippydad

    Is the Steeple RCD polarity sensitive?

    Evening all. My customer has a series E consumer unit which has a 100mA MK RCD as the main switch. I am adding a socket to the socket circuit on this board so need to give it 30mA protection. I happen to have a 30mA Steeple RCD for a series E CU (I collect as many different CU's as I can)...
  10. S

    Combi Boiler reverse polarity

    Hi sparks. Gas safe plumber here please be gentle. Just went to a boiler breakdown. I traced the fault to the room thermostat so I linked it out on the pcb board in the boiler. The boiler is working fine now. 2 year old B&Q combi. While I was there I checked with my multimeter the supply...
  11. C

    Working live

    How many sparks would work in a square D KQ 3phase DB board if it was LIVE i was putting a new mcb in a live DB and it blown the MCCB at section board i tested between phases and there was no polarity between any conductors switched the MCCB and it tripped again WHAT COULD OF HAPPENED
  12. Y

    Problems with Series/ Parallel strings not adding ampage.

    Hi Guys, im hoping someone can help me. I have recently installed 3.2kw system for an offgrid job. The problem im getting is that im only ever seeing around 300 watts solar generation for the whole system. We have used 10 x Canadian Solar 320 watt panels Voc for the panel is 44.9 and the ISC IS...
  13. captaincaveman

    50 volts between nuetral & earth - Lighting/ fluescents

    Hello beautiful people. Quick one for anyone who may have an idea: Attended job today with a room with 2x 5ft fluescents not working and found 50v between N-E. I did basic tests on the fittings (continuity, ir, etc) - all ok. main earth and everything else ok. Checked the light nearest the...
  14. D

    Domestic Socket & See tester

    Evening, I use a Socket & See tester instrument to provide a means of confirming safe isolation before working on boilers. Can anyone explain why I am required to press the touch pad at the bottom of the test instrument in order for it to perform a polarity test? I understand what polarity...
  15. W

    Switch Polarity Question.

    During fault finding I came across a switch wire and a perm wire connected the wrong way would this still be known as reversed polarity ? As the connections are reversed?
  16. N

    Testing Zs on an IPS system?

    Hi all, Does anyone know how to test the Earth Fault Loop Impedance on a monitored circuit such as IPS? I have found in the past that even a Martindale Socket Voltage Tester can trip out the circuit as it is monitored. I also found that no matter which way the neutral and line test probes...
  17. D

    2394/5 tomorrow

    Hi guys got my 2394/5 written exams over the next two nights, wish me luck!
  18. Resu

    European Sockets

    Hi all, my mum runs a B&B and has a lot of issues with European guests forgetting adapters, etc. and was wondering if fitting a European socket in the house would be ok? I'm yet to confirm the actual voltage in her house but can't see anything wrong otherwise? She's provided adapters in the past...
  19. S

    Polarity of LED 12V MR16 downlighters

    Hi all Was asked to fit two transformers for shop window display. there was 8 12V down lighters in total split into two circuits and both switched through a timer, The owner wants to replace the 8,12V dichroic MR16 bulbs with 12V MR16 LED 1.8w bulbs. The reason he wants to replace the dichroic...
  20. A

    Domestic L-N Reverse On All Kitchen Sockets

    Hi, I am a newly qualified electrician and have a quick question. A friend asked me to take a look at a socket that was making an arcing noise after a water spillage so I went round to have a look. I ended up swapping the socket for a new one and this fixed the aching noise however when I...
  21. A

    3 phase problem

    Hi all This is probably very easy but for the life of me I haven't been able to discover the answer and solution. Three phase taken to a tpn fused isolator, then taken to a sub meter and split to three spn consumer units (each being sub metered again) The neutral has been taken to a Henley...
  22. H

    Sequence of testing in BS7671?

    Can anybody tell me the sequence of testing that's stated in BS7671? At college I've been taught CRIPES, which is: Continuity Ring final continuity Insulation resistance Polarity Earth loop impedance (functional) Switching Why are these carried out in this specific order?
  23. M

    Strange fault on DC string ?

    Working in Wales yesterday, 9 255w panels and 1 SMA 2000HF Inverter. So we have 1 string of 9 panels in series. The roof was like this with each letter corresponding to a panel. [A]-[B]-[C] [DORMA WINDOW] [D]-[E]-[F]-[G]-[H]-[I] ABC panels in landscape, the rest portrait. All panels at same...
  24. S


    Hi everyone, Im going to be doing my am2 in September, I'm very confident with the build. The only thing I can't get around is the live tests, what order do the live tests go in? Also some help on fault finding. Cheers jimi
  25. H

    EICR problems.

    Under what circumstances would a Sub-DB need to have MPB links to water and gas? I had always believed that the CPC of the feed from the Main-DB would be sufficient, assuming it had been designed and installed properly. Got a situation where you have a small Sub-DB in a caretakers office...
  26. Davehaywire

    testing dc cables

    well that was fun! very limited testing of dc turned up at job this morning a field of solar panels to test 5 mins instructions off we went carried out irpos to earth array neg to earth array polarity isc with test isolat voc managed to test 1 string pair on 50 invertors not bad for first day!
  27. kingeri

    L and N markings on front of RCD

    Morning all, many RCDs have N or L marked on the front of them, to indicate polarity, but just looking at a bunch of Niglon pre-populated CUs and the RCDs all have N in the top left corner on the front, which I thought meant the left terminals are Neutral, but the Neutral bar is in the right...
  28. the pict

    drill batteries

    Any one heard of the way to rejuvenate Nicad batteries or is it just stories P
  29. B

    Who can work out this one!!

    Ok here is a fault I discovered today which is a bit of a headscratcher Was called to a house today to look at problem with upstairs sockets, the customer was saying that they were working intermittently so first thing I did was get the volt stick out for a quick check. There was one socket...
  30. E

    does anyone own a fluke T140?

    can it detect polarity?
  31. T

    Immersion Heater Element Fault....Help Please

    Hello. Ive just got back off a job, I narrowed it down to the immersion heater element causing a b16 60898 mcb to trip. I disconnected the thermostat to see if that was causing the problem first which in this case it was'nt. I then put the terminals straight on to the element terminals to...
  32. G

    Samil Solarlake- what is 'ISO'?

    Hi all, FIRST POST, yay. The problem I have is a 17000tl that will not work because the device shows 'ISO' is falling below 1000. Samil have a UK tech guy. He started last week, I had him on site today, a good guy, willing to help and learn but neither he nor I no what 'ISO' is or what it's...
  33. J

    Resistance bewteen circuits

    I just wondered why i would get a reading of 1400 - 1800ohms between lives on 2 different circuits one being a new circuit installed about a month ago by an other spark, the only reason i check was two ring mains that had been put into one mcb by the last sparks and told the customer he need a...
  34. G

    Domestic 240v between neutral and earth??

    Just recently bought a house and been looking at the electrics making sure it is all right. The property has a conservatory on the back and a light which doesnt work. When I measured between live and neutral I got 0v so went back to the switch. Here i also got 0v. Went to measure between earth...
  35. P

    polarity testing

    hi guys, when testing to confirm polarity of swa going from house to outbuilding. a. why is it necessary b. why is it carried out before the installation is energised
  36. F

    wrong polarity on led strip light

    might be answering my own question here if you have wrong polarity on a strip light the lamp will still work so we are in the process of changing these to led strip light (flurocents this is ) were the lamp is 18w 75v dc you only have to wire one end of tube but if you get the wrong polarity it...
  37. C

    Reverse polarity on sanyo panels

    Hi all A customer ive quoted recently wants panasonic HIT panels as part of the system and ive never fitted these before, on segens website it says dont reverse the palarity on multible string otherwise you'll destroy the panels, so im a bit reluctunt to fit them as there not the cheepest...
  38. C

    Level 3 Testing. Is this right?

    Hello I have my 302 Practical exam (testing) on Wednesday. I just wanted to know if I am right in what I'm doing. 1. First you would do the Testing of the Protective conductors. Using the R2 method (Long Lead) 2. Then you would do the R1+R2 Tests of all your circuits. Connecting Live and Earth...
  39. A

    continuity of radial circuit conductors

    Hi doing R1 + R2 on lighting circuit green probe on cpc Red probe on Switch line (switch ON) or Line.Which is correct? Switch line to confirm polarity? .took readings on both .why is switch line reading higher. Thank you for any replies. Angus
  40. S

    Head Scratching time lighting fault

    Been doing an eicr today, went to do an R1+R2 on a lighting circuit and got no reading between earth and live but neutral to earth was 1.36 ohms. Straight away thought reversed polarity, but the luminair was working correctly before we arrived, so i put the power back on and checked the voltage...
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