Aico 3000 Range
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  1. happyhippydad

    You've got to turn these things into a positive!

    I'm all set to fit my 8 downlights at the customers house. I texted the builder the night before to make sure he wouldn't be in the way, he's already said he wouldn't but I wanted to double check. No reply so I assume all is well. I get to the job and he's plastering right were I need to work...
  2. M

    Ring circuit or radial . Is this positive

    I was talking to 1 of the QSs today and was told that in amendment 1 of the 18th he thinks it will say about going back to doing radials rather than ring circuits. I'm not sure how true this is but the guy is friendly with NICEIC people and seeminly this was discussed at a recent road show (...
  3. DPG

    'Modern Electric Wiring'

    Evening all. Does anyone want to buy a copy of 'Modern Electric Wiring'? Have ended up with some duplicate books in my collection. Published by Caxton, hardback, 1950 (66 years old). Was after a tenner but that would include postage. Mods - if this isn't allowed let me know, cheers. Daz
  4. L

    Horn wire steering wheel

    Hi all I am very confuaed trying to fix my horn I have an omp aftermarket wheel which has a red connector attached to the Hub metal bit and available as spade connector to connet to the horn button Then the horn has two tabs for spade connectors which are ground and positive Ground is making...
  5. B

    DC battery back up units

    All, I have had a battery back up unit installed for warehouse lighting for the emergency lighting. It has stopped working and the investigation was found to be a short circuit that affected the unit. However after being informed by the designer that both the positive and negative connections...
  6. A

    12V Dual Pole Relay connections...

    Hi all. I have just received a 12V 2 pole 2NO and 2NC and there's no instructions on how to connect it to the power. Normally being a coil negative swapped with positive would make no difference however, this has an LED light and a resister. I am thinking the 12V life wire should before the...
  7. O

    Can anyone recomend a training centre near Harlow??

    Hi everyone, Long time reader first time poster! Im looking at getting my 2395 (or 2394..still undecided) and it looks like every man and his dog are offering training for it! Can anyone recomend a training / exam centre in the general vicinity of Harlow (or north west london)?? Any help...
  8. B

    Is it OK to "short-circuit a" PV module?

    I'm planning on installing the mechanical side of a PV array before I install the electrical components and I've heard that you can connect the positive and negative leads of each module together to short-circuit each module separately until you string them together. Is this true or would it...
  9. M

    Solar pv course, is it worth doing? Positve advice please

    Can anyone give me some good positive advice on doing a solar pv installation course? I have been asked about 10-15 times whether i do it in the last 12 months and was just wondering wheter there was enough profit to be made to justify me doing it? I have a mate who is a roofer so he could...
  10. M

    Megger 1552

    Hi there. I have just recieved my first tester through the post,its a megger 1552. I read all the reviews and it seems like a great piece of kit. But i have just seen on the spec that it is suitable for 16th edition,does anybody know if this will be a problem not being 17th edition or does it...
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