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  1. D

    How to move primary ground at water heater.

    Hello, from North Texas, I am a long time DIYer. I have a question about possibly changing or moving the electrical ground from the electrical load center, breaker box, that is clamped to the cold water copper supply line at the electric water heater. The breaker box is marked "Primary ground...
  2. R

    Does anyone know the BS(EN) for this primary supply overcurrent protective device device

    Can anyone give me the BS no. for this please
  3. UKMeterman

    Wanted supplier 15:5A wound primary Current Transformer

    Hi, I am looking for a 15:5A CT supplier, Farnell don't do them, any others? Thanks
  4. Lou

    CBS Electrical Services

    Prior to establishing CBS Electrical Charles Stewart (owner), was the electrical supervisor for a large plc, in partnership with Cheshire County Council, looking after most Cheshire/ West / East schools and corporate stock with 30 years of experience in the industry. Charles is therefore very...
  5. S

    Advice required on PowerRail 303 kWh & kW Meter

    I have just replaced the PowerRail 300 with the 303, used existing CT's, 3 phase installation in small work shop. This is the first time that I have completed this type of installation The Customer states that the reading is higher than expected, CT set to 100 amp. I am a little stumped to why...
  6. E

    Domestic Help with inverter for Motor home.

    Hi I am buying a new Motor home, & want to do away with my generator. I know that running an inverter draws a lot of power from a Leisure Battery. I found this site that recommends connecting a pure sine wave Inverter to the Engine battery, rather than the leisure battery. I only need to use it...
  7. telectrix

    110v Site Tx.

    bought a 1KVA tranny from car boot @ weekend. bargain @ £8. reason was to have a lightweight one on the van instaed of lugging my 3.3KVA unit about. anyway, gets it home, plugs it in.. no output. so, top off to find that some donut had fitted in-line fuses to bot L and N into the primary. one of...
  8. i=p/u

    Testing 110 Tx

    Anyone test these before and is there anything you know that I don't. from what I see 110v transformer is supplied from 16A protective device which is a sub main circuit ,Then the 2 x 55v lines are protected by 16A fuses Q. Do I just cables upto primary side?
  9. B

    Commercial contactor for underfloor heating

    Hi I've installed the electrics for an underfloor heating system. The system has 6 manifolds each with a small pump. There is then a primary pump that pushes hot water through the system from an aerobic digester next door. I have fitted 6 contactor each using a switch wire from the thermostat...
  10. M

    110v transformers

    again would sincerely appreciate a bitof help have a client who wants a mix of stuff doing all in small numbers not really my normal work but have splashed out on a seward 250 to accomadate him and having a few issues on a coulpe of things namely 110 v transformers could some one please...
  11. Jimmy Boy

    Board upgrades remote to main CU

    Apologies if this has been asked before but I can't quite put my finger on the answer searching threads. 1) If you changing a CU that isn't the main CU but a downstream one ie garage, you fill in all the data on the cert. as per normal but Ze and PFC at the origin is that actually where the...
  12. M

    110V site transformer

    Hi all, I'm new here but looking for some help with wiring a site transformer. It has a 32A 3-phase supply. I can see the terminals where I wire the phases in to but I cannot see where I need to connect the neutral. The transofrmer will be dropping the voltage to 110V. Where do I connect the...
  13. S

    difference between a PT(Potential Transformer) & CVT (Capacitor Voltage Transformer)

    What is the difference between a PT(Potential Transformer) & CVT (Capacitor Voltage Transformer) ?
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