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  1. H

    Training providers

    Hi first post hopefully this is in the right place. Trying to find a solar pv course local to the Gloucester area. Is there any around within an hour and a half drive?
  2. P

    Worst broadband providers

    I see Talktalk have beennamed as worst broadband provider for the second year running. I was with them for quite a few years, but left when they upped their prices and then lost all the data. Mind you, I've made some very nice Asian friends because of it, they phone me quite often to help me...
  3. R


    I am looking at doing the 2394 course. Is it better to do it at a college or one of the training providers? This might be a stupid question so sorry in advance
  4. O

    Can anyone recomend a training centre near Harlow??

    Hi everyone, Long time reader first time poster! Im looking at getting my 2395 (or 2394..still undecided) and it looks like every man and his dog are offering training for it! Can anyone recomend a training / exam centre in the general vicinity of Harlow (or north west london)?? Any help...
  5. B

    what work

    I have 2382-10 and 2391-10. what work can i do myself and with employer
  6. E

    Don't know which training provider to go with ....

    i'm looking to do electrician training course and probable "plumbing" as well .... so far i've only looked at OLCI and Not A Chance. Are there any other training providers in and around london area?
  7. G

    which self cert scheme

    Time has come for me to register (and pay thru the nose for) membership of a self cert scheme with a provider. Cant really justify turning down notifiable work any longer. Would welcome any pointers, hints, tips or minefields people have experienced..! Do i really have to spend a ragging...
  8. S

    Competent Person Schemes & Part P

    As requested a thread specifically dedicated to PART P and the schemes. Here are the scheme providers that you can enroll on so that you can self certify your own work. In no particular order of preference, however, the first three are the most popular: NAPIT UK ELECSA NICEIC...
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