1. Lister1987

    Cable codes reference sheet?

    Is there a document that dechypers what cable markings and codes actually mean? 6181Y and the like. I've looked on BCA, Doncaster Cables and a few others but can't find a simple explainitory guide to them, closest I've come is the BS EN standardisation document when codes changed to tie in with...
  2. S

    Trainee Am2 calculations on test sheet

    I’ve got my am2 tomorrow morning, I’m pretty confident with everything and just gone over my testing and done the prep day yesterday, I was just wondering if anyone knows what calculations are needed on the back of your testing sheet to pass? I’ve got r1+r2/4 for ring final, zs=ze+r1+r2, my...
  3. C

    EICR tick sheet other methods of protection

    Hi all, iv recently passed my testing and inspection course and have landed a job doing EICRs iv noticed that people I work with are ticking all the boxes in the section for "other methods of protection" I dont believe they should be. Can anyone give me a break down of what each point means...
  4. G

    Calibration test sheet anyone

    HI all, tryd to search but cant seem to find it Has anyone go a copy of the monthly calibration test sheet for a multifunction tester so I can check it monthly. Cheers Grand
  5. TonyJohnson

    Advice...Radial with boiler as a spur..what to put on test sheet

    In a domestic dwelling. I am relatively new to testing and inspection. I came across a radial...4mm cable 16amp Type B. The washing machine is used for this radial.But somewhere in the house!!!, the boiler is connected into this circuit... The boiler has a local fused spur with 3 amp fuse. My...
  6. J

    Pre work/site survey sheet template

    Hi all Can anyone point me in the direction of some site survey/pre-work survey sheet templates (Excel format?) for gathering info at quote stage? Thanks J
  7. i=p/u

    Form filling info

    Has anyone made an updated sheet for form filling or direct me to the old page
  8. Dan

    EICR - Special Location Sheet

    Dan submitted a new resource: EICR - Special Location Sheet - Editable Special Location Sheet for Certification and Inspections Read more about this resource...
  9. Dan

    EICR - Single Board Sheet

    Dan submitted a new resource: EICR - Single Board Sheet - Editable Single Board Sheet for Certification and Inspections Read more about this resource...
  10. Dan

    EICR -Multiple Boards Sheet

    Dan submitted a new resource: EICR -Multiple Boards Sheet - Editable Multiple Boards Sheet for Certification and Inspections Read more about this resource...
  11. Dan

    EICR - Continuation Observation Sheet

    Dan submitted a new resource: EICR - Continuation Observation Sheet - Editable Continuation Observaton Sheet for Certification and Inspections Read more about this resource...
  12. Dan

    EICR - Editable Luminaire Sheet

    Dan submitted a new resource: EICR - Editable Luminaire Sheet - Editable Luminaire Sheet for Certification and Inspections Read more about this resource...
  13. V

    Step Drill Bits

    I have a metal clad CU that I am currently installing, it's the MK Sentry one and I want to use the Wago Sprint glands on it. They make a Sprint gland that is 25mm and will accept 2 x 2.5mm T&E for a ring final. The problem is all the knockouts on the box are either 20mm or 32mm. If I bought a...
  14. infinity

    blackest panels

    Have you found a panel blacker than the penlight delta black? How black are the sun power signature blacks? does anyone have a photo of them? or even a data sheet? I can't seem to find the data sheet for them anywhere just for the normal 327W panel. Are there any other completely black panels?
  15. M

    Slight help with a minor works test sheet.

    On a test sheet I have, it says at the bottom of one of the sheets, Registration number ................. (The registration number is essential information) im im not sure what a registration number this means. If I can upload a pic direct from my tablet I will, I don't have any accounts to...
  16. C

    sub mains help newbie

    Hi guys please bear with me as I am new to the electrical game I have done a private job and run a garage board to a shed with a six mm amoured fone all relevant test on the curcuits And done a zs at db but do I have to r1 r2 the sub mains to put on the test results or is tbis not needed and...
  17. R

    down sizing long lighting circuit

    I'm testing a car park lighting circuit at 200m long. 4mm singles to first point at about 100m and then reduces down to 2.5mm. Trunking used as additional CPC to reduce Zs values. How would you record that on a test sheet? And is there a regulation about downsizing?
  18. O

    Quick check sheet review

    Hi all with regards to the Quick check sheet I have made up first of all anybody using it and secondly any advice on how to make it better . It may not be everybodys cup o tea but I use it as a crib sheet ie fill in the boxes and transfer over ie working copy . Yep I have bluetooth on my 1553...
  19. B

    Megger 1553

    Hi, I use the megger 1553 tester, Now i have herd that yoiu can get the software that automatically transfers the info onto the certs and then prints.. Anyone use it and if so is it good and how does it work?
  20. K

    Testing question

    Hi I'm about to start my testing course and started looking though my GN3 and I've got a question one of you lads could answer for me. when doing insulation resistance test it states that all neon, dimmers, lamps and other sensitive equipment should be removed. My question is do you remove all...
  21. D

    eicr tick sheet

    hi all im having problems with the tick sheet are there any good books or web sites to have a look at. cheers daz
  22. M


    Hi we are quite a well established company in our area, started up on my own around 10 years ago and do fairly well. However, my biggest downfall is the paperwork, I just cannot get systems in place that work (or that I can keep to). I find it extremely difficult to book work in and keep to...
  23. V

    Job Sheet

    Well as title really, im wanting a template or maybe a program to use on a PC/ipad/iphone for itemising the jobs im carrying out all it needs to include is time on job materials used what are you all using??? Dan
  24. B

    Is there a test Cert for earth rod testing

    A project engineer has requested a test cert for an earth electrode test on an industrial site earthing system is there a test cert for this? Thanks
  25. O

    For newbies and trainees!!!!!!!!!

    Yesterday I got an email from a friend of a friend asking me to come and look at a faulty shower isolator switch, so I duely popped in on my way home. This is what I saw when I removed the switch from the wall: Obviously before I took it off the wall I went to look at their shiney new CU...
  26. D

    Annual visual inspection

    Hi all My company has been asked to carry out annual visual inspections In between periodics in a number of schools in the borough has anybody got any info on this or a spread sheet if possible that you have found helpful/useful We have to look at each room to see if there are any problems. The...
  27. S

    addition of new circuit

    When a new circuit has been added to an installation. Is that one circuit the only one to be recorded on a new test sheet or do the other circuits need to be recorded on the same sheet?
  28. S

    Pre-work survey sheet

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a pre-work survey sheet, template, so I can record test results such as Ze, Bonding, PFC etc for when doing cu changes etc, many thanks.
  29. M

    2nd ask Job sheet template

    Hi guys Giving it another go! anyone have a good template for a job sheet sort a thing you can fill in when quoting , materials needed/to order etc Cheers
  30. tony mc

    Castline Form Fill PIR Sheet

    Hi all I know this free down load is used on the domestic front by forum users. A quick question when filling out the PIR page. There is a facility to include extra pages re observations and recommendations. This is a...
  31. B

    testing certs

    hi all does anybody know where i can get the template for: periodic testing of small domestic premises the two sheet select version preferably without the logo anybody that can help me that would be very much appreciated thanks .........
  32. S

    PIR Coding to BS7671 only

    Hi Guys I have recently been hauled over the coals for coding items that are not in BS7671 e.g. No lighting in an Intake Room, Asbestos in Switchgear, etc The customer says its not a reg (I agree) but I coded it a 2 as it needs lighting and is against the EAWR1989 They say I should only...
  33. dnjr

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC test sheets

    Dear All First post so please be gentle I have issued a certificate for a house I have wiredrecently. I bought the certs frommy wholesaler and they consist of 3 sheets. 1st sheet name etc. 2nd sheet Charateristics and 3rd sheet is test results. I added to this a smoke alarm test cert and a...
  34. T

    Inspection Check List

    Guys is there a site or place that goes into detail on the check list sheet. Some items im not quite sure what they are looking for. So was wondering is there somthing i could read that would make it a little more clear? Many Thanks Tim
  35. J

    New Installation

    hello all, can someone please advice me the best way of filling out EIC form when doing sub-main supplies. I doing a log cabin installation and i have made the cabin a tt due to the supply being 30 meters away and being TN-CS. The bit I'm not sure on is where, if at all, do i put the earth...
  36. R

    Recording RCD test results

    Please confirm.. On the test sheet, it is the x1 worst result that gets put on the sheet?:confused: thanks
  37. W

    2 d/boards 1 supply

    Hi just done pir, had a 16mm t+e submain feeding a d/b off live side of isolator had a 10mm t+e feeding another board about 6 metres away. Do they go on same test result sheet as they have the same supply or seperate ones stating same supply?
  38. R

    Kewtech Part P installation certs

    has anyone used these before? filing one in now and it doesnt ask for the PFC, voltage/frequency. also i have the main house CU, and a CU from a submain in the annex and i cant see how to show that the second sheet is a sub main, and where to write in details of the sub main cable etc...
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