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  1. pirate

    Quiz shows on TV

    Why are we so addicted to quiz shows? Well, I find I am... Occasionally I get a correct answer on University Challenge...actually, i got 2 tonight!...but Only Connect is a total mystery to me! Different brains working in different ways, I suppose. Odd that the average age on University Challenge...
  2. L

    Socket shows LN Reverse on socket tester

    Hi all, I have recently moved into a flat. One the single sockets shows LN reverse on the socket tester that I bought today Why could this be ? I have checked the earth connection which is all good.
  3. Lister1987

    UK Trade shows and the like...

    Seen a few mentions of ELEX now and as a newbie to the trade (and tradeshows on general), how many are there and how often are they, or is ELEX the only one?
  4. T

    BG RCBO ramp test on one of them shows trip at 15ma every other one is 24 ma

    So just did an EICR few problems mostly rectified. Customer wanted new CU so put in BG with RCBO just five circuits. Tests on EICR were fine except for high ohms on Zs for lighting first floor so tracking that down. All RCBO are fine except this one 32a ring final circuit. RFC tests all fine IR...
  5. T

    MFT shows 235V, Drummond tester says dead, no live present

    Attended call out at shop. Freezers, chillers and tills were down. Using MFT on V. measurement got 235V plugged into socket. Tested inside socket at terminals with drummond tester, nothing 0 V. Switched MFT to Loop and the neutral was missing. Just a bit puzzled why the MFT shows V. and Drummond...
  6. P

    French wiring book showing Type AC 40a breaker with N and L wired opposite

    Hi all. I've just had my house in France upgraded to single phase. I've bought a consumer unit as i only want a basic set up (minimal electric is used in my house!) and am going to put it in myself. I have a book which teaches you how to wire up. The consumer unit comes pre-packed with one...
  7. J

    smoke alarm grades new build.

    Hi, I am pricing for a new build property and the schedule of works shows the system as Provide and install an automatic fire detection and alarm system inaccordance with BS 5839: Part 1 to L3 standard. Electrician to provideon completion a wiring certificate...
  8. N

    10.5kW Shower Cable Size

    Hi all, Would a 10.5kW Shower require 10mm or 16mm twin and earth? I've been doing cable calculations at college and im not 100%. Cable Length = 20m Protective Device = 50A Wiring method = Above plasterboard ceiling not exceeding 100mm insulation I belive 10mm is sufficient but my calcs...
  9. T

    Piko 3.1 inverter malfunction/ fault

    Hi Has any one had a fault mains malfunction 251, malfunction suppy voltage, then shows operating mode idle.It seems to show the sunny led on then goes into start mode showing it's generating then cuts out and flashed red fault led and shows the fault.I have only become aware of this because of...
  10. T

    New iphone app

    Check out CAPABLE the new cable calc app. Cheaper than a pint! surely worth a look, any feedback greatly received cheers
  11. E

    high ZS and not tripping out RCD problem

    I have just finished a job on a house that has not been altered electrically for 40 years, my job was to rewire kitchen, upgrade earthing to current spec and fit new distribution board to 17th edition. All well and good but when I tested it, the old existing ring was giving me high resistance...
  12. 4

    megger 1552 problem

    ive had my megger for just short of a year and today after changing a consumer unit i got a strange reading when testing the rcd trip times. it will not auto test, ie run through the test sequence by itself, it just displays >50v. if you take each test on its own it will 1/2 test 1x test and...
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