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  1. D

    CCTV 4 Channel Image sometimes goes offline

    I recently done wiring for 4 channel CCTV with NVR. So i Install each CCTV with Cat5 Ethernet cable with 12VDC power supply. I connect all the CCTV with ethernet cable to NVR and start running the system without internet and work fine till few weeks. Few days ago i encounter one problem is...
  2. S

    Commercial Sometimes you have to laugh before you cry

    Got a call from a beauty salon to ask if I repair electronic beds. I said no but the very camp voice begged me and told me no one would repair it apart from the German makers - and they wanted a fortune. He badgered me until I said I would come have a look. I've never been in such a place like...
  3. Jacky

    Advice please on why recently installed cooker is sometimes tripping the tripswitch

    Hello all. recently bought a secondhand dual fuel cooker. Range Master Leisure.. Serial No. 5407003589. When it was first put in it worked fine. Then the following day, when the fan oven was switched on it would trip out. Got in touch with guy we bought cooker from and he said he never had...
  4. telectrix

    wonder why we bother sometimes

    as title. see photo. wet-pants had a diagram showing the exact position of my where does he run his wet works? had to reposition all 4 lights. the cables in the pic are in the alternative hole. lucky i didn't drill his pipe.
  5. Malcolm

    Sometimes you just have to work Saturdays.

    Hi all. I thought I'd just share this one with you. I try not to work Saturdays anymore, but got a call from a guy saying that sometimes lights in his house don't come on or slow to come on or some come on and others don't, which made me think about one I came across last year when it turned out...
  6. O

    Dash Cams

    Anyone got a dash cam and found them useful? Just wondering... Thanks
  7. K

    PIR Issues

    hi im having an issue with a pir detector currently installed at home, it is on the top of a wall which is approx 5ft high, mounted on a bracket so it sits above the line of bricks by about 200mm, i am getting a lot of nuisance switching, have replaced the sensor but still happening, i am...
  8. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Butchery at it's best

  9. J

    CTEC intermitant zone fault

    Hello can any body help I have been pulling my hair out for 2 days in a carehome we have a ctec conventional panel that is coming up zone 6 fault the problem is its in fault sometimes for 2 seconds then clears sometimes 5 to 10 mins which is not giving me enough time to properly investigate. I...
  10. G

    480 volt water heaters

    Sometimes its impossible explaining why the US uses larger wire sizes lol:
  11. G

    main fuse blown

    was called out to house earlier where couple had returned from holiday to find they had no power. on closer inspection I discovered that the main 80amp fuse had blown, no mcbs or rcds had tripped. any ideas ?
  12. M

    Central heating in flat. Problem with hot water in taps.

    Hello, I have few questions regarding central heating in Scotland. I have moved to Scotland a few weeks ago and I can't understand heating installation. The hot water in bathroom (I mean shower) is from electric boiler not from the gas boiler? I have also a problem with hot water in taps both...
  13. K

    Cylinder stat seems trip rcd

    Hi, My heating system is a myson apollo 30b with a 3 way valve etc. The other day wife said was a popping noise coming from kitchen where the programmer and boiler is , on investigation i have found when you turn down the tank stat which is a drayton hts 3 it when it gets below the temp and...
  14. M

    Domestic 2006 Mazda3 Remote Locking works intermittently.

    Hi, Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer. I have a 2006 Mazda3. I have had it about 3 months and have found the remote central locking only works sometimes. When I get out the car and close the door and press the fob lock button, sometimes the car locks, often it doesn't. Locking...
  15. trev


    I'm not going into the reasons behind this ok. Ding ffs stick around. Although you might think it sometimes, no one hates you. Yes you **** me off sometimes but I probably do the same to you so I guess that makes us even. Although I suspect that it's a massive mick take and what just happened is...
  16. M

    Domestic Testing if out-dated bonding still functional

    Hi Folks I am a plumber and have recently had to replace a couple of old pipes that had old bonding connected to them - black cable cross bonding the two pipes and then going off under the floor boards. Normally I would simply replace this bonding. The issue here is that a section of the...
  17. Redvanman

    MW cert on a spurred circuit

    I have extended a ring circuit into 3 new conservatories and in each a switch spur has been used to supply the lights Now my question is would you issue a MW cert for the ring circuit plus individual MW Certs for each spurred lighting circuit stating the 3A fuse as the main OCP device or just...
  18. P

    Domestic Bathroom fan not working correctly

    Hi everyone, I recently moved into a new build house with a fitted bathroom complete with fan that comes on/off with the light switch (+delay for going off). Strangely when you switch the lights on/off in the hallway next to the bathroom is sometimes disturbs the fan so you can hear it skip...
  19. G

    help with 303 question city and guilds

    State TWO faults which may be found for EACH of the following.a) Luminaries b) Flexible cable/cords c) Wiring Can any one help me with this one?
  20. W

    central heating help

    Wired in a y plan heating system not so long back , all was well until the boiler packed in a few months back , the new boiler has terminals for the external stat inside the control panel , my stat cable goes back to the wiring centre , the stat no longer works? Help please?
  21. A

    fuse blowing randomley somtimes instantly sometimes in 10 to 20 mins driving me nuts

    hi there my downstairs lighting ring fuse blows randomly sometimes instantly sometimes in 10 to 20 mins. ive tried a multimeter continuation test to see if there is any contact between earth and live and neutral and live on that circuit . which there doesn't seem to be. there is continuity...
  22. S

    13 Amp Radial Circuit - with added joy

    Back to my cat pee soaked floors and a RCBO protected radial cirucit that is giving grief. RCBO symptoms described by the customer, "it's a nuisance and keeps tripping so we just flick it back up, sometimes it's OK first time sometimes it can take 3 or 4 goes before it resets, sometimes we have...
  23. S

    Domestic MCB tripping and takes out RCD

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!! Had house rewired 8 years ago everything fine. 3 Weeks ago down stairs socket ring tripped the MCB but the RCD tripped too and took out everything (on the RCD protected side). Checked the cables for breaks/rodent damage, none. PAT tested all the equipment...
  24. S

    Out of date books!!!

    What you guys doing with all your out of date books now?? I have loads like snags books and the yellow inspection books etc?? Really annoying that you buy them then they get updates weeks after!!
  25. S

    Insulation Resistance Test with Fluke 1652

    I'm using a Fluke 1652c as my MFT. When I do the Insulation resistance tests at 500v - sometimes the result is displayed immediatley i.e >500 Megohms , other times the resistance seems to climb slowly, peaking around a figure. As this figure is generally massively in excess of the required 2...
  26. A

    PIR floodlight problem... Ideas?

    Hi peeps, I've added a PIR sensor into a security light that was previously just controlled by a switch. I've kept a permanent feed still from the switch so it can be either switched on, or will come on from the sensor. And, it all works great. Except... It is now sometimes triggered by...
  27. G

    Another New Member On Board

    Hi All, Just to introduce myself, i am an apprenticed served electrician, way back in 1980, i was a JIB registered, approved electrician, with a C+G certificates in electrical installations 236 course, parts 1 + 2. in London. The shopfitting company that i had worked for, wen`t into liquidation...
  28. G

    intermittent fault

    Hello. I could do with a bit of help with a problem I have at the moment. I have a customer who has some outdoor lights that just won't stay on. It is a big garden and the route each of the cables take are not completely known, or where some of the terminations are. The consumer unit has...
  29. T

    will kewtech kt61 or 62 do the job

    hi, going to book a napit part p assessment and want to spend wisely. will the kt61 be ok[cheapest], i now about only 500v instul test setting and will trip rcds. will this pass the assessment and would the tool be ok if not using day to day. also do i need a proving unit and fuse locking...
  30. J

    non trip loop test still trips the rcd

    I have a megger 1552 and the no trip setting works fine, until today. Can't get a loop reading on a sub main in workshop. It keeps tripping the RCD back in the house. Some RCD's I have found to be ultra sensitive but not this one. Cutting cables all day on switched off circuits and never a trip...
  31. S


    Hello I am looking for some advice on pricing, i am registered as a Ltd company and a Nic Eic domestic installer and for the last few years i have been sub contracting doing commercial jobs and fitting in my own domestic work where ever i can for extra cash, I am now looking to finding my own...
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