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    Industrial Installation Drawings

    So our H&S manager came back from a course last week and asked me do we have schematic drawings for the fixed installation, I said my head! I've been there 10 years and know all of the site electrics like the back off my hand, but there are no drawings. Thinking about what she said I...
  2. i=p/u

    Am tech software

    Hello, is am tech software difficult to grasp, ?? I've seen a job advertised and mentions this. Would you pick it up easy enough first day??? anything about il listen . Ty.
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    what the eletrical workplace has come to....

    latest from jobcentre website for a vacancy in Bury , job description below. Must be fully time served electrician. Must have full driving licence and own transport as will be required to drive as part of duties. Duties will involve carrying out electrical installations in domestic properties...
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    Great offer from Fluke

    Got an email this morning about a free trial of a thermal imager "Try Out A Fluke Thermal Imager Need convincing ? The best way to understand the benefits of thermal imaging is to try it for yourself !Fluke is offering you a free 2 day trial, no obligation attached and absolutely free. The...
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    Pocket size book

    Can any body reccomend a good POCKET SIZED.. guide book for a developing electrican ?
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    Drawing software

    Hello guys, Which software do you use for drawing electrical diagrams? Cheers! :)
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