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  1. A

    Commercial Lengthening a vacuum power cable

    Hi all I am new to the forum and am looking for some advice on the legality and best way to increase the length of a vacuum cleaner power cable without using extension cables. It is in a nursing home environment. Can I just replace the cable myself or do I have to have an electrician do it?? Is...
  2. S

    Vacuum and compressor automation

    I've been asked to design a panel for 2x 3phase comressors and 2x 3phase vacuum pumps. Non of the motors can start at the same time and between the 2, they have to run alternately. The vacuum pumps need to be wired so that if more vacuum is needed the other will start. Keep in mind that when...
  3. E

    Changing plug on 3M Vacuum

    Hi i have an American 3m vacuum cleaner, can i change the American plug for an english 3 pin? is there anything extra i need to know? Thanks for reading
  4. littlespark

    Vacuum recommendations

    After reading a post about what people thought about Mr Dysons vacuum cleaners, I need to ask what other people use. We have used a Dyson in the house, and a bagless Vax. We used to have a Henry but that got relegated to the garage for cleaning the cars etc, but it succumbed to a smoking related...
  5. G

    Dyson vacuum cleaners

    Hi! Could anyone tell me if it's worth pat testing a dyson vacuum cleaner?I know there class 2 so you can't do the earth test but could do a visual inspection and possibly a insulation resistance test? But seeing as there's no metal parts other than screw heads can this be done?
  6. E

    3 Phase domestic system query

    Hello, hope you guys can shed some light on recent incident. Recently I installed a heating system to a property in France that consists of a pellet boiler with vacuum feed, solar thermal, UFH etc... The system was all up and running nicely. A few months later , an electrician was working on...
  7. C

    Exploding bricks

    Hi, I work in the Domestic market and get frustrated when sinking back boxes using an SDS. Every now and then I come across a house where the bricks explode/shatter when touched with an sds chisel. My solution so far has been to chain drill and remove with a scutch chisel, but its really time...
  8. Soulsurfer

    Chasing machine ?

    Anyone got any opinions on wall chasing machines &/or hoovers as got more & more to do now and thinking of buying one. Hilti DC-SE20 seems top dog but only afford second hand at around £450 ish. Thanks for any ideas opinions
  9. uksparks

    FOR SALE: Metabo MFE30 Wall Chaser & ASR2025 Vacuum

    Hi, NOTE: This is 230v, not 110v I have decided to sell my wall chaser as have only use it on one rewire and quite honestly hate rewires and will if I can help it never do one again as they are quite frankly awful things to do. So, I have a Metabo MFE30 Wall Chaser which has had very very...
  10. C

    Commercial Contacting a 5 Kva generator to standard 3 pin vacuum,please help

    Hi , please can I ask your advice. I have searched everywhere for an answer and am confused. Pin short I have bought a 5 Kva generator to power a 3300watt vacuum and I need to know how to connect the generator which is fitted with a regulator to a standard three pin socket into which I can plug...
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