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  1. B

    29 Year Old Wanting To Train As An Electrician

    Hi peeps Im currently 29 and wanting to change my career to become an electrician, can anyone please help on how this can be done at my age, the problem is i'm in full time work and need to be in full time work while training...is it possible to get an apprenticeship type of deal or does anyone...
  2. J

    Hi there - particularly wanting advice on Central Heating wiring

    I'm a plumber wanting to have some training on Central Heating wiring - please can someone point me in the right direction (region is Sunderland).
  3. D

    Hi newbie here, wanting to return to the electrical trade

    Hi all, I started my electrical apprenticeship nearly 10 years ago went to college for 3 and half years on the C&G 2330 I passed every test except the last one on level 3. I worked as an apprentice electrician for 2 and a half years before Jacking it in. The company I worked for weren't very...
  4. littlespark

    Self employed spark wanting to broaden his skills...

    I'm looking to further my knowledge in CCTV, alarms and door entry systems. I am already working as a self employed electrician but would like to specialise in the electronic security fields. I've installed systems in the past, but what do I need to be 'certified' ie which courses should I take...
  5. C

    Apprentice wanting to progress

    Evening Lads Im currently a month away from finishing my apprenticeship. Im training to be a field service engineer. From this I'll get my NVQ in electrical testing and maintainence along with decent knowledge of domestic electrics. I dont plan on staying in this job forever and want to...
  6. HumbleWorker 91RT

    Apprentices Enthusiastic Apprentice wanting to work Warrington/Manchester/Liverpool

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a company that want to bring on a new apprentice I'm an older apprentice at 25 but have basic hand tools an eagerness to learn the trade and want to help a business grow. I've laboured in the past and just want to work hard and learn all that I can. I have my CSCS and...
  7. C

    New to the forum just wanting advise on a sensor in a bathroom

    Hi Basically I just want to know what is required to fit a sensor in my bathroom and do away with the light switch completely. I'm having a new stud wall built with a pocket siding door inside the wall. So the joiner said I'd need to get a pull down light switch so there would be no wires in...
  8. T

    Any help and advice on getting working on OHL?

    Hi to all.. I am a fully qualified spark, but wanting a change now, i am wanting to try and get into working on OHL (Over head lines) i have contacted various energy companies regarding employment with them and they are wanting a minimum of HND before they're interested. I have...
  9. E

    Makita 8391DWPETK drill - Advice needed

    I'm new to this so in all honesty, I wouldn't have a clue at what is good and what's not. There's a personal reason behind me wanting a makita drill amongst the fact that they are a good make and as I'm starting up my tool collection etc, i'm after my first drill. I've spotted this one and it...
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