1. littlespark

    Up late watching telly. Classic film

    It came out in 1999, groundbreaking and pushing all boundary’s. Sometimes crude, sometimes political and really really funny. I was 25... newly married the year before and we were just about to start a family, I really should have known better..... South Park. Bigger longer and uncut. A modern...
  2. GMES

    So what are you watching at the moment.

    As per title, what's everyone into at the moment. I've just finished,,,, Stranger things Top Boy The I Land , got one episode left Bohemian Raphsody movie I'm watching the movie, the Mule today clint Eastwood. And am eagerly awaiting season 10 of the walking dead. My favourite from the list...
  3. Zerax

    Anyone watching The Capture on BBC ?

    Just caught up with the first 3 episodes... and nothing is making sense to me... anyone know what's going on ??
  4. S

    Was watching re runs on TV of Crimesearch

    and noticed Tel in the middle on the sofa..........
  5. GMES

    Who's watching it besides me

    The walking dead season 9 starts at 9pm, any fans on here. Can't wait myself, I'm sure I'll get some stick for it :rolleyes:
  6. Pete999

    Was watching this the other day, expect most of you have seen it

    Now I have know idea how the majority feel, a question was asked during the video series, and there are quite a few if you care to watch them. Now one of the points raised was in regards to the 5 week course qualification, Part P etc, it appears that the ubiquitous Part P "Qualification"...
  7. Andy5678

    What you watching on the telly

    game of thrones starts tomorrow; some find it weird but I like it. Love island next Monday. Complete rubbish but find it entertaining-any insults accepted :tearsofjoy:
  8. S

    Go on admit white van owners, you watching the Royal Wedding?

    or have your wives told you that you have to?
  9. GMES

    Don't miss it

    Just for anyone interested in this kind of thing, Rise Of The Warrior Apes | Discovery UK - It as been 23 years in the making and it looks really good, it's been getting loads of airtime on the adverts so hopefully it will be worth...
  10. Leesparkykent

    Joshua v Molina

    So who will be watching tonight? I would like Joshua to do well...He's a much better ambassador for the sport than that muppet Fury imo.
  11. Leesparkykent

    The Grand Tour (Top Gear)

    So only a week until it starts....Will be good to see them back on the screen after Chris Evans miserable attempt at hosting Top Gear! Will you be watching? Apparently the opening scene cost £2.5 million to make!
  12. J

    Britain's got the builders in - BBC1

    Literally just got this trash on in the background and couldn't help this catching my eye... Sounds like it's something to do with a £50,000 bed with motorised drink cabinet?! In any case, as if putting two cables into one plug top wasn't bad enough, it looks like one of them is T+E! Looks...
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