1. E

    catch 22, i dont want to work but have to for my supper!

    kfc is closed for boiler repairs and ive been contacted to fit some water heaters for them, i was needing some of the colonels fried chicken tonight so looks like ive been sucked into working, for chicken!
  2. Rocboni

    Closed loop Sensor monitoring

    Hello, How are closed loop sensors like the below and monitored integrated into a control system, isolation switches/switch amplifiers? These are typically used on explosion panels where when they blow off it snaps the cable or ceramic plate causing an open circuit. (I’m Prepared for the...
  3. Leesparkykent

    Veto Pro Pac MC for sale

    good condition...Tiny white paint mark that can be seen in pic. Looking for £40 plus postage.
  4. B

    The Hulme Hippodrome Manchester

    I just love old stuff (fancy myself as an urban explorer but rarely seem to find the time) This theatre hosted the likes of Laurel and Hardy Nina Simone and the Beatles. its been closed for 30 years and has hardly been touched since then. see link for a full report The Beatles venue...
  5. S

    free test software

    a guy on one of the facebook pages im on has started a website with free cert software if people are willing to beta test free for life apparently. here is the link if you want to have a look Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  6. M

    Magnetic door sensor to turn on led light problem

    ok so what i am trying to do is. 12v led turns on when the door is open and turns off when the door is closed. But my sensor does it backwards " when the door is open the light turns off and when the door is closed the light turns on... on my tester it shows closed circuit when the magnets...
  7. D

    minimum requirement for scam/racket membership

    Why was it closed
  8. J

    Exit and Entry Doors on Scantronic 9600 Alarm

    Hi ... Apologies if this is the wrong place to post but everything I come across says closed thread . We have a Scantronic House Alarm and we have a front and rear door both with the contacts on them for exit and entry.I have looked at the paperwork and they are listed as exit and entry but we...
  9. N

    Key switch into remote roller shutter system issue

    Hi, currently updating the studio entrance system. The roller shutter previously ran on a keyed switch. Standard 3 core in to 4 core out to motor. An RC1000 unit has now been put in place, with the motor now being directly wired into this, as well as all other controls. The problem I have...
  10. O

    Help with 11 Pin Relay

    I have an 11 pin relay and base (Relpol R15-2013-23-5230) on which I need to switch 2 separate areas individually so that if either area is energised it prevents the other area being energised. The numbering on the base is as follows L to R. Top Row 9/34 - 8/32 - 7/24 - 5/22 - 3/14 - 4/12...
  11. Worcester

    Apprenticeship Training Limited / ATL Kidderminster Closes it's doors 10/09/2012

    I posted this (in my ignorance) originally in the main / business section. Has anyone else heard that ATL has been closed down by the Skills Funding Agency, and that all the centres closed their doors on Monday? I have an apprentice whose supposed to go in next week, however we can't get any...
  12. Q

    Explain to me Electromagnetic Induction, EMF to be exact...

    Hello, I am struggling to understand how electricity is generated in an AC generator... I know that there is a coil of wire and a magnet, and both of them have their own magnetic fields and as the magnet moves into the coil's magnetic field, it causes electrons to move in that coil. Well if that...
  13. C

    relays, time delayed

    hi, i am connecting a time delay relay onto a lighting circuit. i am going to have a switch on the circuit, when you switch the light on it should go on and stay on, until the switch is switched off again. when the switch is switched off, i want the light to stay on for ten minutes then go off...
  14. R

    Stupid question about RCDs

    If we have a double pole RCD which is, let's say 30mA 80A, will it trip in an overload situation above 80A in a similar manner to an 80A incomer? Or is it just 'rated' at 80A in the same way a switch may be rated at 6A or whatever? I'm sure it's a dumb question that I should know the answer to...
  15. A

    job prospects

    Hi am thinking of a course with Access Training since i live in cardiff but looking on this forum there seems to be alot of qualified electricans who cant find jobs, so is there and point in me doing a course and finding i can get work - i want to work for someone not on my own. thanks
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