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  1. MarkRibbands

    Sleeving Brn-Blk-Gry cores for SP. Is there a convention?

    If using 3-core SWA Brown/Black/Grey for a single-phase circuit, what colours do you use? I leave the brown as live, then sleeve the black with blue for N and the grey with grn/yel for E. It's arbitrary, but was wondering if there's an informal convention, and if maybe I've been 'doing it...
  2. C

    What do you need in order to carry out domestic electrical work.

    I am near the end of a apprenticeship(year 3) in industrial and commercial electrics and feel very competent in what I do, I would like to be self employed when I am qualified, and I was wondering if there is any way I can carry out domestic electrical work legally at the weekend for example is...
  3. M

    Can I wire up a Honeywell AG6 Alarm bell box with only 4 cores?

    Replaced panel and would now like to replace Bell box. Using Existing wiring, it has two cores from bell box wire to an individual zone, so only 4 Spare cores available at bell box. I cannot even find the possible 'zone/pir/panic button' to check the wiring at it. Can anyone help me...
  4. C

    RJ45 - 3 damaged cores

    Hi. I have a customer with a cat6 from his house to a workshop on his land further up. Most of the run is underground, and the pipe is fair tight. 3 of the cores are damaged at some point and he's reluctant to pull a new cable in if he can avoid it since its a massive run, although I have...
  5. B

    Belling out

    How to bell out 2 core MICC?
  6. I

    Industrial Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory

    Hi fella's , Following a recent report I have had sent to me t was deemed that multi-core SWA doubled up to supply a single phase piece of equipment, was unsatisfactory for following reasons. 'Poor onsite installation practice may result in increased risk of failure,electric shock or fire'...
  7. happyhippydad

    Extending cat 5 cable or telephone cable and maintenance free requirements?

    I was wondering if the maintenance free requirements (MF) are the same with communication cable as with low voltage supplies? I can't see why they wouldn't be. The junction boxes for cat 5 cable or telephone cable where you just use the insertion tool have no screws that could come loose but I...
  8. D

    110v temporary lighting questions

    Hi guys, fairly new to industry and even newer to temporary lighting. We are putting up 5 normal and 3 emergency lights. The lights are being switched via a sensor. The normal fittings have 3 cores and the emergencies gave 4. The cable from sensor also has 4 cores. How should I connect the...
  9. P

    3 Phase cable, single phase single phase supply.

    I need to use a 3 phase cable that is connected at the incoming end and supplies a 3 phase board that is to be removed. My question is, is it ok to use the 3 phase incomer isolator but just remove 2 of the phases that feed it (black grey) and just use the brown and blue cores to supply the...
  10. S

    Marcrist or Hilti for a core drill?

    Which one would you buy?
  11. R

    some nice work

    Hi just thought i would show you guys some photos of the work iam trying to replace.Photo 1 is 4core 35sq mains feed to 2 storey office block, no2 is i.5 feeding lighting in several offices this is the best photo of the circuit the rest contain old rubber,single pvc only surface,conectors...
  12. S

    Bundled Phases

    Hey guys, Has anyone heard of bundling two phases together at the cut out. A Guy form the energy board was moving the main cut-out and told me they used to do it years ago. Does he mean 2 cores (in the same cable) on the same line incoming form the transformer? Surely you cant put two...
  13. A

    3 phase to single phase conversion

    Been asked to do a conversion of 3 phase 4 wire supply to a single phase . Swap 3ph mcb for appropriate single , identify two of the cores as brown and blue at both ends make the other two earth. Re calc volt drop for 230 . Any objections?
  14. G

    Acceptable readings for a NEW installation

    OK peeps I have just tested an 185 4 core SWA, and have got readings of 40 Megs on L2 to earth and L3 to earth. Although this is accepatable according to the regs, I feel it is unacceptable as a NEW installation, and indeed there is evidence of water on some of the switchgear, which clearly...
  15. driverman

    Eicr enclosure

    Hi guys, I'm not into EICR's but would like to ask your opinions on this situation. GPR enclosure with locked doors. Several SWA cables emerge from ground within the enclosure but glanded in free air. All glands have banjos and locknuts on and are all cross bonded together. The cores from the...
  16. D

    Domestic Security light wiring

    Firstly hello all, Secondly i'm not a spark just after some DIY advice so go easy :wink_smile: I'm trying to wire in an outside light with PIR. inside the house i have this set-up - Switched FCU - - - -WALL - - - - PIR light (3core) (3core) I would like the...
  17. J

    Future use cable coiled in CU?

    Hi all, Perhaps a very simple question with a very obvious answer but just to check... Full rewire scenario. Customer yet to renovate kitchen/dining room into a kitchen diner so wants all cables in trunking there only and chased through the rest of the house. Currently only a gas oven but...
  18. S

    long flex for boiler thermostat under floors

    On a domestic install a plumber has hooked up his boiler to the mains and then run a flex probably longer than 8 meters underneath floorboards to his thermostat. I'm doing the rewire, but this had happened while i was away on other things, i'd told him this wasnt good practice and needs to be a...
  19. B

    Does anyone know of a cable identification guide?

    Just wondered if there is a guide out there to identify csa of cable by visual inspection? I have read about confusion re tails eg 16mm or 25mm. or twin and earth etc?
  20. G

    Neutral earth fault

    This dreaded fault popped up again! Went to a newly installed job yesteday, which consisted of a ring circuit on a 32Amp 30Ma RCBO, where the sockets were of a module type, ie 2 sockets in a double gang box, but are actually wired individually within the 2 gang box. One of the sockets had the...
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